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In this article, we’ve shortlisted our picks for the best interior designs to hire in Dubai. We’ve selected them for their reputation, their consistency and strong evidence of happy customers.

The #1 Interior Designer in Dubai

Algedra Décor Makers.

Algedra is one of the biggest and most successful companies in Dubai. It offers interior design and creative spaces throughout the Middle East. A notable feature in their work is their integration of numerous designs and cultures into their works. They mix Italian, Greek, Eastern, and Western influences with British restructuring. 

They have detailed and exquisite designs which include designing commercial, hospitality, residential developments.


Contact Details: hello@algedra.ae
                            +97152 8111106

A look at some of their works

Villa Majlis Design
Italian Restaurant Interior Project Turkey

Other Interior Designers Worth Hiring In Dubai.

Mouhajer International Design:

This is started by engineer Maher Mouhajer in 1999. Their objective is to draw features and images for the imaginations which they are keen to make tangible reality recognized by the customers.

They deal in private villas, Burj Khalifa apartments, private palaces, etc. Their projects involve residential, commercial, and hospitality. Their website provides clients with full information regarding any queries they may have. One can consult the designers by taking the form online. They have completed world-class projects around the middle-east.  

This is a design from Dubai Sports Council.


Website: https://mahermouhajer.com/

Contact Details: info@mouhajerdesign.com


Aedas Interiors

This is an international firm that specializes in both Interior design and Architecture. They offer a wide range of Interior Design services from corporate, residential, and hospitality. Aedas design practice involves global research and local knowledge. They have a diverse range of designs which keeps them unique from others. They have done a tremendous job in winning numerous awards.

Aedas designed ENOC future station Dubai which was recognized at the A&D Awards 2021. 

A noticeable project of theirs includes the refurbishment of the Novotel Century Hotel Lobby


Website: https://www.aedas.com/en/what-we-do/interiors

Contact Details: middleeast@aedas.com

                            T: +971 (4) 368 8133

Belhasa Interiors

Belhasa Interiors is one of the most famous and sustainability-principled interior designing firms in Dubai. They have over 50 distinguished residential, commercial, and government clients and over 200 projects region-wide. They offer a diverse look in their projects and their designs have an individualistic approach to them. Their use of color in their interior is their unique point.

Belhasa’s Chocolate Bar project in Dubai Mall


Website: https://belhasainteriors.com/

Contact Details: contact@belhasainteriors.com

                           +971 4557 5508

A Guide To Hiring Interior Designers In Dubai

If you want to redecorate your house and require professional help, it is best to have some knowledge beforehand so you don’t end up regretting your decision. Researching beforehand always helps you make sure you have a proper design in your mind or an estimate of the budget that will be required.

Here are some things you can do before hiring an interior designer.

  • First of all, know your budget before meeting with the designer. It is important to be sure of how much it will cost and whether you will be able to afford the kind of design you want and if you will be able to afford the designer’s services. This helps you prepare for the cost in advance.
  • Secondly, it is also advisable to be informed of your designer’s credentials and whether they have proper experience and education in this field. Here, asking the designer for references and checking in with the references will be useful.
  • Furthermore, it is important to know what kind of design you prefer and to know your tastes. Even if you don’t have an idea discuss it with someone who matches your taste or gets inspiration from somewhere. This will allow your work to go smoothly after you have finalized your decision.
  • It is always important to interview the potential designer you will be hiring. It will help you choose someone who matches your taste and clicks well with you to ensure that the workflow is smooth and no hindrances occur.
  • Discussing the timeline with the designer is also an important aspect as it will help determine the cost and will also give them an idea as to when they will have to finish the project.

Price Structures And Charges Of An Interior Designer:

Before hiring an interior designer it is also important that you have an idea about the prices that they typically charge. 

Hourly Rate Method: 

One method that designers usually go for is the Hourly Rate method. Here they charge you per hour and it is important that you as a client keep track of every minute. The usual prices for this type of pricing are $50 to $450 and an average of $150.

Cost Plus Method:

Another method is the Cost Plus method. Here the client pays the net amount for all the material, furnishings, and subcontractors along with an agreed percentage that may change in every project depending on its scale or length of the time it takes. The range for this method is 17% to 45% with an average of 30%.

Per Foot:

Interior Designers might also charge a cost per foot. Here they charge the client from $5 to $17 per foot while the average price starts from $7 to $12. 

Per Room:

Prices might depend per room as well depending on the design and furniture in the room. The price per room ranges from $1000 to $7,750. 

Additional Tips:

Some interior designers also charge a management fee and design fee so it is advisable to know that area as well.

Why Hire An Interior Designer?

The most comfortable place is where one can relate itself and find convenience. We spend a measured part of the day in interior spaces. No matter what the place is the most vital element is the connectivity to the whole environment that draws someone to the place. The knowledge of creating functional spaces based on the people’s behavior, closely related to architecture is the art of an interior designer. The ability to analyze and bring out an interactive environment that is pleasant and relatable.

Interior designing is relatively a new field and gaining its need and implementation in middle-east. It is all about human behavior and human interaction. Beyond just looking pretty the interiors can be evolved as a practical solution to integrate everything from space allocation to the functional aspects in the individual character of spaces. Dubai is known for the luxurious and extravagant spaces which are designed by many competent interior designers. There are residences, offices, schools, or hotels. It reflects the culture of the place and UAE mainly has its roots in “Islam” and its interiors show some Islamic art in them. However, religious affiliations are not a prominent part of the city.

An interior designer might work for private facilities or design any public facility but the main focus will be on the space and interior environment that should incorporate and function. Design practices have been evolving in Dubai and across the Middle East for over 1000 years. There are skyscrapers and excessive architectural buildings in the region and talented engineers and builders all across the world here are proving their abilities. Recognized providers are offering extensive interior services in Dubai. They can create and make possible the client’s imagination in reality.

Hopefully, these tips will come in handy if you are planning to hire an interior designer for your house. Good luck with your design!