Finding office chairs in the UAE can be a pain, so we have sourced the best 3 available office chairs that you could order to make life that little bit easier for you.


Why buy a office chair?

Office chairs are designed for the workplace as sitting for long hours can lead to back, shoulder and neck ache if using a domestic chair. They also add value in that when visitors call and they see good quality office chairs used by management and staff, it also adds to the perception of the company in the eyes of the visitor. 

The subliminal message that gets portrayed as one of care and attention to detail. By having the correct office chair also shows that as a company you care about your employees health. 

The overall ergonomic design is not unique but the outward style and colors is very attractive and distinctive. The office chair is also designed with swivel and casters for easy mobility.


Aero chair

Structure and Design: The Aero Mesh Ergonomic chair has been structured and designed for your comfort.

  • This chair has an adjustable headrest made from Mesh fabric material
  • Width of chair 65 cm
  • Depth of chair 70 cm
  • Back rest is made from Mesh fabric materiel in a Nylon fibreglass frame with adjustable lumber support.
  • The seat is made from density foam fabric with a forward and backward slide mechanism.
  • The armrest has a 4D adjustable.
  • The chair has a height adjustable, syncro and multi-function mechanism
  • Gas spring and lift
  • Aluminium Star base
  • Floor -safe PU casters

Colour: Black


Care of product: See instruction leaflet from Manufacture




Structure and design:

The Bestoff office chair has an adjustable head rest made from foam fabric material

The backrest is made from mesh fabric material in a Nylon fibreglass frame with adjustable Lumbar support. The armrest is a fixed structure.

It has a height adjusting mechanism and Gas Springs with an Aluminium star base and Floor-safe PU casters.

Colour:Green or blue mesh or grey or black


Care of product: See instructions from the Manufacture insert


chair 3


Structure and design:

The Indigo has a brushed aluminum base with Chrome trim casters paired with a Italian Donati mechanism. 

This premium quality chair is upholstered with soft Italian leather, padded PU armrests for extra comfort.

It has adjustable tilt positions with adjustable tension for comfort and support.

Colour: 2 tone dark grey and blue

Dimensions: The Indigo office chair is 65 cm W x 70 cm D


Care of product: See instructions from the Manufacturer insert

Qualities that determine a top level office chair

A good office chair should be readily adjustable so the person can be comfortable.

A swivel chair makes for easy movement.

Back /lumber support is very important if a person is sitting most of the day in the office

The mesh or cushioning must be of high quality, the office chair should have some sort of cushioning but not too much cushioning as this could cause health issues.

A simple functional chair is always a good option, you don’t want a chair that has too many features it can be overload.

An ergonomic chair is a very good choice which has a higher back for better support for your back and neck.

Why an ergonomic office chair?

Ergonomic office chairs have excellent lumbar support so as to help and lesson back ache. Back pain happens when a person does not sit correctly in a chair for a long period of time. They are designed to match the curve of the back and spine. The ergonomic chair promote a straight up sitting position and therefore allows the back to be in an upright position. 

They also come with various tilt locking positions with adjustable tension to support the upper and lower back so reduce fatigue.The ergonomic office chair will also improve your posture.

Tilt with Adjustable tilt tension is crucial for adjusting to your requirements.

Lumbar support adjustment is a very important factor, it is helpful for long time sitting jobs.

Seat pan depth adjustment, as seat pan with a sliding mechanism allows short and tall users to adjust to the distance of the seat to the backrest.

Synchro tilt combines the movement of the back rest and the smaller movement of the seat pan which helps with upper back support.  

Head rest adjustment provides support and comfort to the head and neck while in a reclined position, keeping the head at eye level with your computer monitor. It also keeps the head centred and not leaning forward.

Useful tips and guides

  1. If the chair is for an employee take them with to try the chair out
  2. Try and get a fabric that is durable and breathes
  3. Depending on your office decor make sure the office chair will fit in whether traditional or trendy
  4. Check out the guarantee from the manufacturer
  5. Opt for a ergonomic office chair
  6. Ensure that the seat has sufficient seat depth and width for your body type
  7. For long hour sitting as in a Call Center ensure the seat can pan and support the back areas 
  8. Check Good seat padding is essential
  9. If you already suffer from back pain ensure the chair seat height is adjustable for your comfort
  10. It is recommended that people who sit for long periods of time should recline at 135 degree angle

Safety tips when using your chair

Do not use a broken or unsteady chair.

Make adjustments in the morning to make sure you are comfortable.

Do not tip your chair backwards.

Take a break if you feel any discomfort, do not sit in pain, walk around a bit before sitting down again.

Lock rolling casters when not in use or at the end of the day.

Observe the office chair weight and height limits.

10 Questions to ask yourself as you test a office chair

  1. Does the seat pan feel comfortable?
  2. Does it fit your body shape and are your arms?
  3. Is the seat height adjustable?
  4. Is the range of height sufficient?
  5. Does is support your back and lumber (lower back)?
  6. Is there enough hip movement?
  7. Does the chair backrest recline?
  8. What type of pedestal base? a 5 pedestal base is the recommend base?
  9. Are the armrests, if you needed them, comfortable?
  10. Is the fabric to your choice and colour if choosing the mesh office chair?

Steps to Cleaning your Mesh office chair

  1. Vacuum the seat and chair back
  2. Dab any spots on your chair using warm water and a mild soap of a clean wash cloth
  3. If this does not work use a mild spot removing solution and let it dry naturally

Steps to Cleaning your Leather office chair

  1. Use a colour neutral cloth that is damp
  2. Dry thoroughly using a clean neutral cloth
  3. Apply leather cream to a third cloth and gently massage into your chair and let dry

Leather office chairs Vs Mesh office chairs

The advantages of Leather office chairs 

  1. Image and aesthetic is seen as a prestigious investment which creates a better look the work environment and adds distinction and class
  2. The durability of leather has stood the test of time making them the perfect long term investment
  3. Leather fabric does not require a lot maintenance
  4. Leather chairs offer excellent level of comfort
  5. The cleaning of the chair and absorptive features of Leather keep the work place clean and hygienic

The disadvantages of Leather office chairs

  1. The price of genuine leather chairs is costly
  2. You cannot be rough with leather chairs as he leather can be scratched quite easily
  3. Nowadays with technology it is difficult to differentiate between imitation leather and genuine leather

The advantages of Mesh fabric office chair

  1. Mesh fabric chairs are designed with an open structure for ventilation which promotes comfort and relaxation
  2. Mesh fabric chairs are more affordable than leather office chairs and still offer a professional look
  3. Mesh fabric material is light weight and easy to maintain 
  4. As the mesh chair is lighter they are easily moved around and so do not require a lot of maintenance
  5. There is different colour mesh therefore you can choose he colour that best suits your brand and your office space giving that aesthetic minimalist look

The disadvantages of Mesh fabric office chairs

  1. Although mesh fabric office chairs are supportive and adjustable they cannot compete I the comfort department when used for long sitting periods
  2. The mesh fabric office chair is not very durable and does not wear well
  3. The designs for these mesh office chairs is very limited in appearance, style and colour


Leather chairs though expensive are very comfortable and a great investment offering a classy elegant look.  Mesh office chairs are a good economic option and offer ventilation whilst working but may 

require more in terms of maintenance. 

Our most common questions

Q: What position should my legs be in whilst seated?

A The spine should be in a neutral position while positioning the legs so that your feet are flat on the floor with feet and knees roughly hip width apart.

Q: Are ergonomic chairs worth it?

A: Yes because these chairs are designed to allow proper alignment of the shoulders, hips and spine thus reducing strain on the body and preventing slouching and siting with the head forward which results in neck pain.

Q: How do I measure myself for an office chair?

A: Measure across the waist and whilst sitting in the upright position measure across the back at the widest point and then further measure across the widest part of the hips so you get the correct space size for your chair.

Q: How do I choose an office chair if I get back pains?

A: Good ergonomic office chairs will offer seat height adjustment and seat width and depth adjustment so that you can adjust accordingly to minimize any further back pain.

Q: Which style of office chair should I buy?

A: That would depend on your personal choice and office decor.

Armrest and Casters

Armrests are recommended for getting on and off your office chair and they average 5 inches to 8 inches (12.7 cm to 20 cm) inches in height and 2 inches to 4 inches (5 cm to 10 cm) in width.

Casters are varied in composite, casters used on carpets should be made of hard nylon and polyurethane. Both are suitable for heavy loads and have very good wear and tear resistance.

Generally the greater the weight the larger the wheel required for the caster. If you are using casters on a hard floor like tiles, laminated floors and timber then it is worth it to have soft casters. Using hard casters on a hard floor is both hazardous and will reduce the life span of your chair.

UAE and Global product market speculation

The UAE office furniture market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.7% up to 2026. This is due to the increasing employment rate and rising use of office space attributing to the UAE office furniture market. 

The launch of innovated office furniture including office chairs is expected to further increase demands for office furniture including office chairs.  Even more so because there will be more reception areas and interview cubicles and boardroom meeting. 

The UAE Government regulations on free trade zones is also a big driver in the increase business activities like new business start ups and expansions. Which may impact the growth of the UAE office furniture market. Currently the UAE imports most of its office furniture supplies. 

One of the newest trends in the UAE is co-working and flexible work spaces which has grown nearly 130% since2015. This new trend in co-working and flexible office space is likely to drive the demand for office furniture more and obviously chairs. 

Since 2019 many office space construction projects have been completed and now ready for occupation and therefore office furniture including office chairs. A few of the projects that have completed is One Central near DIFC (Dubai Investment Financial Centre), the headquarters of HSBC in Downtown Dubai, Dubai silicone oasis and the opus in Business Bay. Over the same period there has been a unprecedented growth in commercial office space construction. In Dubai as opposed to Abu Dhabi