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In this article, we’ve shortlisted our picks for the best interior designs to hire in Dubai. We’ve selected them for their reputation, their consistency, and strong evidence of happy customers.

Dubai Flooring

Dubai Flooring is a Dubai-based company that specializes in flooring and carpeting. They offer a wide range of floorings and services related to it, such as carpeting, floor skirting, flooring installation, and much more!

Offering budget-friendly services with no compromise on quality where wholesale orders are accepted at a great discount. They also offer super fast delivery services that will reach your home in no time.

The promising approach of Dubai Flooring toward the requirements of their clients is visible through the efforts they put up. With their guarantee of providing clients with authorized, reliable experts. 

With proper planning and operational efficiency, this company ensures that the best services are delivered to the client. 

Website: Flooring Dubai – Best Flooring Suppliers Dubai, Abu Dhabi ,Al Ain & UAE (dubaiflooring.ae)

Contact: 056 600 9626

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Floor Center Trading 

A Dubai-based firm serving for many years has been known as one of the top flooring and carpet suppliers based in Dubai. Ready to upgrade your living standards with high-tech assortments. 

They’re known to satisfy all kinds of clients ranging from residential to commercial. Whether it’s a renovation or moving to a new place. Their versatile services are what make them special!

With experienced and trained professionals aiming to deliver the best interior solutions concerning floors and carpets. And not only that, but they also provide services in curtains & blinds, blending rugs, and stunning wallpapers.

They have a wide range of flooring options to choose from! Some of which are:

  • Vinyl Flooring 
  • Laminate Flooring
  • Wooden Flooring 

Website: Floor Center – Best Flooring & Carpets Supplier in Dubai

Contact: +97142578700

Carpets Dubai

A flooring company that provides carpet and flooring services not just in Dubai, but all across UAE! They are a licensed service provider with a team of some of the best, talented, skilled, innovative, and award-winning professionals that are dedicated to offering outstanding services. 

They offer only the best quality of carpets ensuring durability, elegant colors which will impress anyone. And flooring with a wide range of flooring services readily available. Infusing your home with a touch of class while also adding value to your place! 

They also provide you with customization, affordability, durability, and the best delivery services in Dubai. 

Website: Carpets Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE – Carpets Shop Dubai

Contact: 056-600-9626

What to keep in mind before buying new flooring.

Proper planning is the key before interior designing. Especially with a project as big and expensive as flooring or carpeting. A great piece of advice would be to consider how much foot traffic, sunlight, and wear and tear your flooring will endure. Since every flooring has a different type of material. Here are more tips:


Since the material and size of the tile or carpet can vary drastically according to your place. Installing a new floor is one of the more expensive home improvement projects you’ll undertake, so make sure you have the budget for the flooring you favor.


Projects like this can take up a lot of time since there are many steps involved when carpeting or flooring your place. It is important to be patient with the results and willing to wait. 

Keep Your Options Open

It’s wise to have a backup choice. In this age of supply chain disruptions, the availability of building products like flooring is bound to fluctuate. 

Be Open to New Ideas

Do you want to see rustic, weathered wood underfoot? Elegant imported ceramic tiles? Smooth and soft carpet for your kids? Or something simple and unassuming to lie under your area rugs? It’s always a good idea to communicate with the company in helping you choose the best flooring/carpet according to your interior.

A Guide to Buying New Flooring

Once you’ve made up your mind in getting your place installed with flooring or carpeting. There are a few important things to keep in mind:

Check for Certification

Always check if the company you get your flooring or carpeting from is certified to avoid the risk of scams, low-quality products, and genuine workers. Also, check the packaging for product and manufacturer certification to ensure the best quality and authenticity. 


Sampling is the smartest way to choose the best carpet/floor that suits your home. Ask for samples of your top picks and Compare them side by side where they’re going to be installed. Look at them from different angles and in different light settings. 


Always measure before buying or getting flooring installed to determine how much you’ll need. Buy 7 to 10 percent extra to allow for mistakes, bad samples, and waste. Consider buying an extra box of flooring, in addition to the 7 to 10 percent extra, for future repairs or additions.


Always keep it consistent. Manufacturers try to match solid and engineered wood flooring for color and grain. But variations can occur from one batch to the next, so buy all the flooring you’ll need at one time.

Price Reduction

On a budget? No worries! When you hire a pro, you can still trim hundreds of dollars off the job by doing some work yourself. Such as vacuuming up any dirt or dust, Pulling up the carpet, and removing the tack boards. 


Make sure you discuss the timeline that will be needed to finish this project. Communicate your preferred timeline which lines up according to your schedule and make sure you are being realistic about it since heavy projects like this take up a lot of time! 

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