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This article shortlists the top picks for the best furniture and home accessories in Dubai. They have been selected on strong evidence of happy reviews from customers, reputation, and consistency.

The #1 Furniture and Home Accessories in Dubai.

Marina Homes

Marina Home develop a thought of home furnishings and décor in 1998. It is a Dubai-based firm that manages and runs all the concerns of home equipment and accessories. Homes can be dressed up and style with state-of-the-art ideas and phenomenal additions in Dubai.

The Promising approach of Marina homes towards the requirements of their clients is visible through the efforts they put up in a single detail of their work

Marina Homes offer furniture along with all required ornaments to decorate one’s place. The ingenious skills bring out the best through their ravishing ideas 

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Website: https://www.marinahomeinteriors.com/

Contact Details:  @marinahomeinteriors.com


Other furniture and home accessories worth checking out in Dubai:

Pan Emirates:

The Pan Emirates is one the most trustworthy name continuing the legacy of over 29 years in the world of home furnishings and decor. It became popular with clients looking for variety and versatility in-home styling ideas. The innovative and up-to-the-minute approach towards making a house into a home is an incredible thing about the firm. 

The must-haves people require for both, contemporary and classic home decor are provided by the Pan Emirates to their clients. There is a wide range of home decor and furnishing articles including Bedroom sets, sofas, chairs, dining table sets, curtains, wall lamps, and many glassware items. 

Casablanca Bed 180x200 Cm
Essential Oil Burner Light Green 9x9x12cm

Website: https://www.panemirates.com/

Contact Details: panem@panemirates.ae

                              +971 800 726

Chattels and More

Chattels and More is another fine choice for home furniture and creating magic in a home with décor. There are a lot of different styles of furniture and extravagant and impressive home décor items that match the taste of clients accordingly. Chattels and more is belong to the Easa Saleh Al Gurg group. They create beautiful homes out of their contemporary, sleek, and modern choice of articles. 

Carefully designed with productive thought that brings out the beauty within the space and convenience at the same time convince the clients to go for it. They have a vast range of furniture like bedroom sets, seating arrangements, tables, and accessories like wall art, mirrors, rugs, cushions, and clocks.

Shop Living Room Sofas Online in Dubai and UAE
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Buy Bedroom Furniture Online, King Size Beds, Queen Size Beds in UAE

Website: https://www.chattelsandmore.com/


                +971 4 609 7533 

Guide to choosing the right company for your home furnishings and décor:

It is very important to educate ourselves about the choices we are going to make for the selection of home décor and furnishings.

Everyone has different tastes in terms of décor and furniture choice. There is a variety of choices among the furniture styles ranging from modern, contemporary, mid-century, antique, retro, traditional, and transitional. The complete look of the space is accessorized accordingly. 

It is important to make understanding with the firm you are going to hire and come to terms with them briefly about every single detail.

It is necessary to brief all your wants and needs beforehand to avoid any hurdles in the work afterward. 

Here are some steps you can follow before consulting your furniture and accessories firm.

  • Before choosing any concerned company you must know its reputation, and reviews can help. A skilled set of workers and an experienced working team can bring out the best of their efforts. A well-trained staff can be more productive and worth investing in.
  • The beginning and end of the work should be decided beforehand as it may cause a lot of trouble afterward. It will save time and money and the whole time frame will be tension free. Custom orders usually take more time than regular orders.
  • It is ideal to determine the style you want for your space. This will require the theme, appearance, material, size, and other requirements of your place. This is highly possible that the style you are looking for already exists in some already buildup styles, but you may find out that you want articles of different styles combined, which ultimately fits in your choice. This innovative approach can be communicated to your assigned firm so that it can be accessorized accordingly. 
  • Keeping in view all the requirements estimate the material and their prices whether they are justified or not. Making and sticking to the budget can be a challenging and most difficult part of the deal. It can be safely done by visiting markets, online searches a lot of research can be helpful. The durability of the material is really important when you invest in your furniture.
  • Make the furniture company’s staff visit your place before starting, to make measurements and get the idea of the available space. It would be convenient for them to work according to their need. The area décor will be done precisely and more smartly if the layout of the place is known. It is painful if the wrong sized piece is delivered and to be returned. It will save time.
  • Many supplies with household purposes often come with a guarantee. You must know what and how long the guarantee applies to the furniture company offers you. If you face any trouble with material fixing, polish, and issues related to the design what services do they offer you to rectify the problem. The client’s satisfaction is the main priority of a good firm.

Charges of Home Furniture in Dubai

The charges of furniture depend on several factors

The Material 

The material with which the item is made affects its price a lot. If the item is made from high-end materials, it will surely be more expensive but if it is made from low-quality products it might cost cheaper

The Brand

The price also depends on the brand where they are manufactured. Well-known companies will charge more than lesser-known companies

The Size

Price also depends on the size of the product and if it’ll take time to build. If it’s a comparatively large product it will cost more like beds and shelves. However, if it’s a small product it will cost less like lamps and table accessories.

We hope this guide helped you with your future endeavors. Happy Designing!