Finding outdoor furniture in the UAE can be a difficult experience, so our Designers have searched the UAE for the top 3 to make your life a little easier.


Why get outdoor furniture?

If you have already checked out garden furniture ideas you will have seen that there is so many styles on offer than the humble outdoor bench.

Now days you can find a variety of day beds, swinging chairs, plush sofas, modular furnishings and coffee tables which can also double up as a fire pit. 

Whatever our garden outdoor furniture needs may be there are designs out there that will perfectly suit your space, style and budget. 

You can now easily make outdoor entertainment space decor as  beautiful and comfortable as your indoor living space.

The Best Outdoor Furniture in the UAE



Structure: Single chair, 2 and 3 seater sofa, day bead and a scoop day bed,ottoman, Ball wheel suspension enabling the 360 o rotation 

Design:Retro,charm, spherical shape,  

Colour:A choice of 6 colors for the wicker weave and a choice of 26 colors for cushions 


Single seater 80 cm H x 33.5 cm D 

2 Seater 86 cm H x 1065 cm W x 96 cm D

Daybed swiveling 360 98 cm H x 167 cm D       


Care of Product:Brush or vacuum service dirt and wash with a soft brush and soapy water to which has been added 2 teaspoon of ammonia, rinse well and let the piece dry outdoors in the sun



Structure:Frame structure with weave, 1 seater, 2 seater, 3 seater or modules as per your design.

Design:Luxurious and comfortable, unusual designs with weave cross rounded armrest and weather resistant in all weather types

Colour in fabric:

1.Weave in choice of 5 colors

2.:Fabric choice of 5 different collections being either plain or patterned

3.There is a range of colors specific to each fabric collection for you to choose from

Colour for Frame can be selected from 5 different colour offerings 

Modularize your seating with a corner module, middle module and end modules


1.Middle module is a choice of 100 cm or 70 cm

2.Seater is 69 cm H x 190 cm W x 95 cm D

3. Seater 69 cm H x 230 cm W x 95 cm D


Care of Product:Brush or vacuum service dirt and wash with a soft brush and soapy water to which has been added 2 teaspoon of ammonia, rinse well and let the piece dry outdoors in the sun


Bluetronics outdoor umbrella set

Structure:Made from metal with fabric cushions with rectangular glass table top and a aperture to insert the umbrella.

Design:the Bluetronics outdoor set with umbrella is a modern and comfortable design, the chairs included in the set come with detachable seats and back rests. The stripped polyester upholstered cushions give style to their design. The chair back rests offer 4- level adjustments offering a relaxing seating experience.  The wide umbrella give maximum coverage and protection from the sun and has a built in mechanism allowing the umbrella to be tilted up and down. This set is built to last for many years.

Colour:Fabric is blue with foam inserts

Dimensions: The outdoor umbrella set is 260 cm L x 260 cm W x 235 cm H

Single chair dimensions is 55 cm L x 88cm W x 91 cm H

Weight: 30.8Kg 

Price:AED 1,595

Care of Product:Clean with a duster or vacuum lightly using soft brush attachment

Reason why to have garden outdoor furniture:

  • A wonderful way to bond and socialize with your children, family or fiends over drinks or tea or a light lunch or a barbecue.
  • It is proven that outdoor activities are good for your mental health as well as your physical well being.
  • People who lead a stressful life with work and life, it is imperative to spend some time outdoors in the garden area or patio or balcony.
  • Being outdoors and in nature is also very good for your health.
  • Use that outdoor space no matter how large or small it may be.
  • Encouraging the children to spend outdoor time is very important as the children of today spend a lot of their time on tectonics
  • Staying home is the new going out so by having a great outdoor area in your home which flows seamlessly from the indoor to the outdoor will encourage the natural flow of people whether you, your spouse your children, family and friends to venture outdoors.
  • Increasingly, Therapists are prescribing  a new treatment to deal with stress and anxiety and depression: It is called Nature.

6 Qualities that determine a good outdoor set:

  1. Fabric must be hard wearing and durable for outdoor weather
  2. The style of the outdoor furniture set
  3. The materials structure should be strong and weather resistant
  4. The structure should retain its shape and appearance for a long period of time
  5. The chairs must be stable and comfortable
  6. The heat can lead to logistical problems in that can soak up sun look for fabric and structures and repel the heat

Useful Tips for choosing the right style outdoor furniture:

  1. Consider function and usage in other words, how are you going to make use of your outdoor patio furniture.
  2. Will the outdoor furniture just be for personal usage or for entertaining guest frequently.
  3. Whatever the purpose begin your planning with a list of what pieces of furniture might be needed and number of people to accommodate.
  4. Location and specs you need to asses will be the space available for example a deck, patio poolside or a garden. Each area has its own characteristics to consider.
  5. Bear in mind the usable space, shape and traffic flow and consider appropriate options.

Ideas for your outdoor furniture:

  • Patios/for outdoor dinning.lounging or barbecuing 
  • Decks/for outdoor lounging and relaxation areas but be careful with open flame fire pits
  • Pool areas/sun lounges, side tables and umbrellas are a must
  • Porch/ or undercover entertainment areas laid back lounge seating is perfect
  • Garden settings/ decorative benches add a classic finishing touch
  • Plants are an essential accessory to any outdoor environment especially patios, decks and porches
  • Personal style and ideas, how do you want your space to look, bright and fun or sleek and chic
  • Do you want your outdoor furniture to be flexible and easy to re-arrange for different purposes and occasions

Mistakes to avoid when buying outdoor furniture:

  1. Failing to measure the space will result in overcrowding and bumping into the garden furniture.
  2. Ignoring the environment is important if you do not pay attention to the correct material and fabrics for your location this could result in many different issues, research advantages and disadvantages of different materials and fabrics where you reside before you buy your out door garden furniture.
  3. Forgetting to research product features. Many pieces of outdoor furniture may look and feel almost the same but be aware of substitute products.
  4. Assuming comfort is a given.
  5. Favoring style or price over substance, ensure that quality and durability of your outdoor furnishing are not made from inferior materials that will detract from the beauty and durability of your outdoor garden furniture.
  6. Losing sight of color, colour matching is advisable to be done at the supplier especially buying online, go and look at fabric shops so your can see the color and feel the fabric. This will help with matching with your decor.
  7. Not considering storage space and protection.  Even if you do extensive searches please consider buying custom fitted protective covers for your outdoor garden furniture.
  8. Make sure the umbrella fits the aperture snugly and the that tilt feature is above the table top and not below.

12 Useful tips and guides:

  1. Consider your weather conditions
  2. Is your outdoor space under cover or in the open elements
  3. Decide where you are going to place your garden furniture
  4. Measure you outdoor space so as to not clutter 
  5. Do not place your outdoor furniture in such a way as to hinder movement or create dangerous situations
  6. A quick sketch of your space is very helpful for when visiting the store or shopping line
  7. Take note whether hard or soft surface 
  8. Choose fabric materials to match your environment
  9. Comfort of your chairs and cushions
  10. Last but not least consider your budget
  11. Add outdoor rugs for color and comfort.
  12. Search for dual purpose garden outdoor furniture.

Interesting facts on Fabrics for outdoor furniture:

  • Acrylic fabric is the best option for all purpose textile out door cushion, throw pillows and patio umbrellas
  • Sumbrella fabric is the gold standard of Acrylic outdoor textiles. This fabric can be used indoor and outdoor and it is highly durable
  • Olefin fabric is a solution-dyed synthetic fabric that is durable and fade resistant, it stands up to heat and is less expensive than acrylics. It resists stains and abrasions and is easy to clean.
  • Polyester is dip dyed and has colour painted on after weaving, the negative is that this fabric will face very quickly in the sun.
  • Textilene mesh is used by many luxury outdoor furniture brands for seats and back slings of high end lounge and sofas. Can be used for sunscreens, awnings and tarps. It does however tend to fade fast.
  • Core foam even though it has water resistant fabric covering it some water will go through to the foam core of your upholstery which should not then, loose its shape and comfort but also be able to dry quickly.
  • Open cell foam has pores that enable air and water to flow through. Comfortable and cool and is constructed with antimicrobial agent.
  • PET foam is durable, recyclable and provides optimum support, they do not flatten or loose their shape like some materials and they dry quickly eg DAcrona.
  • Polyurethane foam is common affordable seating foam with firmness that soaks up water. It is often wrapped in plastic for extra protection. It drys slowly and is more flammable.
  • Polyester foam is inexpensive, dries quickly and is easy to wash. It works best in low to moderate use outdoor spaces as it compressors and loses shapes.

Our most common questions:

Q: How often should I replace my garden furniture in the UAE?

A:Because of the harsh weather conditions, it may require that you replace your garden furniture a lot more frequently than other environments.

Q: Which wood should I choose for my outdoor furniture?

A: Teak is the best at it is incredible strong and does not warp and crack like most other woods.

Q: Which metals should I choose for my outdoor furniture:

A: Stainless steel is a good option as it is very durable withstanding extreme temperatures and its density prevents dents and other damage from frequent use. 

Q: Are there synthetic products that can be used for outdoor furniture?

A: Man made synthetic materials combined with new manufacturing processes enable shapes and forms previously unobtainable. 

Q: Which fabric is the best to use for my cushions?

A: Fabrics made from synthetic thread infused with plastic are the best option as they are more resistant to climate issues and fading.

UAE and Global product market speculation

Global outdoor garden furniture market is currently worth over 2.2 billion US dollars. 

Mordor intelligence report that the compound annual growth rate for garden outdoor furniture will be in access of 5 %. Consumer travelling and tourism has increased therefore a demand for garden outdoor furniture in Residential, seaside resort areas, scenic beauty resorts and pool areas in Hotels and Bed and Breakfast places has increased. 

Due to covid-19 pandemic the need for home entertainment for family and close friends has rocketed placing higher demand for garden outdoor furniture. The rising financial ability to spend on leisure and experiences is increasing consumer spending on garden outdoor furniture.

The majority of manufacturers are embracing eco-friendly fixtures and furniture together with enhancements in outer appearance to significantly match themes and styles.

Residential end-user segment is accounting for the major market share of the whole market.

The increasing usage of garden outdoor furniture for decor and aesthetics, together with increased household sales is driving the segments growth.   

Outdoor garden furniture growth rate is in the Middle East is considered to be in the mid-range.