Finding furniture in the UAE can be a pain, so our interior designers scour the available sofa beds you could order to pick a top 5 to make life that little bit easier for you.

So here goes,


Why get a sofa bed?

Is your have no space as a guest room, then sofa beds are the ideal piece of furniture to give you a double or single size bed whenever required and also extra seating.

Home, studio apartments and modern 1 bedroom apartments as well as office, doctor emergency rooms or just an extra sleeping bed.

Sofa beds can be dressed elegantly with cushions and throws when not in use.

Ideal for lounging or taking a nap or getting a good night’s sleep.

Gone are the days of bulky uncomfortable sofa beds which caused back and neck discomfort.

The new age designs and mattress fillings and fabrics combined together afford deep levels of luxury at affordable prices. 

The options available are endless, we have chosen 3 for your viewing which we believe to be a good range of sofa beds available at decent prices.

The Best Sofa Beds in the UAE

Sofa bed 1

Paradox Sofa Bed

Structure: Wooden Frame with metal extension to create pull our Sofa bed. The material being fabric. The Paradox Sofa bed has caster wheels for easy maneuverability, setting up and collapsing. The back style is cushion back and consists of one piece.

The Paradox Sofa bed feels soft and can be folded away into a box type look saving much space when not in use as a pullout sofa bed. Check out the video link on YouTube. It is a 3- in -one- Ottoman, Day bed and pull out sofa bed.

  • Design: Lightweight being 39kgs 
  • Colour: Grey Fabric
  • Why to Buy? A one– seater sofa bed, occupying little space as it is only 190 cm L x 80 cm W x 87 cm H
  • Cubic metre being 0.41
  • Price ranging from AED995 – AED1450
  • Care for product is a light dusting or vacuuming on a regular basis.
  • Suitable for light to medium, at an averaging of around 80 to 90kg per seat, depending on whether it is a recliner, in which case would be around 80kg.


Sofa 2

Daynora Sofa Bed

Structure: The Daynora sofa bed has an adjustable headrest with a click-clack mechanism offering 2 different positions supported by tapered metal legs. Material being fabric and metal. Pull down back rest to convert into a comfy snuggly double size bed. The Daynor is a quickly converted bed or a comfortable seating arrangement for your home.

  • Filled with foam and tufted extending.
  • Design: Lightweight being 27kgs 
  • Colour: Green or Yellow
  • Why to Buy? A seater sofa bed, occupying 177 cm L cm x 83cm W x74 cm H
  • Cubic metre being 0.32
  • Price ranging from AED550 – AED795
  • Care for product is a light dusting or vacuuming on a regular basis.
  • Suitable for light to medium, at an averaging of around 80 to 90kg per seat, depending on whether it is a recliner, in which case would be around 80kg.


Sofa 3

Tataway Sofa Bed

Structure: Wooden frame with strong wooden legs.  The Tataway sofa bed has a click-clack mechanism that folds into a double bed with adjustable armrests for your comfort. 

  • Structure: Wooden Frame with metal extension to create pull our Sofa bed.  
  • Design: Lightweight being 27kgs 
  • Colour: Grey Fabric
  • Why to Buy? A seater sofa bed, occupying little space as it is only 86 cm L x 110 cm W x85 cm H
  • Cubic metre being 0.69
  • Price ranging from AED1195 – AED1750
  • Care for product is a light dusting or vacuuming on a regular basis.
  • Suitable for light to medium, at an averaging of around 80 to 90kg per seat, depending on whether it is a recliner, in which case would be around 80kg.

Our 12 Step Sofa Bed Buyers Guide

  1.  When purchasing a sofa bed, look for a heavy duty sofa which comes with the benefit of added durability.
  2. Quality for long lasting as a regular sofa bed has an approximate life span of 7-12 years.
  3. Space utilization, look for well designed sofa bed that will work in and occupy the least amount of space.
  4. Easy to clean with no fuss or bother.
  5. Comfort and back support.
  6. Colour co-ordinate with your decor and to camouflage usage marks for example foot or hand prints, food stains and and drink stains.
  7. Upholstery structure – Always look for the balance between hard and soft as layered cushioning will provide better support.
  8. Ensure that the sofa bed can open and closes easily.
  9. Check system lock for stability.
  10. Fabric should be warm, durable and preferable stain resistant.
  11. A decent depth mattress for more comfort.
  12. Wooden structures are more durable.

Whichever fabric you decide to choose be it cloth or leather or imitation leather, should be your personal preference based upon your needs with regards to the daily use.

Bear in mind leather or imitation leather sweats especially in hot climates. The upside is that leather or imitation leather is very easy to keep clean.

Cotton, linen fabric and/or leather are classic upholstery materials whereas microfibre is a fantastic substitute synthetic fabric which is both durable and easy to clean.

There are two types of sofa beds in UAE the traditional and the modern ones.

The traditional are heavier and more ornamental and customization according to Budget and Taste which would ultimately work very well if you have a traditional type home.

Traditional styles sofa beds are more ornate, with warm colours and architectural design to bring the piece of furniture to life, being more bold and timeless together with elegance to fit in with your traditional furniture and home.

The modern sofa beds have been designed to be comfortable, trendy, durable and easy to maintain.

They are also space savers and convenient. Easily managed and stored.

The sofa bed comes in many shapes and sizes a box, two-seater, three-seater, love seats and L shape.

The sofa bed may be filled with foam for firmer, smart-looking fibre for soft comfortable support or plump feathers for a soft, squashy feel depending on your preference.

Sprung foam, memory foam being very popular.

You may choose for example a fibre filling with feather cushions.

Many come with hidden storage space and even pull-out table for food and drinks making life more simple.

Look for a decent depth mattress for more comfort especially for an elderly family member.

In a child”s bedroom or very small area look for a 1 single armchair sofa bed or for when a friend comes for a sleep-over.

The sofa bed is so much more practical and no need to store away bulky blow-up beds or fold-out beds, saving time and storage space for other stuff.

They are cost effective and many affordable as per your budget and many companies offer a payment scheme. The sofa bed may be used for many functions ie a seater, a bed even a foot -rest or table for magazines etc 

The sofa bed works great in a TV room if you have a larger home, curl up and watch your favourite series and time out from the busy day.

When looking to purchase bear in mind who will be using or sleeping on the sofa bed, whether 2 adults, an elderly family member , children or yourself.

The better sofa beds come with a low round mattress shape ideal for comfort and support of the entire back region and hips. There are sofa beds that have built up sides (see Parodox sofa bed and Tataway sofa bed), which are ideal for young children or the elderly members of the family.

Sofa beds can also be utilized as a 1 to 3 seater traditional sofa for sitting on as extra seating and sleeping space for those unexpected guests popping in for a visit or friends and family on holiday. They can also replace a traditional sofa for smaller areas for greater utility. They can also be used for an afternoon lay down with a book or just sitting back and putting your feet up.  

In the office or medical practice environments they are ideal for those extra long shifts to catch 40 winks to recharge the battery and to then continue to provide an effective service. 

In a smaller office reception they would also work as there are many slim light sofa bed designs that would not take up the space that a bulky traditional sofa would do (see Daynora sofa bed).

If one of the spouses works shifts, a sofa bed in a small space would be ideal for them as not to disturb the other spouse or family members.

Our most common questions:

Q:What happens if the weight of the occupant exceeds the limit of the sofa?

A: You will want to try and not exceed the weight limit as this will lead to broken fixtures or failure of weak points especially in reclining sofa beds. You may also encounter frame failure in that the sofa could break especially if made with soft or low quality products. Fabric can tear away from frame.

Q: Is there a warrantee on sofa beds?

A: This will depend on the manufacturer of your sofa bed.

Q: Will there be fading of the fabric?

A: If cleaned as per instruction this will help to minimize fading and weakening of the fabric. Also, try keep most fabrics unless treated out of direct sunlight. This will help with lessening the fading of the fabric.

Q: Are sofa beds bad for you?

A: They not so much as cause problems but will aggravate an existing problem. One needs to look for a fold out sofa that has wire support for mattress cushions and preferably not a large cross bar in the middle of the sofa bed.

Q: Are sofa beds good for everyday use?

A: Sofa beds do not replace your bed and mattress. They are supplementary for temporary use.

Q: What happens if the frame cracks or breaks?.

A: Wooden frames can be easily repaired with wood glue, nails or be replaced if badly damaged.

Q: What happens if the mechanism comes loose?

A: Tighten it with tools you may have in your toolbox like a spanner of sorts.They might loosen with time and wear and tear which is normal.

Where to purchase:

One can purchase both Online or by visiting as per links to Pan Emirates

Furniture websites such as Ikea, Home centre, Danube, Homes R Us to name a few as well as  You may Browse the internet for the best sofa bed in your budget and to suit your home with regards to living space. The alternative is to go into a furniture store and test and inspect before making your decision on a purchase of a sofa bed.

Long term effects on the body:

The effects on skeleton structure will depend on usage.  Sofa beds are not designed to be used as an everyday bed but more for visitors staying over for a night or two. The sofa beds come in different fillers such as sprung foam or memory foam or feather. So be sure to choose the right one for your needs.

For more permanent use look for a well made sofa bed with a strong frame together with a sprung or memory foam mattress.

UAE product market speculation on sofa beds.

Furniture demand in the UAE is being driven by strong growth in the number of expatiates coming into the UAE and a resultant The Furniture market in the UAE is highly competitive due to rising demand of these furniture products.

UAE home furniture market product segmentation saw major growth in living room furniture including sofa beds. This was followed by bedrooms, dinning rooms and other indoor furniture.

The increase in expats has led to a high demand for residences and therefore bedroom furniture and sofa beds surged to cater for the growing demand.

This growth is expected to continue with expats coming into and through the UAE.

The UAE is changing the market imports by manufacturing their own sofa beds for their demand.

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