The CV is one of the most important things to take care of when applying for a new job in the UAE. The UAE is one of the fastest-growing job markets in the world, so it’s vital for you to take care of how well you present yourself through a CV – curriculum vitae. This document gives them a brief knowledge of your skills, expertise, and plus points as a professional. 

The UAE is always looking for skilled workers, and the ever-growing economy means that there is a lot more demand than supply. However, the market is still very competitive. You should know that as a skilled worker, your CV carries a lot of weight in job opportunities and makes an excellent first impression.

In this article, we will talk about the CV template, specifically related to the UAE, and what to take care of when making a CV for this region. There are some unique practices when it comes to CVs for the UAE, which we shall talk about. 

Moreover, we will talk about the UAE-specific template and various practices to take care of when making your CV in UAE. Let us get started! 

Why Is A CV Important

 The UAE CV Template is a well-structured and formatted document that highlights the most important aspects of you as a professional. This document also highlights your achievement, education stats, and other things a potential employer might be interested in. A UAE structure cv which we shall discuss, will help you avoid some of the most common mistakes people make, which can cost them that job. In this article, we will talk about how to make a CV that will appeal to employers and check all the boxes of a well-researched and thoroughly crafted curriculum vitae. 

What Is The UAE CV Format

The UAE CV format is a specific blueprint to structure and organize your skills on a piece of paper to show to potential employers so that you can secure a job. The structure and formatting often vary from country to country. There are some practices, which are more emphasized from region to region. The UAE-specific format, which we shall talk about, cover the aspects of your CV to which you should pay extra attention if you are applying for jobs in the UAE to increase your chances of getting hired and competing with other candidates. The UAE CV template usually includes personal information, education, qualifications, work experience, skills, achievements, and references. 

What Are Some Things To Take Care Of When Making Your CV In The UAE 

Follow The Guidelines

The UAE CV template should be strictly followed if you are planning to apply for jobs in the UAE. Hence, make sure to avoid all the mistakes we listed in this article, include all the essential information, and add the extra bits and pieces we have listed to give your CV a more professional and complete look and increase your chance of getting hired. 

UAE CV Template 1

Customize Your CV

While it is very vital to add all of your information and not miss any bit of it since you worked hard for it, it is equally important to not copy off someone else’s CV idea off the internet or otherwise since it will not be tailored according to your skills and expertise which will give it a very generic look and won’t be attractive enough. You should add all the relevant experience and skills you have, if needed, and make a custom CV for that particular job offer so that you can hit the target and increase your hiring chances. 

Professional Tone

The professional tone is another vital aspect of your CV. It is important to remember that this CV will be read by your potential superiors, the HR team, and the hiring panel, hence in order to make the best impression, we would strictly recommend you use only a professional tone, avoid the use of slang words and phrases even if you think they are okay to use – don’t. Moreover, it is common practice to avoid abbreviations. You should also add a lot of bullet points in your CV, which will increase its readability and allow the hiring team to better analyze you by going through your CV. Make sure your sentences are well structured. 

Professional Photo

It is vital to add the best professional photo of yourself. Your professional photo should have many critical aspects to it. It would be best if you took a picture in formal clothing and thus represent someone who is serious about the job. Moreover, smiling in your professional photo is good, as it allows you to come off as more approachable and positive. You should wear freshly ironed clothes as slouchy clothing will make the interviewers think that you are very lousy, which is not good. 


The accuracy of the data provided in your CV is crucial in establishing a level of trust with the hiring panel. You should keep the dates and any other factual data or manipulate it to increase your chances of hiring since the provision of inaccurate data will severely negatively impact your chances of getting hired. 

One mistake people make is that they exaggerate their skills or experiences, which is something you should never do. 


Adding a lot of information to make it look like your CV is full and professional will have an adverse effect on it. Any professional hiring panel will see straight with filler information and irrelevant talking points. It makes you look like you should have researched this job, which is worse! You should only add relevant information so that the panel does not have to put much effort into your selection. Remember that the goal is to make it easy for them to hire you! 


References are significant when it comes to the UAE-styled CV format since word of mouth is very important over here, and Emiratis are prominent in making solid connections everywhere. It would be in your best interest to have solid connections from your previous jobs or somewhere else, which you can list down. Believe us, the hiring panel will carefully look at the references, and in most cases, if the job is technical enough, they will call your references and cross-examine them as well! Hence, make sure to give the name of at least two references whom you can depend on when it comes to it! 

What Are Some Additional Things Which Make The UAE CV Structure Different


For UAE-based jobs, it is vital to add your nationality and visa status so that the company can know who they are hiring and if they will ever want to sponsor you to work on a work visa! Moreover, some companies have a policy not to hire people who are not UAE nationals. Hence, it is essential to be as forthcoming and transparent as possible when making your CV. 

Visa Status

Visa status is also vital to add to your CV; hence it is essential for companies to know the status of the people they are hiring for long-term opportunities. 

Language Skills

Language skills are very important anywhere in the world, however, since there is a lot of influx of expats from different countries, there are many different languages spoken in the UAE. However, it is essential to note that learning Arabic and English will definitely give you a lot of edge since Emiratis appreciate respect, and you can show them respect by talking to them in their language and showing dedication. Moreover, the business language in the UAE is English, so you should also have a good command of that language. 

Driving License

Most people would be astounded by this one, so why would you need to add your driving license information for a non-transportation job? However, it is a thing in the UAE that adding the information of your driver’s license is a plus point! Anything to get the job right!

Work Experience

Work experience is also essential when making your CV. You should be very particular about your work experiences and list them in detail since your employers might need to file a work visa for you, and they need the exact dates of your work in various firms to file the application. Moreover, a detailed work experience will inspire confidence among your new employers that you know what you are doing! 

Personal Details

Personal details will help you bond with your employers and show a side that is not all about the business. The Emiratis value honesty and good employee relationships. Hence good interpersonal relationships are very vital. 

It would be beneficial to add a thing or two about your personal life to add flavor and color to your CV. Your age, marital status, and number of children are some of the generic things you can add. However, some companies do require this information hence make sure to add it anyways. 

What To Avoid In Your CV

Now that we have talked about what you must add to your CV to apply for jobs in the UAE, it is only fair that we must warn you about the things to take care of when making your CV since they could influence your chances of hiring in a negative manner. 

UAE CV Template 2

Personal Details

While we talked about adding your personal details, you should understand that it is your CV and should be strictly professional. Hence, adding any information regarding your personal life, like your religion, sexual orientation, or political views, will hurt your chances of getting hired in the worst way possible. 

Make sure not to go overboard with your personal details and stick to the job at hand! 

Irrelevant Work Experience

This one is self-explanatory. You should only make sure to add information that is relevant to the job at hand. Hence, making multiple CVs for jobs can be beneficial as you can tailor the CV according to the job and make a good impression, which is not possible with a generalized CV. 

Employers in the UAE always prefer quality over quantity. 


Grammatical mistakes, including spelling mistakes and logical mistakes, are not at all acceptable in any professional document, let alone your CV. A spelling mistake in your CV will make you come off as lazy. Moreover, it leaves a terrible impression and will make the hiring panel doubt your qualities because if someone cannot find out and remove grammatical mistakes in their CV, chances are slim that they would be fit for the job! First impressions matter a lot!

False Information

False information is taboo in the UAE and should never be practiced or encouraged. Employers in the UAE will definitely take a look around your contacts and cross-verify all the information that you give; hence there is no use in putting false information in it. 

It will cause you to only lose out on a potentially good job. It would be best if you were upfront about your skills and expertise. It is better to be underqualified and get rejected than get accepted under false pretenses because when caught, word of mouth travels fast! 

Informal Language

Informal language does not belong on a CV and should be avoided at all costs. Informal slang or phrases, no matter how much you like them, must be avoided. Use proper grammar and form coherent sentences to make sure that you get your point across! 


In conclusion, creating a UAE CV that meets local standards is crucial when applying for jobs in the UAE. Including personal information, language skills, a professional photo, references, and a professional tone can help your CV stand out to potential employers.

 However, it’s important to avoid including sensitive personal information like religion or political views, irrelevant work experience, spelling and grammar errors, and false information. This will, in turn, leave a harmful impact on the hiring panel, and you may not even be considered for the future! 

 By using the UAE CV format, tailoring your CV to the specific job, keeping it concise, and using keywords, you can increase your chances of getting hired. A well-crafted CV that highlights your skills and experience can be the key to securing your dream job in the UAE. We hope that expats can benefit from this article!