Searching for the best Medical mattress in the UAE can be a stressful ordeal, so our experts have scoured the available Medical mattresses you could order to pick a top 3 to make life that little bit easier for you.


What is a Medical Mattress?

Medical mattresses have been made specially for hospitals and clinics and even home care for patients with back or other injuries.

A Medical mattress is made with special features for both comfort and accessibility.

There are many types of Medical mattresses depending on your physical and mental well being.

The Best Medical Mattresses in the UAE



Medical mattress

Design:  A Medical mattress is designed for orthopedic use. It is made from Jacquard white fabric and the mattress is reverse-able.  It is a firm mattress.

CBM is 0.36

Why to buy a Medical mattress, they evenly spread your body weight to prevent a build up of pressure points in the neck, back and hips that ensures correct spinal alignment

Dimensions vary from 180 cm – 200 cm Length, 90 – 210 cm in Width and 10 cm – 20 cm in Height

Price AED395 for a single up to AED 1,200 

Care for product, vacuum or clean with a duster and flip and rotate and air



Ortho X 

Structure and Design:  It is high density foam encased high carbon steel wired spring units. The covering is high quality knitted fabric with contraction border.  It has a high density foam layer padding on the top and on the bottom.

Price ranging from AED399 – AED 699 

Dimension range from single (90 cm x 200 cm) upward  with a height of 25 cm

Care for product, dust or vacuum, flip and air often




Structure and Design: free trial. The mattress is put through a careful and diligent test and has been studiously designed.It has memory foam and latex combination for gentle support and a good night .

The mattress has a under layer of foam, the encased hybrid core of independent pocketed coil springs

The top has layers of latex form, memory and profiled foam.  

Why to buy the Arcadia mattress, it has a 10 year limited warranty, and you get to enjoy 100 night risk  free trial. sleep.  Built to relieve pressure and stress the latex layer is anti microbial and anti fungal and it is resistant to dust mites.

Dimensions :Sizes range from 90 cm  W x 190  cm L up to 200 cm W x 200 cm L x 26 cm H

Price range from AED3,800 to AED 5,890 depending on the size

Care for product, dust or vacuum and flip and air

Our 12 step Medical Mattress Buyers Guide

  1. Firstly, make sure you have the correct dimensions of your bed size.
  2. Take into consideration your physical health requirements and body weight especially if more than 1 person sleeping on the mattress.
  3. Do as much research on Medical mattresses before you purchase one.
  4. If you suffer from back pain it is recommended to buy an Orthopedic mattress.
  5. If it is stress related then a mix of foam and latex is your bet buy.
  6. Look for the warranty of the Medical bed.
  7. If Affordability is an issue, look for a mattress that will serve your health and do not buy cheap.
  8. Check the mattress for firmness and flexibility.
  9. Lay on the mattress for at least 10  minutes.
  10. Check the reviews on the different Medical mattresses.
  11. Ensure the mattress carries a scientific certificate of backing especially Orthopedic mattresses.
  12. Do a price check before deciding and purchasing.

Benefits from having a good Medical mattress

You will achieve an adequate and quality sleep.

They will aid in any body pain, operations you may have, joint fractures, arthritis, muscular problems and spinal injuries from accidents.

A good mattress will promote good posture, it will also keep your mental and emotional health in check. A good Medical mattress develops an inclination to your sleeping. 

You will definitely get your monies worth in the purchase of a good Medical mattress.

Medical mattress Do’s and Don’ts

Please DO turn your mattress at least 4 times a year

Please DO use a mattress cover or protector

Please DON’T sit on the corner of your mattress

Please DON’T use any detergents or dry clean fluid to clean your mattress

Please DO have your mattress professionally cleaned

Please DON’T place any board between the mattress and the box spring

Please DON’T fold, drag or pull the mattress

Please Do air your mattress

5 things that will ruin your Medical mattress

  • Not adequately protecting your mattress from fluids and liquids
  • Failing to account for dust mites
  • Forgetting to provide air flow to your mattress
  • Not rotating your bed enough
  • Using the wrong base foundation

Some Different types of Medical mattresses

Medical mattresses that are available on the marketplace can be anything from a memory foam to laytex to spring and open spring mattresses as well as pocket springs.

An air mattress can also be used to alter the softness or firmness of the mattress which enables the pressure on the body to be relieved. It is highly recommended when selecting a Medical mattress.

Memory Foam vs Spring Medical mattresses

Memory foam is designed to contour to your body shape for support and pressure relief –

Spring use coils that pad the mattress and distribute weight.

Spring mattresses are more affordable whilst memory foam is more expensive.

The spring mattress will have more bounce whereas the memory foam is more solid.

The one big difference is the memory foam makes you feel lke you are sleeping in the mattress rather than on it as in the case of the spring mattress.

Memory foam provides excellent motion isolation if you sharing a bed whereas the spring mattresses bounce so you are more likely to be disturbed by the other person. 

Latex vs Hybrid Medical mattresses

Latex foam  is a premium top layer that offers much support and cooling properties.

Hybrid mattress supports 3 top layers a foam top layer (memory, poly or latex) over a base of individually wrapped pocket coils.

A hybrid mattress is more expensive than the traditional spring mattress or memory foam but it is not as expensive as a natural latex mattress.  The hybrid does come with a high price point because of its pocketed coils spring system.

Interesting Fact about a (Medical) mattress

The word mattress has been taken from the Arabian word Matrah which was derived from the word tarah.  The mattress was brought to the West by Crusaders that returned from the East.

In Arabic word for a mattress means “throw”.

The water bed which is also a very therapeutic bed has been around for over 5000 years. It was invented by the Persians who used goat skins filled with water to create a mattress for royalty to sleep on.

Coil springs were only used in mattresses in 1865, 8 years after they were used in chairs.

The phrase “sleep tight” comes from the fact that mattresses used to rest on ropes.

Accessories for a Medical Mattress

Mattress protectors to protect and keep your mattress clean and last longer

Protective padding such as a mattress topper will help with comfort

An Air mattress can be used for extra support for less  strain on the neck and back

If you get very hot at night consider a cooling, breathable mattress topper

A gel mattress overlay helps in preventing and treating ulcers, it is water proof and stain resistant

The average lifespan of a Medical mattress

  • Innerspring mattress will last between 5 and 7 years
  • Foam mattress will last between  6 and 7 years
  • Latex mattress will last between 5 and  9 years
  • Hybrid mattress will last between 5 and  8 years

This on an average and will depend how long you spend on your mattress.

Our most common questions

Q: How do you decide on which Medical mattress to buy?

A: That will depend on your physical health needs 

Q: Do Medical mattresses have a warranty?

A: Yes the higher the quality of the mattress the longer the warranty should be

Q: What should I be are of when buying  a Medical mattress?

A: The price,make sure you are paying for what you get “the real deal” 

Q: Does it matter is your Medical mattress is soft or firm?

A: This depends on how you sleep, if you sleep on your side and move a lot then a softer mattress is better, if your sleep on your back then a firmer mattress. If you sleep on your front or you exceed 95 kg in weight then you should have a much firmer mattress.

Q: Is coil count important if buying a spring Medical mattress?

A: Yes it is,the international Chiropractors Association recommends at least 375 coils for a Queen size mattress and worked out accordingly if you have a smaller mattress or larger mattress

Q: Why have a Medical mattress?

A: If you have back or neck problems or even stress a Medical mattress will help and relieve tension

Q: Are there many reputable manufacture  of Medical mattresses?

A: Yes there are a few – Zawya and  DFMC to name 2 leading manufacturers.

Q: Does a Medical mattress have other health benefits?

A: Yes, you will get a much better sleep

Q: What is the most comfortable Medical mattress?

A: Depending on the patients requirements, every medical mattress will have its benefits and comfort

Q: Do orthopedic Medical mattresses really work?

A: Studies have shown that the right mattress can and will provide support for back issues.  If you ae heavy you will need a denser mattress.

Q: What is the difference between a Traditional mattress and a Medical mattress?

A: The medical mattress provides pressure point elimination, proper spinal alignment and temperature control.

Q: Are there other benefits to sleeping on a Medical mattress on an adjustable bed base?

A: The flexibility offer relief from conditions such as sleep apnoea, acid re flux, arthritis, hip bursitis, herniated disks and sciatica.

Q: Is the materials used in the Medical mattress important?

A: Yes, there is varied differences between Laytex which bounces back, the memory foam gives a high level of support.

Q; Do suppliers give you a trail period for your Medical mattress?

A: Yes they do but you need to find a Medical mattress that has at least a 90 day trial period because the body takes longer to adjust to the firmness

Q:  How do you get rid of an old Medical mattress?

A: You can donate to a charitable organization or sell second-hand or give to someone you know that may need one, they can also be recycled.

Where to purchase Medical mattress

One can purchase both Online or by visiting a upmarket mattress store.

You can visit websites as above such as PAN Emirates, Bed and Pillow, Huxberry

There are many suppliers that stock Medical mattresses.

UAE product market speculation on Medical mattresses

The market speculation on this sector will grow at a compounded annual growth rate of around 10 per cent up until 2023.

There have been significant merges, acquisitions and strategic alignments within public and private health care entities to enhance the health care industry.

Initiatives by the UAE Government has caused the UAE health care market to grow at a huge rate. This is due to the UAE growing in Medical tourism and also due to the sedentary lifestyle of the UAE lifestyle.

The Government is constantly expanding and upgrading the health care system and encouraging private sector participation where available.

Coupled with this the UAE Government is becoming a lot more liberal in their policies to improve and boost their health care industry.

The UAE is fast becoming the Medical mecca of the world.

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