Want the quick answer? Just scroll down to our selection of the best dressers with mirror to buy in the UAE.

In this article, we have selected and shortlisted our picks of best dressers with mirror, according to style, functionality, and materials.

If you are searching for the quickest answer, the best dresser with mirror is definitely Bolivia Dresser & Mirror, by Homes r us. 

Otherwise, if you want to know more, scroll down, and read our in-depth research on dressers with mirror available in the United Arab Emirates, elaboration of whether the dressers with mirrors are worth buying and answer on one of the most commonly asked question about this piece of furniture nowadays – are these dressers out-of-date? At the bottom you might find some interesting facts about this intrigue and old piece of furniture. 

The #1 Dresser with Mirror in the UAE – Bolivia Dresser Mirror by Homes R Us

Bolivia Dresser & Mirror, Brown

Reference: https://www.homesrus.ae/en/5121400500527-pm-bolivia-drsser-mirror-brown/

Characterized by a minimalist design and the charisma of wood, this unique and beautiful Bolivia dresser adds a contemporary flair to your retreat. Highlighted with a flat metal base in gold, this dresser is quite spacious and easy to use. The round mirror with a raised golden frame enhances the appeal of this unit and completes the furniture. One of the advantages of this piece of furniture is that it can be purchased both in store and online. Homes R Us stores are in HRU Logistics Building, National Industries Park Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates or on their online site https://www.homesrus.ae/en/. The price of this dresser is AED1,719.00 and it comes with a free shipping option as well as free installation. For those who decide to buy an item online but pick up by themselves, that option is also available. The country of manufacturing is Turkey and the primary material used is engineered wood. Another advantage of this item and reason why it is our number one choice, is durability and easy care maintenance. It is suggested to be cleaned only using a soft dry cloth and avoid any harsh materials that can damage the finish. Equipped with three dressers, this gorgeous piece of furniture should fit perfectly into any bedroom and into many different styles. Our favourite option is brown colour, but it comes in different shades as well. 

The #2 Dresser with Mirror in the UAE – Zelanid Dresser Table by Pan Emirates 

Reference: https://www.panemirates.com/uae/en/pan-zelanid-dresser-table-p14328

This breathtaking and extraordinary dresser would not leave you indifferent – or any of your future guests. It can be purchased, same as previous item, both in store and online. Pan Emirates Home Furnishings are located everywhere in the United Arab Emirates, which makes it even more convenient, but if you prefer to shop from the comfort of your chair, the Zelanid Dresser can be found on https://www.panemirates.com/uae/en/pan-zelanid-dresser-table-p14328.

The price of this dresser is AED3,150 and the mirror needs to be purchased separately for AED1,495. It comes with free shipping option, delivery within 48 hours and 2 years of warranty.

Primary material is a medium-density fiberboard, and the secondary is glass, which ensures the original design. Instructions for maintenance are quite simple and easy to follow, dry soft cloth should do the job. 

When choosing the piece of furniture that has a stunning design like this one, we have to be careful how to blend it into our bedroom and make sure it fits properly with our style and colors, or otherwise, the effect can be negative, and all its beauty might be lost.

The #3 Dressing with Mirror in the UAE – Palma Mirror by Vanity Living

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Reference: https://www.vanityliving.com/collections/dresser-uae/products/palma-mirror-dress-tab

This fancy and girly dresser with mirror by Vanity Living would be a perfect solution to brighten and visually expand any living space. It is totally made of glass and mirrors, and it is sure to be the centerpiece of any bedroom. This dressing table is designed with spacious drawers that can store a lot of your make-ups and accessories. Elegantly made, the whole PALMA COLLECTION is crafted in a clean, simplistic design with a beautiful glass mirrored finish to provide a sense of space and light to any room. In order to complete this beautiful setting, you would have to purchase the wall mirror separately, and our recommendation is a mirror with lights. Vanity Living stores are located at Al Attar Business Center (AB Center), Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha 1, Dubai, or their offer can be checked at their webpage https://www.vanityliving.com/.

Made from medium-density fiberboards and mirrors, Palma mirror dresser costs AED2,499.00 with shipping options included into this price and 12-months warranty. 

The only disadvantage of this furniture piece might be related to the maintenance since we should be very careful with mirrors and glass material. It needs to be cleaned and wiped with slightly damp cloth and usage of any cleaning products might damage the glass. It should be handled with care as well, since any sharp object placed on the surface might scratch or damage the glass. 

Mirrored dressers are a glamorous choice when it comes to bedroom furniture. The mirrored surfaces will reflect any light in your bedroom so they can make a space feel airy and bright. Mirrored dressers come in a variety of styles and sizes, but they are most often associated with modern and contemporary interiors. These dressers can give off a kind of neo-traditional look, but they can also be styled any way you like.

However, a bundle of storage space and beautiful design may compensate for these disadvantages, along with a reasonable price, and this dresser might be a very good choice. 

Are dressers with mirrors worth buying?

Considering that the dressers are usually placed in bedrooms, and bedrooms are usually small and do not have so much furniture in total, it is very important to understand if a dresser with a mirror is a right choice for you.

The dresser should be a unique piece of furniture that gives a décor and personalization to the room, and it plays important role in defining space. 

For some of you, still thinking whether you should buy a mirrored dresser, here are some facts and features that might help you decide.

Dressers with mirrors are often chosen by homeowners for a combination of how they look and what they do.

They can also make setting up the room easier. Dresser alone might look unbalanced and awkward in the room, but dressers with mirrors attached are another story. 

Some of you might even choose to buy dresser and mirror separately, but you should consider longer shopping process, tough choice, and difficulties in coordinating two pieces of furniture together.

You should also consider option of buying dresser with mirror included in the whole bedroom furniture set, which will provide your room with a matching style and matching colors and patterns. The bedroom set can include a matching bed frame, a storage chest, or bedside tables.

Completely different option is an eclectic style in the bedroom, where furniture and décor are not perfectly match. A dresser with a mirror can, of course, be one component in an eclectic home as well, but will likely appeal to the opposite group of people. Those who are pleased by consistency and matching throughout their decorations get exactly that with a dresser that has a mirror.

Dresser with mirror can be an essential part of every woman but also a man´s bedroom, because a mirror makes for the perfect place to check your outfit or add any final touches with accessories as you get ready.

As your dresser holds clothes, it makes perfect sense to want a mirror where you are getting dressed. Many people use the tops of their dresser to store jewelry boxes, watches, or small dishes with their everyday ring or necklace. Having a mirror right there to see how your accessories pair with an outfit is much easier than running across the room or down the hall to see how it looks. 

Having your clothes, accessories, and a mirror in one place saves time and avoids the need to bring jewelry or other small accessories to another room where they can get misplaced in the rush of getting ready. Many people choose a dresser with a mirror for its functionality, along with how it looks in a room.

Are dresses with mirrors out-of-date?

The simple answer is – no, the mirrors over dresses are not outdated and out-of-style. The reason why this is a common opinion might be the idea and image that we have in head when someone mentions this item, the old dressers with mirrors in the houses of our relatives or our grandparents. 

If you have seen older dressers with mirrors, you may have gotten caught up in the outdated style of wood, old-fashioned looking knobs, or ornate shaping and decorative detail. This is characteristic of all older furniture and simply reflects a style that is out of date, not the whole concept behind the piece of furniture itself. 

Of course, we are well aware that nowadays with the concept of sustainability, restored and second-hand pieces of furniture can be a good choice for both your bedroom – and environment. It is creative, unique and it gives a special vibe knowing that you own a piece of furniture that is several hundred years old. 

Modern looking furniture is smooth and simple. If you look at common retailers and furniture manufacturers, you will find dressers with mirrors that reflect this current style as well. They incorporate the classic, useful concept of a dresser and mirror together and style it with up-to-date elements.

The choice is yours! The dresser in your bedroom should be placed there if you feel need for it, and its style should reflect your own preferences.

Before purchasing or going to shopping, it is recommended in order to save time and money to do a small internet research. It can be simple research on design ideas (www.pinterest.com) or you can search for actual furniture stores in your area and see their offers. In this way, you might select several pieces you will go to check and save yourself a lot of time and – money.

Some of the points that should be considered first when making a choice, are budget and dimensions. Budget limitations would certainly help to set a price range and make the search easy. The dimensions of both the space where dresser should be placed and dresser itself should be compared, in order to make sure that it will fit perfectly and not occupy too much space.

Most commonly used color and material of the dressers are wood and wooden colors, but nowadays, it can come in many colors and patterns, even customized. Nonetheless, you should make sure that the colors and patterns are suitable with the design and style of the rest of your furniture in the room. 

Making the decision to buy a dresser isn’t a choice that should be taken lightly. Even though you may be tempted to save some money by buying an inexpensive dresser, sometimes it is worth it to invest in a quality piece of furniture that will last a lifetime. 

And what is bureau?

Fun fact that can help you with the shopping of dressers with mirrors is that they are sometimes called also – bureau, or chest of drawers. Bureau comes from the French, and it appeared in France for the first time, as a simple flat table with drawers on the top, but by Louis XIV´s reign, kneehole type was in use, with a tier of drawers on each side and a single drawer in the center above a space for the knees.

Another term for a dressing table equipped with mirrors is vanity and is used to apply makeup and other fashion accessories.

For the end, please consider that not all dressers need to have mirror and you do not have to buy it with mirror if it does not fit your style. If you dislike everything matching exactly or want to do more hands-on styling in a room, you may choose to get a dresser without a mirror. Some people may prefer a dresser without a mirror so that they can have more space and choice decorating the surrounding area.