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The best choices for Garden designers in Dubai have been short-listed here. They are picked based on experience, reviews of satisfied clients, and dedication to their work.

The #1 Garden Designer in Dubai is Escape Luxury Outdoor Living

Escape Luxury Outdoor Living:

Escape luxury outdoor living has been in business for about 40 years. They have created a numerous amount of land into the beautiful gardens as per their client’s imagination and wishes. Many experienced workers and qualified personnel are associated and making a highly skilled and passionate team. They are specialized in making outdoor living spaces according to the demands of their clients and the transformation makes wonders with the landscape. 

Their services include hard landscape, construction design, and building swimming pools, shades installations, paving, and decking. The soft landscape offers planting layout design and installation. Escape has expertise in the preparation of soil for the cultivation and growth of plants. The secret of a plant’s growth lies with the correct fertilization and proper soil preparation. Every plant is selected and handpicked by professionals.

To make sure that the outdoors are well maintained and looked after they provide maintenance services for garden landscapes.

Significant projects include:

Private Residence Polo Home Villa


Dubai English Speaking Villa


Website: https://www.escape-me.com/

Contact Details: info@escape-me.com

                      Tel: +971 55 801 6992

Other Garden Designers worth Hiring in Dubai:

Grove LLC

Grove LLC is based in Dubai and was established in 2005. They have a specialized team comprised of garden designers, landscape architects, and horticulturists. They not only turn the lands into ravishing gardens but they have their nursery over an area of 350,000 sqm. having several flower species, exotic trees, and accustomed plants. Grove has plant specialist that offers after-sale follow-up services to their clients. 

Grove is successfully taking forward the vision of UAE in “sustainable environment and infrastructure”, by incorporating creative and ingenious technologies that can benefit the plants and be safe for the environment. They aim to attain harmony between the economic and social development of the region. They are putting tremendous effort into using innovative equipment for growing systems, structure, and nursery management.

They responsibly work for each plant and its growth from seed sourcing to seedbed preparation, roots pruning to plant propagation. They also have a climate control greenhouse set up with an automatic irrigation system. The loyalty and dedication are all they establish with their work and towards their client is remarkable.

The prestigious projects they are associated with;

Presidential Flight Entrance Dubai


Atlantis, The Palm:


Website: https://www.grove-landscape.com/

Contact Details: grove@ccsupport.ae

                    Tel: +(971)2 207 2207

Green Life Landscape

Green Life Landscape started its venture in 2013 and they have gained a lot of praise and trust from their clients. Their team comprises well-trained gardeners, horticulturists, architects, and ambitious staff. Both public and private sector clients are catered to and provided with the best advice and expert team to build, install, renovate or redesign their outdoor landscapes.

Fresh and innovative ideas and best quality products help them achieve a respectable place in Dubai. Clients approach them for their aesthetic sense of plantations and taking inspiration from their work. They specialize in their hardscape and softscape work. They provide professional maintenance to the lawns and gardens of Dubai. They work for Eco-friendly landscaping and know its importance and propose brilliant ideas for green landscaping.

Some of their projects are

Gulfluor Chemical Technology


Bateel Factory for Sweets and Chocolates


Web site: https://www.glldubai.com/

Contact: info@glldubai.com

        Tel: +971 04 2280210 

Why Hire a Garden Designer?

A professional person has the right knowledge. A garden designer can help in the transformation of the landscape, Dubai is a country where luxury and beautiful landscapes are part of their infrastructure. 

The Garden designer proposes a perfect garden planting maintenance guide to the clients that can be helpful and can save time. Since the hard weather conditions having gardens and lawns in Dubai is considered a luxury. Modern technology and techniques and with the help of garden designer it is possible now.

Guide to Hiring a Garden Designer

Designing a garden is a work that usually does not sound technical or even professional. It may seem to be like a hobby or a time pass activity but that is not the case. When you hire a garden designer you have to be very precise and clear about your choices of plants, flowers, the color scheme of your flowers, garden-style and most important thing is the custom requirements.

  • Make a plan layout of the garden design you want to buildup and research and talk about it with horticulturists as they are the right person with the right knowledge about the plantation.
  • You must know the soil, fertilizers, indoor and outdoor plants, and trees. According to the area available and location of the landscape estimate the required resources for the whole setup. Communicate your ideas and thoughts with the garden designer clearly before starting the project.
  • Make a budget and see through the possibilities to stick to it.
  • Always ask about the time required to complete your project with the garden designer, many natural factors are involved in setting up a garden that may affect the time duration of the whole project.
  • Select the type of plants, trees, and style for the landscape you are going to transform, it is a hard job and cannot alter easily after finishing. It is good to do some research and have some pictures making the ideas more precise. 
  • Always ask the gardener about the factors that can harm any plantation, like plant diseases or weather conditions that can affect the growth of the plants. Choose wisely among those so that you may feel at ease. 
  • Till the end of the work don’t lose sight of the things you required for your garden design. 

Price Structure and Charges of a Garden Designer

Garden designer charges according to the scale of the project.

Some factors make up the total cost of garden design like the size of the garden, design and features, irrigation installations, and the company rates.

Normal idea is that for residential gardens of small size 20% of your total budget will be charged by the designer.

For a medium-size garden, it would be 15% and for a small size, it can be 10%.

Only grass installation of a 100sqm garden it may cost between AED 2,500 and AED 4,000 on average.

Now having a complete guideline of what you need to do to hire a garden designer we wish you make a wise decision for creating beautiful gardens.