Finding massage chairs in the UAE can be a difficult experience, so our experts have searched the UAE for the top 3 to make your life a little easier.


The Best Massage chairs in the UAE

Ares Udream Fullbody Massage Chair

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ARES uDream Fullbody Massage chair

Some facts about the Ares uDream Fullbody Massage chair

There are 14 massage points inside the backrest which work together with other areas to relax you completely throughout your body.  There are 6 automatic massage programs that will completely satisfy all your relaxation needs. Switch between each mode with a click. 

The modes are recovery mode, relaxing mode, yoga mode, neck and soldier massage position, back and waist massage position and dream mode. 

The therapeutic heating ability extends up to 45 degrees through two heat pads in the lumber region of the chair which relieves pain and stimulates blood flow so improving the massage experience.

It has a full body air massage. Back, shoulder, arm, hip, leg, and feet airbags which provide a soothing, rhythmic compression massage. In the bottom of the foot rest is a reflexology foot massages which stimulates your muscle and blood flow.

The yoga programme reduces muscle pain and relieves fatigue more effectively. It has a zero gravity position which is the correct resting position as the pressure is equal throughout the whole body and the spine is protected.

As an extra bonus it has Hi-Fi Bluetooth speakers for listening to your favourite music in quality headphones situated in the headrest. The LED remote control allows you to adjust the music to your requirements whilst relaxing.

Colour:Red and Beige/Brown and White/Brown and Black/Black

Dimensions: 83 cm D x 76 cm W x 137 cm H

Weight: Gross weight is 69Kg

Price:AED 3,950

Care of product:Wipe clean with a damp cloth


amazon chair 2

Household automatic massage chair

10 listed facts about this massage chair

  • This product is fairly new to the market.
  • Basically an entry level chair.
  • Cost effective.
  • The mechanism of massage consists of two massage rollers which are designed to move vertically.
  • This chair has three massage modes being kneading, tapping and a combination of the two which is designed to relax the upper and lower body muscles.
  • There are three massage functions being auto full body mode, auto upper body mode two and auto lower body mode three.
  • You can manually choose the type of massage you would like and where you want to apply it.
  • The electric mechanism massage chair allows you to enjoy a playback music system with a pari of 3D digital speakers in the shoulder position.
  • It has a remote control recessed into the chair arm making it easy for you to use.
  • This product does not have a foot or arm massage.

Colour:Black and Brown/Red and White   

Dimensions:94 cm D x 64 W cm x 86 cm H

Weight:36.5 Kg

Price: AED 2,299

Care of product:Wipe with a damp cloth soaked in sudsy water


chair 3

Sparnod Classic Full body massage chair

About this massage chair

This chair has a 3D back massage mechanism and L shaped back track. This is the shape of the roller trail designed to support you all the way from your neck through your back to your buttocks. This position decompresses each individual vertebra of your body and increases the effect of the massage.

You can connect your smartphone or music device via blue tooth to the chair’s intelligent terminal to play music. The phone holder has a wireless charging function. It has a mobile USB charger in the front panel so you can charge your phone whilst playing and videos and have a massage.

The progressive airbags are multi layered to perform strong deep massage on the muscles and acupuncture points.It is used for a relaxing, kneading and pressing massage on the feet, calves, ankles, arms and shoulders.You can save space with the zero gravity position providing a totally relaxed state wherein the feet are elevated, maintaining body function at an optimal level.

The unit comes with auto extendable foot rests which houses three rows of underfoot rollers allowing a very intense and in depth’s foot massage. It has an extra long leg massager.

There are nine auto massage programs.

It can provide soothing heat and a Thai-style stretch.

Colour:Black with Silver trim

Dimension: Not mentioned


Price:AED 5,899

Care of Product:Wipe with a soft cloth soaked in sudsy water.

12 Things that determine a top level massage chair

  1. Massage functions 

Menu of pre-programed functions for your needs.

2D/3D or 4D roller intensity with 4D being the most intense.

Heat therapy, kneading, reflexology, rolling, vibration and Shiatsu therapy for whichever you may prefer.

Zero gravity and space saving design to name but a few.

  1. Price will vary and also depend special sales throughout the year.
  1. Massage areas can be targeted or general.  Many full body massage chairs offer leg and foot, and arm massages or back, hip and shoulder massage.
  1. Massage rollers and tracks, when deciding on purchasing take into account the type of track the chair comes with.  The L track extends from the neck to buttocks confirming to the natural spine as to not cause any unnecessary injures. The S track are shorter than the L track but allow for spinal stretching. The J track is a combination of the two.
  1. Massage Airbags when inflated compress your muscles to stimulate blood and relieve aches and pains. Delivering a different sensation and style of massage according to the roller system.
  1. Massage Chair size are mostly designed to accommodate people between 5 foot and 7 foot up to 127Kg in weight.
  1. In Heated Massage, the massage becomes significantly more effective by relaxing muscles, improving blood flow and releasing toxins.
  2. The Recline Function includes a zero gravity function which lowers heart rate, reduces tension and improves circulation.  The recline may have various settings.
  1. Through the Massage intensity over time your body will become accustomed to your massage chair intensity so the more options available the better.
  1. Massage programs – most massage chairs have between 3 and 30 different pre-programed functions making it a longer lasting investment and more suitable for all your body needs.
  1. Massage chair upholstery, it is recommended that genuine leather be the fabric of choice however many high end and advanced chairs are made of synthetic leather due to movement and heat generation and cost effectiveness.
  1. Ease-of-use. Today’s massage chairs come with intuitive controls operated by touch screen or one touch remotes.  They can even come with voice activated commands.


Useful Tips and Guide

  1. The right fit is important to your body shape and weight.
  2. Choose a massage chair according to your space in your home or office, bearing in mind the amount of space a chair needs behind it to recline varies.
  3. The Warranty on your massage chair is usually only for one year so it it advisable to try and get an expended warranty option as there are a lot of rollers, mechanism and programs which can get faulty over time.
  4. Before taking delivery of the massage chair make sure all of the functions work, if not immediately then within a minimum time frame depending on the suppliers “Consumer return policy” also check the fabric that there are no tears or scuffs.
  5. Budget do not buy out of your budget no matter how enticing the deal may appear but always work within your needs.
  6. Choose a massage chair that provides you with all the features you require and not just for status sake.
  7. Considering how much it will cost to spend on the chair it is advisable to ensure the quality and  durability is worth the money spent on the massage chair.
  8. If you are going to make use the massage chair on a daily basis make sure it is resilient and the fabric hardy.
  9. Do not let underage people especially young children use the chair without supervision and it is not recommend for children and young teenagers whose bodies are still developing.
  10. Back massage chair is most effective when a person uses it in 15-30 minute sessions. As longer benefits will not provide greater results.
  11. It is best to start your massage program slowly on the lowest settings and then build up the intensity since your muscles are not used to the experience and it will help to prevent unnecessary soreness in your muscles in your body.
  12. Explore all of your chairs features and settings before settling into a daily massage routine.

Questions to ask yourself as you test a massage chair

Did the quality of the massage impress you?

Did the massage address your needs?

Could you get to the right amount of pressure?

Should massage be a part of your lifestyle?

How much would you have paid for a session at a private massage parlor?

How frequently would you use and enjoy the massage chair?

Would you refer others to this massage chair?

Best place to put your massage chair

The best position to place your chair is out of direct sunlight as this will fade and make it very hot to touch and may affect the internal airbag mechanisms.

Further, leave it in a place where small children and pets can not get easy access to it.

Ensure that your massage chair has adequate space all around for reclining and free flow of air.

Maintenance and Cleaning of your massage chair

Surface clean properly every 1 – 2 weeks. 

Periodically deep clean your chairs nooks and crannies, this should be done every coupe of months.

Regular use will ensure that internal components remain in good working condition.

Depending on the fabric of the chair, read instructions carefully.

It would be pertinent to enquire from the manufacturer whether the massage chair should be serviced and the frequency of the service program to ensure optimal function and use.

Our most common questions

Q: How long will my massage chair last?

A: Depending on the quality and care.

Q: What is the average price of a massage chair?

A:  Massage chairs can go anywhere from AED2,.000-AED40,000

Q: Does one need to buy the most fancy massage chair?

A: No as long as the massage chair fulfills your requirements and needs.

Q:How do you move it around?

A: Usually they are bulky and heavy, so find a space where the chair will stay for a period of time. Some do come on wheels.

Q: Can you overuse a massage chair?

A: This can happen leading to bruising and inflammation to take it slow and progress.

Where to buy massage chairs

One can purchase both online or by visiting as per links above. Furniture websites such as Pan Emirates, Fitness Power House,Sparnod Fitness ,Amazon to name a few.

You may browse the internet for best and affordable massage beds available according to your budget and taste. The alternative is to go into a furniture store and browse, test and examine their offerings before you decide and purchase your new massage bed. In store purchases can be made by visiting Pan Emirates in house store, Fitness Power House, Sparnod Fitness to name just a few in stores

UAE and Global product market speculation on massage chair

According to the latest study of 2021 until 2026, the trend for massage chairs will significantly change over sales figures as in previous years. Over the next 5 years massage chairs market will have a spike in compound annual growth rate of 7% per annum. 

The high prevalence of work-related stress and hectic consumer lifestyles has increased for need for stress relieving and relaxation solutions. Consumer awareness about the use of massage chairs to reduce this stress has led to an increase in product demand. Growing health concerns amongst consumers as well as increasing trend towards health and fitness has led to a search for in home alternate therapy. This has also contributed to the uptick in demand. 

Time has also contribute to in house therapy massage beds. Elevated consumer living standards supported by rising disposal income levels have further boosted the sales of luxury and high end products such as massage chairs. This is compounded by the wide availability of massage chairs to distribution channels and E-commerce platform.