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Here you’ll find the top 3 gaming chairs that are available in the United Arab Emirates market:

If you just want fastest answer, The Best Gaming chair in the UAE is the Cougar Titan Pro Royal.

Otherwise, read our in-depth reviews, research and guide below.




The armor Titan Pro Royal which is the flagship gaming chair of Cougar is made off breathable gaming chair PVC leather that has a premium suede like texture. 

This gaming chair is like a throne that gives absolute comfort to the players that want to enjoy their game. 

The seat has an attractive gaming chair that is able to support a large built player for over 160 kg with plenty of adjustments and premium top-quality materials. 

The Cougar Titan Pro Royal also has extra sized wheels that are made up of steel structure allowing it to support up to 160 kg pairing ultra stable support that allows the gamer to use the chair with ease. It also has an adjustable armrest that can be adjusted in four different ways with three dimensions and 8 directions. 

The chairs have a tilting capability for up to 13º and not restricting the reclination of the chair for up to 170º.

The Cougar gaming chair is  the finest gaming chair there is, featuring an aggressive look with a Cougar branding that is made up of PVC leather that gives off a serious gaming vibe that also allows the player to be comfortable because this chair ensures that the player’s posture is correct while gaming or working. 

The Cougar Titan Pro Royal gaming chair is available at Microless with a price tag of 1,585.50 AED and color variations of black and orange. 

  1. DXRacer Prince Series P132 Gaming Chair


The DXRacer Prince Series P132 Gaming Chair is a contemporary ergonomics chair that is designed to meet the needs and demands of the PC users, office professionals, computer gamers and managers. It provides comfort, safety, seating ergonomics, and an unparalleled design that is well-liked all around the world. 

DXRacer chairs are constructed to exacting quality standards in order to provide their customers with the ultimate in elegance and relaxation. Although this chair was originally meant to enhance the gaming experience, it has since evolved into your go-to seat for working and relaxing. Whatever activity you use your DXRacer for, it will elevate your experience to the next level.

The DXRacer Prince Series P132 Gaming Chair features a strong inner steel frame that acts as a firm foundation for the gaming chair. A high back rest supporting the spine’s optimal posture. Stability offered by the five arm metal cross with a plastic plastic cover. Tilt mechanism that features a maximum tilt of 150º. Imported from Germany, it ensures that you have a high-quality gas pistol that meets the international SGS Standard. 1D soft surfaced arm rest that adds comfort and supports a large build player with 180 cm height and 130 kg weight. 

The DXRacer Prince Series P132 Gaming Chair is available at Microless which retails for 660.45 AED with color variations of Black and White, Pink and White, and Black.

  1. Razer Iskur Fabric Edition Gaming Chair


As you reach your comfort zone with the Razer Iskur—an ergonomic gaming chair intended for posture-perfect intense gaming—keep the competition in your kill zone. When it comes to staying in peak shape, we’ve always got your back. Unlike most gaming chairs, The Razer Iskur Fabric Edition Gaming Chair  have lumbar pillows that shift over time or fixed supports that can’t be adjusted, the Razer Iskur offers total lower back support with a built-in, fully adjustable lumbar curve that closely aligns with your spine—ensuring ideal gaming posture for maximum comfort during gaming marathons.

The Razer Iskur Fabric Edition Gaming chair’s finely woven yarn feels wonderfully soft while also being strong enough for regular use due to its resistance to water, oil, and grime. The Razer Iskur boasts soft, deep cushions that provide greater contouring, letting your weight apply just enough pressure as they conform to suit your particular body shape for the optimum blend of support and comfort. Armrest that may be adjusted up and down, forward and backwards, left and right, and rotated inwards or outwards provide highly customizable arm positioning.

 The Razer Iskur has a head cushion composed of incredibly dense, yet adaptable memory foam that adapts to the contour of your head for the perfect amount of support and comfort.

Razer Iskur Fabric Edition Gaming Chair is available at Microless which retails for 1,785.00 AED that comes with only one color, black. 

Our Gaming Chair Buyer’s Guide 


When talking about ergonomics, you are talking about the efficiency of the design or style that adds to the comfort of your workplace environment. When purchasing a gaming chair, ergonomics is a factor that you should be looking for. 

Choose a gaming chair that aids in the promotion of your productivity and efficiency. 

One that aids in maintaining your proper posture, supports your flexibility in motion, reduces your back pain; assuming that you would be sitting on that chair for several hours a day everyday. Here are some guidelines that could help you in choosing which gaming chair is appropriate for your needs:

  1. The chair should allow a high degree of adjustability: it should allow you to adjust your seating height, the angulation of your back, and armrest to fully cater the measurement of your body. 
  1. It should fully support your back as well as it adds comfort to your posture. The finest gaming chair that would surely cater your postural needs should be able to have a lumbar support wherein the chair is adjustable to meet your spine’s curve. But if you budget is only limited, opt for a gaming chair that comes with a lumbar pillow since it functions the same, but lumbar pillow is more of traditional basic lumbar support.
  1. The back rest should be able to support your upper back as well as your lower back.
  2. The gaming chair should be tiltable, or has a mechanical process that can support your back and gives you comfort and supports various postures.


Upholstery refers to the padded texture that covers the gaming chair. Most gaming chairs that are available in the market are made up of PU leather, which is an artificial leather that is made up of thermoplastic polyester which mimics a genuine leather. If you are looking for a more professional yet minimalistic look, then opt for a PU leather upholstery gaming chair. 

But if you are more into soft cloth or synthetic web upholstery, then choose a gaming chair that is made up of synthetic web and microfibre cloth. 

Always bear in mind to consider the breathability, heat dissipation and comfortability of the upholstery. If you are a sweaty person, having a PU leather cushion is not something you would like so better look for a gaming chair with synthetic mesh material.


A most preferred armrest is an ergonomic gaming chair that is adjustable to support your wrist and your lower arm. The armrest should facilitate fast reaction time which is efficient in improving your gaming performance. The armrest should be customizable to your body proportion which allows you to be comfortable in an intense gaming period.

Quality build

Most expensive gaming chair also equals a more durable gaming chair which is wear and tear resistant. So if you are looking for a chair that’s gonna last for a couple of years, then its better to invest in a expensive but quality ergonomic gaming chair.

A good quality of a gaming chair is mostly seen on its metal leg supports, this acts as a foundation which supports the whole body height, weight and over all dimension.   

A wood or a plastic leg support isn’t much of a long time period since they wear overtime and is not capable of recoil when subjected to a heavy built gamer. Also look for the cushion or filling of the chair. The cushion should have a top quality mold shaping, memory foam and cold that ensures you that the cushion would not go flat after a few months of use. 

Height and Weight Dimension Support 

 Gaming chairs can have a wide range of weight capabilities and recommended heights, so make sure you choose one that is appropriate for your weight and height. Gaming chairs with the highest weight capacities are sometimes promoted as ‘huge and tall.’      

Exact weight capacities vary, however the most heavy-duty chairs can support up to and over 500 lbs. If you’re doubtful, check the weight capacity and recommended height with the vendor ahead of time to ensure you’re in the right range.

It seemed nice to have an aesthetically pleasing gaming chair that matches the whole room, and your PC set up but it is also nice to be able to have a chair that allows and caters your comfort and your health. 

Buying a gaming chair is more than just buying a simple chair, in a long time, it could affect your overall posture, reflexes and your relaxation so opt for a gaming that that makes you comfortable, durable and dimension wise. 

Our Most Common QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase a high quality gaming chair?

A wide variety of ergonomic gaming chairs that are available in the United Arab Emirates market can be found in Microless, which is an online store that caters every gamers, office worker and almost anyone’s need when it comes to electronics. They have a physical store which is located at Microless, Al Quoz 3, First Al Khail Street,Opposite Cement Factory, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They’re website is

What material is good when it comes to buying a gaming chair?

PU leather is a good material in the upholstery of the ergonomic gaming chair which is a cold foam or cushion which does not go flat after a few months of use. But if you are a sweaty person and leather itches or irritates your skin, then I prefer you to use synthetic web upholstery for you gaming chair

Are gaming chairs bad for you back?

No, the gaming chair is adjustable which caters and supports your wrist, upper arm, neck, lower back and lumbar. It also adjusts to your posture and some can even correct your posture. 

Which one is better: a gaming chair or an office chair?

If you are looking for a multipurpose chair which supports your back, gives you comfort, and is durable for several hours of setting everyday, then its better for you to purchase a gaming chair. 

     United Arab Emirates Gaming Chair Market

In 2020, around $344 million dollars was generated in the gaming revenue of the United Arab Emirates players. 

91% of the  online population of United Arab Emirates’ players spend money on in-game purchases or virtual goods these past few years. 

And almost a third of the overall population of men online players in the United Arab Emirates have bought in game currencies in the last six months of 2019. 

A variety of factors, including technological developments, the availability of high-speed internet connectivity, efficient device compatibility, and the release of new games, have contributed to the expansion of the online gaming industry. 

Digital gaming in the United Arab Emirates has been rapidly growing as well as the interest and investments that comes along with the booming gaming industry in the UAE, most common games that are played by the Arabs are puzzle games which is the country’s top mobile game, while racing and sports on the consoles and PCs. 

In the rise of the industry, with the majority of the people working or studying at home since the pandemic started over 2 years ago, customers look for a way to transform their space into a more dainty and comfortable working place and the chair which they work and study on everyday becomes really important to their daily lives. 

Gaming chairs serve as an essential need for the gamers as well workers that spend most  of their time working in front of their computers. People are becoming increasingly interested in PCs and video games as electronic gadgets become more prevalent, as gaming is a premium form of entertainment. As the number of game cafes grows, so does the need for gaming chairs. 

The creation and manufacturing of ergonomic seats is a prominent trend in the gaming chair market, as the usage of traditional gaming chairs can cause pain in the back muscles and hands. 

Ergonomic gaming seats provide full-size lumbar support, which attracts professional gamers. During the forecast period, this is likely to increase demand for gaming seats. These seats allow gamers to enhance their posture, allowing them to play games for longer periods of time.