When shopping for a King size bed in the UAE it can be a difficult task, so our interior designers scoured the available king size beds you could order, and have chosen the top 3 to make life that little bit more helpful for you.


Why buy a King Size Bed?

The King size bed is the right size for a couple who enjoy stretching out on their bed with their animals or books and stuff, or a couple who enjoy close quarter and snuggling.The King bed being just slightly bigger than a Queen. 

The King and Queen bed is 80 inches long whilst queen beds are 60 inches wide the King size bed is 76 inches wide . The King bed is made to fit into larger spaces. Great for larger master bedrooms. A King size bed will have ample space for the children to climb in and or your pet.



Wilmington King size bed set

Structure and Design: The Wilmington King size bed comes with 2 night stands, a dresser with a mirror and a stool.  Other accessories can be purchased for example c chest of drawer. The Wilmington King size bed is upholstered in soft faux leather and features a padded headboard.The nigh stands and dresser come with spacious drawers and with a metallic sled legs offering great to the bed. It is accentuated with marble finish surfaces and rose gold toned metallic accents

Colour: Grey 

Dimensions: 219 cm L x 204 cm W x 135 cm H (mattress is 180 cm x 200 cm)

Price: AED6,995

Care of product: Wipe clean with a soft dry cloth and vacuum the bed frequently


KB 2

Alphalife King Bed

Structure and Design:The Alphalife King sized bed comes with a dresser and mirror and 2 night stands.

This velvet finished upholstered bed has an extended headboard with mirrors on the sides, lights and pleated detailing. The dresser and the night stands offer lots of storage and is crafted in Linear modern design.


Dimensions:213 cm L x 357 X W x 128 cm H (mattress is 180 cm x 200 cm)


Care of product:Wipe clean with a soft dry cloth and vacuum the mattress regularly 


BK 3

Kortgarden King size bed

Structure and Design:The Kortgarden King size bed has slatted base with storage thereunder. The headboard is soft button pressed fabric and the bed frame is upholstered all around. 

Colour:Off white

Dimensions:220 cm L x183.5 cm W x 107.5 cm H at the Headboard (mattress 180 cm x 200 cm not included)


Care of product:Wipe with a damp cloth

What determines a comfortable bed

Good back support is of the utmost importance.

Comfort is also very import to enable you to get a good nights sleep without too much disturbance.

Make sure the Materials that are used in design and construction of bed are strong and durable to support weight.

Enough space to spread out and relax after a long day of work or housekeeping or looking after the children. Especially driving in the traffic which can be very stressful.  Your bed must be easy to climb on the get off.

Try and avoid sharp edges you do not want to be bumping your legs into the bed construction and hurting yourself unnecessary.

12 Useful Tips and Guides

  1. Visit a bed store if possible.
  2. Do not just look at the bed, lie in it.
  3. Choose a bed together if a couple.
  4. Think about the size of the room, the bed is going into to.
  5. Make the most of space with storage drawers.
  6. Give yourself enough space to spread out.
  7. Make sure it looks good and feels good.
  8. Look for the best quality you can afford for your back.
  9. Beds and mattresses should work hand in hand.
  10. Remember you get what you pay for so think wisely before purchasing a bed.
  11. If buying online read carefully before ordering.
  12. A free or wall standing mirror is easy to place and correct an angle.

Choosing a good bed

If it at all possible try visit a store so you can view and feel the comfort of the bed.

Do not just look at the bed, lie on it for a few minutes, get the feel of the bed. If a couple choose the bed together. Look at the size and how and where it will fit in. Always make sure it feels as good as it looks. 

It is no good if the bed looks good but uncomfortable. Make sure you buy the best mattress affordable to accommodate and care for your back. Headboards are highly recommended.  

Always remember a good bed should respect your size, shape and specific needs of the sleeper. Beds and mattresses should work together, never buy a bed without thinking of the mattress. Bear in mind spring mattresses work better on spring beds whilst foam mattresses work better on a slat made bed.

Designing and dressing up your Bed

  1. Simplicity always works especially if your are career orientated or a busy housewife and mother, buy linen that suits your lifestyle.
  2. Make your bed skirt the correct length if you are using one to cover the base of your bed.
  3. Protect your mattress with a mattress protector or even a piece of fabric or thin blanket.
  4. By adding a quilt, cover of duvet makes making your bed quick and saving precious time
  5. Reversal bedding is very helpful.
  6. For decoration add some colourful pillows, not too many as not to overcrowd the bed space.
  7. Add an end of bed bench or stool to dress up the bed.
  8. A throw at the bottom of your bed in bright colors or of your choice always finished the bed linen off.
  9. Your best buy in the market are Down pillows, Casper pillows,Lesser premium foam pillows, memory foam pillows.
  10. By adding rugs on the side of your bed or in the front of your bed makes it warm and inviting.
  11. Create a beautiful ambiance with lighting. You may even opt to reading lights on the side of your bed or above your bed.
  12. Side bed tables are very useful especially if there is draw space to place all your person belonging such as cellphone, wallet, even your jewellery worn for the day.

Where to Place your Bed

Place your bed in a commanding position so that you can see the door to your bedroom. A good rule is to place your bed diagonally from the bedroom door. If you cannot place your bed in a commanding position try using a mirror this will help correct the bed by refection from the mirror.

Where avoidable do not place your bed against the wall that exasperates the bedroom to the toilet, it is not ideal to have a toilet on the other side. Try and make sure there is space on both sides on your bed for easy access.where you can climb in and out comfortably.

Check there is enough space so any door or cupboard doors to not open onto your be and restricting  getting into your cupboard or out your door. It is recommended to have a solid wall behind your bed especially if there is a headboard so that the headboard can be supported.

Your bed should be at least 24 inches ( 61 cm) away from the wall this is measured enabling you to have breathing space and to attach a headboard if desired. This distance of 24 inches (61 cm)from the wall also reduces unnecessary bed scuffing or running into the wall.

A bed is usually placed along the centre of the longest wall in the bedroom.

If you have Beams, soffits or sloped ceilings, it is best to have your bed free of beams above. You can drape fabric over the beams to hide them. By painting the beams or ceiling with a colour helps with dropped ceiling areas less oppressive.

Feng Shui placements of beds, make sure everything flows in your bedroom from the windows to the doors to the walls . Creating balance with nature is very important. The main objecting with Feng Shui is to create harness energy focuses and establish harmony between the individual and their environment.The Feng Shui energy map superimposed on the floor map of your bedroom is a great way to start. The Chinese word Bagua means eight areas.

You can place your bed in a corner if no other option but the same rules apply the bed must be at least 24 inches (61 cm) from the wall. It is advised to leave around 40 inches (102 cm) between the bed and any dressers, cabinets for easy access. When placing your bed in the corner, lighting is of the most importance as you may loose natural light.

Our most common questions

Q: When should I buy a new bed?

A: Every 6-8 years would be ideal to buy a new be.

Q: My bed is sagging and uncomfortable?

A: Its time for a new mattress for your bed.

Q: My bed is making a noise?

A: Noises are common when bed mattress especially innerspring mattresses.

Q: Do I need to buy a new base when buying a new mattress?

A: No if the base is still strong and sturdy no need to replace.

Q: Which is the best base type of bed base to buy?

A: Pocket sprung edge bases are the best to buy in both their construction, components and overall feet.

Where to buy Beds

One can purchase both online or by visiting as per links above.Furniture websites such as Pan Emirates, Danube, homesRus, Amazon to name a few. You may browse the internet for best King size beds available accordingly to your budget and taste. 

The alternative is to go into a furniture store and browse, test and examine their offerings before you decide and purchase your new King size bed. In store purchases can be made by visiting Pan Emirates in house store, Ikea, Pottery Barn Crate and Barrel to name just a few in stores.

Interesting facts about King size beds

King beds afford spacious luxury.  They have plenty of foot and elbow room for restless sleepers.

King and Queen beds were originally given in the 1960’s because of their royal sounding names.

David Bergeson from Concorde invented the King Size bed in 1982 to fit his uncommonly long legs.

The first King size bed was seemingly created in 1890, it could fit 15 people, that was in the early 18th century.

There is also:

Super King size bed being 183 cm x 200 cm

Emperor size bed which is 213 cm x 213 cm square

Super emperor which is 229 cm x 2`13 cm

Caesar bed which is 244 cm x 213 cm

Super Caesar which is 274 cm x 213 cm

These oversized beds are often for large families and co-sleeping, and need to be specially made.

UAE and Global product market speculation on corner sofa

According to the latest study of 2020 until 2028, the trend for King size beds will significantly change over sales figures in previous years.

Over the next 8 years King size market will have a spike in compound annual growth rate. In terms of revenue. In 2022 the King size bed market is growing steadily and with the strategic input by key players the market is expected to rise significantly. Due to increasing use King size beds in Residential, Hotels, Bed and Breakfast places the market is being driven to new heights across the globe. Due to demand and growth returning normal post Covid sales of beds are rapidly increasing.

As per Fortune Business insights, the new compact products with under the bed storage ranges are proving to be convenient for users. with an expanding global population City and Urban property prices have dropped which has led to a reduction in house sizes. 

As a consequence rooms are getting smaller and so consumers are looking for multipurpose furniture like bunk beds with storage etc

The Middle East and African regions are expected to grow the fastest up to 2030 and this is because of an expanding construction sector in line with smart city projects and this is expected to open new opportunities.

Ref: https://www.mordorintelligence.com/industry-reports-global-bedroom-furniture-market