Going to the theatre to watch your favorite flick is one of the favorite past times of the people in the UAE. People here like a diverse array of films, ranging from Bollywood movies to local productions and Hollywood flicks. 

The local film industry based in Dubai is worth millions of dollars to the economy. The UAE has been actively trying to uplift the film industry and opening more and more state-of-the-art theatres all over UAE so that people can enjoy these films. 

Apart from promoting cinemas and films, the UAE now does not censor films according to religious guidelines as it used to do before, pleasing the ex-pat communities and the diverse community it houses within its borders.

The Best Movie Theatres in UAE

There are countless theatres all over UAE. Now that the laws and the regulations have been relaxed and since it’s lately been the favorite activity of the ex-pats in UAE, we have compiled a list of the best cinemas in every city in the UAE. 

These cinemas are state of the art and provide a very comfortable and unique ambiance for the people to watch movies in. The excellent sound systems and other goodies in the cinemas provide a fantastic experience for the people.

Moreover, these cinemas are pretty spacious, and the seating varies depending on the type of ticket you buy. There are lounge chairs, captain chairs available, and other luxurious types of chairs for those of us who like chairs where you can sink in and immerse yourself in the experience. 

Movie Theatres in Abu Dhabi 

  • Gold class at Al Mariah Cinema

This Cinema is one of the oldest cinemas in Dubai and hence it’s one of the best ones you can visit in Dubai. This Cinema is one of the biggest in Abu Dhabi as well; it offers nine theatres and has a seating capacity of over twenty thousand people! This Cinema has recently been upgraded, and the revamped interior is lovely and pleasing to the eyes. 

  • IMAX at VOX Cinema The Galleria Al Maryah

VOX Cinema is the most famous Cinema in the UAE, and for a good reason. The pioneer of the curved screen, this Cinema has 21 screens that feature movies from all over the world for you to watch. Apart from this, the sound system is world-class and will help you to enjoy every part of it. 

  • Pearl Suite Screen at Al Wahda Mall

Al Wahda Mall offers one of the best cinema experiences for the people of Abu Dhabi. Centered around luxury, this Cinema offers recliner sofa seats to sink in and relax. Moreover, there are buttons on these seats which you can press to summon the waiter, who will do just about anything to make your experience even better, including bringing you gourmet meals as well. 

  • Theatre at VOX Cinemas Yas Mall

This theatre is for those people for whom food matters much more than the movie. The food served here is no less than proper gourmet food. Moreover, you would mistake it for an upscale restaurant because of the diverse menu and attention to detail. The seats at this Cinema are very comfortable, where you are offered comfortable pillows and blankets to complete the fantastic experience. 

  • Worldwide Cinema at Dalma Mall

Worldwide Cinema is another famous cinema in Abu Dhabi, which offers a good 3D movie experience and has multiple screens as well. 

Movie Theatres in Dubai 

  • Reel Cinemas at The Dubai Mall

This Cinema is one of the best ones in Dubai as it offers twenty-six screens. The sound system installed at this Cinema is one of the best in the area hence they are worth the higher prices. The menu is very diverse as well and offers a lot of food options. 

  • Novo Cinemas at Ibn Battuta Mall

Novo Cinemas offer 3D, IMAX, and 3D IMAX Screens for true theatre lovers. You will find some of the most comfortable seating here at NOVO Cinemas. Moreover, the food is delicious and makes the whole experience very fun. Novo Cinemas are one of the largest Cinema Chains in the country and hence does not compromise on quality. 

  • Snow Cinema at Mall of the Emirates

This Cinema also provides a unique experience, and the food is excellent here. 

  • Vox Cinemas at Deira City Center

VOX Cinema will offer you multiple different screens for you to watch your movies, including a special kids’ theatre for content suited for the younger audience. Moreover, the twenty screens this Cinema offers means you will always have multiple options regarding movies and their timings. 

Movie Theatres in Sharjah 


Movie Theatres in Al Ain 


Things you need to know about going to the movies in UAE

It would be best if you learned to respect the people around you when going to the Cinema. There are many different types of people at these cinemas so if you think that you don’t mind a little noise from eating fries or something, no one else will either, you are wrong. 

You should maintain decorum inside these movie halls and make sure that you turn your phone to silent and not ruin anyone else’s experience. Most of these cinema halls have wheelchair facilities as well, so make sure to ask for one if you need one.

Most of the cinemas offer different payment options as well; however, make sure to carry cash here so that in case they don’t accept your bank cards, you don’t miss your seat and can pay with cash. You should also ask the cinema staff if you are allowed to bring your own food to the cinema hall since some of the cinemas will prevent you from doing that as they want to promote their eateries. However, site food at these cinemas can be expensive apart from the popcorn. 

You should also not get up a lot and move around if you are seated a little far away from your friends or family since it is considered very rude and problematic. This way, you are causing a massive disturbance to those around you and behind you by blocking their view. If you continue with this behavior, chances are you will be forced to leave most cinemas in the UAE.