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This article covers the top picks for the best curtain, Blinds, and Shutter makers in Dubai. They have been short-listed on the basis of reviews of satisfied customers, reputation, and consistency.

The #1 curtain, Blinds, and shutter makers in Dubai.

Dubai Blinds

Dubai Blinds are offering their services in the region for over 10 years and now proudly stand among the best name in the window covers market. They have a background of 25 years of experience in the UK already. The advisors guide the clients to choose from a wide range of styles and fabrics available at their shop. Custom-made colors of fabric and material are provided on demand. 

Complimentary measuring, consulting, and fitting are considerate gestures from the company.

Dubai blinds offer in-home appointments and facilitate all the stuff they had at the shop. The extensive variety of curtains, blinds, and shutters they offer with quality, durability resistance to light and moisture. Professionally trained staff discusses all your requirements and ideas and give their valuable knowledge to come up with the best solution for the windows.

They deal in Curtains, shutters, and blinds. They also provide their services to commercial sectors i.e. workplaces like hospitals & Clinics, hotels& restaurants, schools, offices, and public buildings.

Have a look at the different shutters, blinds, and curtains they offer in their renowned projects:

blinds and curtains in Damac Hills, dubai
blinds and curtains in Emirates Hills, dubai

Website: https://www.dubaiblinds.com/

Contact details: sales@dubaiblinds.com

Phone: 800 3688759

Other window cover makers worth hiring in Dubai:

Easy Blinds Dubai:

Easy Blinds Dubai is one of the demanding stores in window curtains, blinds, and shutters. They believe in providing window dressing solutions with a decade of experience, quality, and time. They are good to bring out the aesthetic value, ideas, and requirements of their clients with the extremely professional staff they have. Once you contacted them they send their team for measurements of the area and they make sure the fittings and look is perfect afterward. 

Easy Blinds Dubai has a collection of curtains, shutters, and blinds in a wide range of fabrics, styles, materials, and customized solutions for the windows. The durability of the material is a basic concern of the company alongside the luxurious looks and fine appearance of the windows. They have an exclusive offer to install within 48 hours from your order with few exceptions.

There is a lot more work done in Dubai by Blinds Dubai in different sectors like residential, commercial, and public. Few are the glimpses below:


Website: https://dubai-blinds.ae/

Contact details: info@dubai-blinds.com

Phone: +971 508349761

Rimini Blinds:

Rimini Blinds is a trustworthy and reputable name in curtains, blinds, and shutters provider companies in Dubai. They serve completely with measurements and fittings to all made-to-measure curtains and Roman blinds. Every client has a different taste in window curtains, blinds, and shutters designs. They provide a deep solution that matches everyone’s mood and requirements. 

They also deal in the trade contract field, commercial sector, and interior designers. The main focus of the firm is quality and durability which fulfill the need for dessert. The harshness of weather, sand, and heat is a challenge for the curtains, blinds, and shutters in Dubai. 

Rimini blinds contain a variety of styles and products in window dressings ranging from Roller, Roman, vertical, panel, Duplex, Romex, Aluminium, faux wood, wooden, curtains, shutters, and sheers.

Some amazing products that are installed by the company


Guide To Selecting the Right Window Dressings:

When we decorate our homes and workplaces we instantly think and put our efforts into the selection of wall paints, furniture accessories, and decorations, and in the end, we sort out what kind of window dressings the place should be. All the d├ęcor of the house is incomplete without curtains. The amazing thing is that the choice is not limited. We can go for a variety of options for the window covers.

Window drapes are meant for weather harshness control, be it summer or winters as well as privacy. But these necessities can come with style and luxury in the form of window decorations. 

There are some important points one should know before the window treatment.

  • Shape and size: The shape and size of the window matter a lot. You have to consider the choice for a certain shape of the window. How do you want to decorate it and cover it? Usually, we cover the whole window with a single panel but in case it has a different style it may need a different style of curtain, blind, or shutter.
  • Purpose: windows are serving some purpose in your space. You must have to keep in mind that purpose first before treating it. You may want decoration with penetration of light, or it is meant for privacy or some aesthetic look which is needed at the place. You may want to bock extra light from outside. Sometimes you need to create an artistic look for your room.
  • Options: Now you have so many options for your window treatment. And some basic and in demand are Curtain, Blinds, and Shutters. Curtains are basic dress for the windows but come in uncountable styles, materials, fabric, and colors. Normally that is an easy option. Easy to manage and clean if have light material. Blinds sound more practical easy to clean and provide a sleek look to the space. Shutters are very practical and highly recommended for large windows.
  • Measurement: correct measurement is the key for the perfectly flawless finish look of the window decoration. You need to check properly that the fitting is proper.
  • Experiment. For creating a luxurious look for your area you may experiment with different options simultaneously. Sheer curtains and drapes, blinds, and curtains combo can bring out some life to your area.  

Price structure:

Normally curtains and panels cost 370 AED to 920 AED per panel.  But it is a basic idea and the actual cost can be estimated by having the exact measurement and type of material selected. 

Roller blinds are around 290AED to 490 AED,

 Roman blinds cost  450AED to 800 AED and motorized roller blinds are around 1200 to 2000 AED.

The average cost of shutters is around 8630 AED.

Now that you got enough knowledge for selecting the curtains, blinds and shutters hopefully you will make splendid choices.