Want the quick answer? Just scroll down and find the best smart home specialist in Dubai.

This write-up summary brings out the top picks of smart home specialists in Dubai. They have been short-listed on the pieces of evidence that substantiate the claim of being the best. 

The #1 smart Home Specialists: 

HDL Automation

HDL Automation is an international technology company providing automation services in different sectors throughout the world including Dubai. HDL intelligent control system integrated to allow the equipment controlled by computers and tablets, smartphones, wall panels. 

HDL intelligent control system is based on wired and wireless systems known as Buspro wireless and Buspro respectively. HDL also provides KNX automation products for residential buildings.

HDL smartly provides various automation smart solutions for residences in Dubai like lighting control, shading control, audio-video devices, scene control, and timing event.

HDL provides its services in many countries apart from Dubai. Here are some worth seeing projects they have done;

Sobha S Tower Apartments in Dubai:


View of passage of Sobha Apartments


Dubai Emirates Hillshttps://www.hdlautomation.com/vancheerfile/Images/2021/4/20210420145236404.jpg

Website: https://www.hdlautomation.com/

Contact details: sales@hdlautomation.com,

Phone: +971 4 554 35 90

Other smart home specialists worth hiring in Dubai:

ETRCO UAE Smart Homes:

ETRCO Smart Homes provides all the solutions related to setting and maintaining a smart home in Dubai. They work in design, installation, programming, and aftercare. The company started in 1996 in UAE. Not only do they provide control to the system of our home with only a single tap or voice but also effortlessly secure us.  Best services are offered for clients’ bespoke needs and requirements for their smart home. The system is programmed and integrated smartly so that all devices communicated perfectly to make life simple.

Smart shading, smart vacuuming, smart entertainment, automated scenes are some of the products they offer.

Significant projects included;

Zabeel Palace

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Silicon Heights

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Dubai Sports City

Emirates Sports Hotel Apartments, Dubai Sports City, Dubai – Updated 2022  Prices

Website: https://uaesmarthomes.ae/

Contact details:  info@uaesmarthomes.ae

Phone:  +971506184975

Alayoubi Technologies

Alayoubi technologies are providing high-end smart home services in Dubai since 2003. The consistency, quality, and efficiency of the company have been proven by its smart performance. Their services for residential automation include smart blinds and curtain control, smart audio-visual systems, smart cooling and heating control, smart home cinema, smart lighting control system, and smart door locks solution.

Some potential smart work included;

Private Villa, Dubai

Multiroom Audio & Video

Home theatre in Dubai Residence


 Living Area of Apartment in Dubai

Blinds / Curtain Control

Website: https://alayoubi.com/

Contact details: Email : info@alayoubi.net

Phone: +971552425431

 Guide To Hiring A Smart Home Specialist in Dubai:

Here are some simple tips that can make your choice for hiring a smart home solution provider easy. 

Every house’s system and requirements are different, with different lifestyles and priorities. A smart home is designed accordingly to where it is needed to be. 

  • First, you must have to figure out your lifestyle and determine where and how much automation is required at your home. Many people want to keep their home basic automated and some like to see it maximum high tech. 
  • Seeking professional help in this regard will help you out but you have to communicate your routine with the company and settle with the task you want to get automated like you want smart light control, temperature, audiovisual but you want to water your lawn by yourself so make it that way. 
  • Discuss the prices with the company. It is best to research on your own, have look at different company prices, take internet help, talk through some contacts. Don’t go for low-quality products just because of price difference because this is a hi-tech system integration and you don’t want to face any malfunction issues now and then. 
  • Smart home system integration is worth investing always inquiring about warranties, and work carefully, and keeping the option open for modifications.
  • The system design, integration, installation all will take time so it is better to communicate your expected time period to complete the project. Ask the possibilities in case of any unseen delays there must be some alternative.
  • Always ask about the past projects they completed. Check the reviews of their work. this will give you a fruitful insight into their work durability, quality, and reliability,
  • Check their insurance policies to cover their work the professional indemnity insurance will cover the installation error and other related issues during installation.
  • The professionals are experienced, so listen to their ideas closely as their advice and suggestions may bring some unique ideas.

Price Structure and Charges of Smart Home Installer:

The smart home system is very huge and it has many parts it requires quite impressive abilities and experience for complete and successful installments. Since it is very technical work and needs expertise and precision the expert will charge accordingly. Some smart home specialists charge on an hourly basis and a rough idea is that they charge around 150AED to 200AED approximately. 

The charges depend upon the size and number of services needed to install in your home. Big and small houses matter in the cost variation of each project.

Typically a normal size home will be smartly installed from 650AED to 5500AED. A high-end project will cost around 12855AED and more.

Why hire A Smart Home Specialist?

Hiring a home specialist can prove very beneficial to you. In order to sell your house in the best way possible, it is necessary that you hire a professional since they know all the tips and tricks required. They have expertise in pricing trends and what is currently in trend in the market. This way they can help you set a realistic and reasonable price.

Secondly, they can help you in making decisions with the mind, not the heart. They can provide you with logical reasons and can help you make rational and practical decisions. 

A smart home specialist also has a keen eye which means that they can help you with the necessary details that you missed out on. For example, if you missed a repair they can make you notice it so that you can be done with maintenance before you put your house up for sale

Hopefully, these tips came in handy and helped you with your future endeavors. Happy designing!