Shopping for outdoor lighting in the UAE can be tricky, so our outdoor specialistshave searched for the best 3 types of oudoor lighting for you.


Why buy outdoor lighting?

Outside lighting is one of the best ways to light up your garden and outside area. You will feel more safe and secure. 

You can make a beautiful landscape using outdoor lighting in your garden.

There are so many different types, shapes and sizes to choose from. 

The selection is huge and many affordable outside lighting is available. When the sun goes down your outdoor lighting will go on, giving your home a bright and inviting look.


Lamp 1

Pole Lighting

Structure: and Design:IP44 Rust Brown

Made from Metal with a rust brown or patena finish reflecting contemporary and retro design in your garden or driveway, the power rating is 220-230 volts, VAC50/60 Hz, energy efficiency depends on the light source or lamp. This lamp is ideal for enhancing atmosphere to your garden or driveway. This lamp can also be combined with a dimmer. There is a range of fixtures for lamp. Can also be bough as an outdoor Pendant light or Outdoor Wall light.

Bulbs:E27-LED (not included bur prices range from AED17,14 to AED23,81 for the dimmable bulbs)

Dimensions:110 cm H x 28.5 cm D



Up and Down Lighting

Structure and Design:This Up and Down light is made from Die-cast Aluminium, in a Matt Black finish and has been pretreated for outdoor use and comes with a silicon rubber gasket. This light can be used individually or in groups to provide lighting along walls.These lights are beautiful , crisp and clean,decorative and will totally change the ambience of your outdoor areas. They will provide a dramatic effect and can also be mounted near tall trees or bushes or garden ornaments to highlight the future. The light shines up and down. 

Colour:Matt Black finish

Bulb: E27

Bulb base type: E27

Dimensions:11 cm W x 11cm D x 34 cm H



Arabic outdoor/indoor lighting

Structure and Design:Lighting was used as a symbol or hope to light the way from darkness. Arabic design has incorporated many cultures like the African, Middle Eastern, and European cultures and ideas. Arabic lights lend an exotic touch to the interiors of your home and it can brighten up the exteriors with the same amount of elements.  They are quite famous for their rustic and stylish designs.

Colour:Various and stain glass

Bulbs:LED as leaflet instruction

Dimensions:Various depending on your personal choice.

Price:AED895 -AED6,495 on average


  • Arabic ceiling lights placed in patios, gazebos throw light patterns on the walls
  • Wall lights can brighten up your outdoors when hung in the driveway or on either side of the entrance of your home.
  • The brass and glass add beauty and instant chic to your house and suit almost all exterior designs.
  • The patterns and materials compliment your furniture and enhance the space without overpowering it.
  • Arabic table lamps have a sense of luxury when placed on coffee or side table in your otdoor garden area.


Having outdoor lighting makes it easier to see and move around outside. 

For outdoor entertainment whether are have a relaxing time on the patio or porch or having a swim or barbecue.

The children can play outside after sunset.

It helps in preventing crime.

Lights are always welcoming at night when the sun goes down.

When people arrive at your home, lights are very welcoming and warm.

Bright lights in a suburb or city makes the surrounding look beautiful.


  1. Direction is very important as this effects the shape and depth of the outdoor area and how it is perceived by the person looking at it.
  2. Intensity is referring to the brightness of the lights and how it works with other outdoor lights in the environment.
  3. Softness this relates to how soft or harsh you wish to have in the garden.
  4. Colour of the lighting can influence the mood and effect you wish to create in your outdoor area.


Biologically, Outdoor lighting will certainly stabilize your circadian rhythm and help your mood and get a good night rest feeling safe.

Psychologically, by feeling safe and having a good nights sleep will help to prevent fatigue, depression and will help with your daily performance.

When you home alone or a roommate or family member arrive late at night so that they or you can unlock the door and enter safely.

Maybe you have to out work in the evening and have to leave the children alone for a shot while Having outdoor lights on the porch will prevent shadows and the children will not be afraid of every step or sound outside.

When you are expecting a delivery and it is after sunset, the outdoor porch light will help the delivery person to see his or her way and feel safe.

It is a good idea to coordinate the porch light with your deck and garage and indoor lights.


You need to place your outdoor lighting in key places such as porch lights, garage, even wall lights in front or back of house, in driveways, 

By placing outdoor lighting near any doorways leading into your home will help you to feel safe and see what or who is around you when you come home after sunset or visitors arrive.


  1. Scale and portion meaning where you place the outdoor light fixture and which fixture including the size of the fixture or fixtures within the area or space you would like lit up.
  2. Brass, Copper, Stainless steel, Aluminium and even Plastic are the most suitable materials to use for your outdoor lighting fixtures.
  3. Waterproofing of your outdoor lightning is very import in that it must be weather proof and sealed against elements.


Plastic light fittings are the least durable as they warp and become brittle through time are the most affordable fittings on the market.

Aluminium light fittings is a low quality metal that will not last very long term in the outdoors but is a saving in short term but not necessarily for long term use.

Stainless Steel is a good option as it can hold up in weather and over time will get some rusty spots which will make it look like a retro coppery effect.Stainless Steel fixtures will require cleaning to decrease corrosion and colouration which can be time consuming. 

Copper is a quality metal and has high corrosion resistance but is often used to coat other metal materials.

Brass can hold up to all weather conditions and will corrode to give a pertina affect, it will last for many years as it is very hardy and durable but more costly than the other options mentioned above.

To ensure good quality brass it should contain less than 15 percent of Zinc.


Spike lights are food for garden beds where you want to enhance your plants.

Bollard lights are good for lighting up paths and driveway.

Spotlights are great for shooting light up a big tree or feature that you may have in your garden.

Projection lights create beautiful patterns on your walls.

Strip lights are very useful to projecting light onto steps or under furniture under your barbecue or along your deck.

Sculpture lights are very useful and interesting such as hurricane lights of LED.

String lights create a beautiful twinkle and highlight areas..

There are smart light bulbs available so you can turn the lights on from anywhere. There are light fittings that can be maneuvered so you can change your lighting space.


  1. When you or your family go on holiday, if you leave them on all day and night it can relay to thieves that no-one is home and your home will be an easy target for thieves.
  2. Tell your neighbour when you are going away and ask them to switch light on in the evening or alternatively programme if you have the facility to switch your porch lights off in the morning and on in the evening by using a timer.
  3. When you retire for the evening lights off that includes the porch light, this will tell that the home in in use. Most porch lights today use infrared sensors that will come on and alert you if there is any movement outside.
  4. Try not turn o your porch light if you are going to be alone for a time. Burglars do stalk out homes for days even weeks before they burgle. 
  5. If you live in a rural area, you may feel more secure to leave you porch light on, by leaving your p
  6. Porch light on any intruder will not be able so see where they are going and may fall or stumble and this will alert you that there is someone outside your home.
  7. A well planned source of outdoor lights will not only keep you safe it can also extend living spaces.
  8. Make sure you have an electricity supply in the right places before choosing and buying your outdoor lights.
  9. Think about the look and feel you would like to have in your outdoor space.
  10. Budget for your outdoor lighting it is recommended to spend around 5% of your outdoor planning budget for outdoor lighting.
  11. Choose good quality lighting bearing in mind your weather conditions.
  12. Research and get an idea of different types of lighting before you buy.

13.Match your outdoor fittings for your lights.

14.Buy durable light fittings and well made light fittings.

15. It is recommended to buy outdoor light fittings made form high quality brass or stainless steel.

An interesting fact Frank B. Nightingale in the 1930’s as the great depression subsided, the art and vision of light for homes and their surrounding areas and landscapes became his dream. He became know as the Father of Garden and landscape lighting.


Q: What is the best types of outdoor light globes?

A: a MR16 lamp or a LED, Halogen and incandescent types of lights.

Q: How do your power outdoor lighting?
A: There are many ways

  1. Use existing external outlets
  2. Run an extension cord from an existing outlet
  3. Use solar power
  4. Use Batteries 
  5. Lay underground cabling

Q: How long is the life span for outdoor lighting?

A: LED lights can last up to 50000 hours with the correct maintenance and care.

Q: How can I maintain outdoor lighting?

A: Here are some ways to maintain your outdoor lighting

  1. Clean internal reflectors and lenses
  2. Clean around the light fixtures
  3. Check for any fixtures that may be faulty
  4. Replace light bulbs that are not working or illuminating properly
  5. Ensure the fixtures are properly in place
  6. Check for exposed wires and have them repaired
  7. It is advisable to use timers for your outdoor lighting

Q: How often should you do maintenance on our outdoor light fittings?

A: Outdoor lighting systems typically require annual maintenance which can prevent costly repair costs.

Q: What is light control and how can it save energy?

A: Light controls save energy by automatically turning your lights off or by using a timer.

Q: What are the 4 parts of a lighting system:

A: Panel boards, dimming controls, addressable controls and relay base systems

UAE and Global product market speculation 

The Middle East Lighting fixtures is set for a post-Covid and is expected to grown annually at nearly 5 percent from 2012 until 2027, and could grow from USD5 billion in 2020 to USD 6.5 billion by 2027.

Renewed investment in infrastructure in the residential and commercial sector together with the Governments promotion of the installation of energy efficient lights has injected new impetus into the market.  The UAE comprises of 15 percent of the Middle East Market.

The outdoor lighting market comprises a 18 percent share of the regions consumption.

Hospitality sector along with new smart cities being developed in Dubai and the UAE are contributing strongly to the growth of this sector.


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