Looking for a corner sofa in the UAE can be a struggle, so our interior designers sourced for you the best 3 corner sofas available.


Why buy a corner sofa?

Corner Sofas work well for space savings. Even though they tend to be bigger in size against 2 x 2 seater standard sofa, being in a corner definitely saves space. 

Works well in casual style living and or for dividing a space. The corner sofa can also fit into unusually shaped ares or wherever you may choose to place it as a focal point in a room. These corner sofas may be placed in left or right corner giving it a different appearance, therefore changing the entire appearance of your space. 

These well designed and ergonomically designed corner sofas are a vastly versatile and suitable for any area small or large. Suitable for Private or Industrial applications. By dressing these corner sofas, your space will be a delight to the eye.


L Shape Sofa 2

Longbeach corner sofa

Structure: The Longbeach corner sofa has a Kiln-dried solid wood frame with strong solid wooden feet. It has Corner-blocked joinery and Double dowelled frame so as to hold its shape and prevent collapsing of the sofa. The cushions are by supported by 3 layered webbing for added support and for comfort. The Longbeach corner sofa has high resilience foam enabling easier wear and tear and maintenance of shape over an extended time period. 

Design: Fibre filled pillow-back for extra support. The seat cushions are crafted with layers of innovated pearl foam which is resistant to water, oils and most chemicals.

Colour: The manufacturer recommends covering in either French Velvet or Italian Chamois in your choice of colour.

Why to buy: The sofa measures 273 cm x 280 cm along the back, the height is 67 cm, and the chais is 55cm high.  The depth is 95 cm.

The Ottoman measures 98 cm in diameter with a height of 46cm.

Price ranging from: AED4510 – AED6440

Care for product: French Velvet fabric needs to be cleaned immediately when a spill or mark occurs.  This is because is easier to clean Velvet before the mark has sunk to the base cloth.  

Combine dish soap with water and mix well until sudsy.  Soak the cloth in sudsy water and apply gently to the stain. Blot until it disappears. Leave fabric to dry.

Italian Chamois can be cleaned using a damp cloth and standard leather cleaner as instructed on the product.


Corner sofa 2

Santino corner sofa set

Structure: The Satino corner sofa set is made from ply wood materials with pocket spring seat base for a firmer structure. Plastic legs for durability and style.It is a sectional sofa providing a wider seating capacity.

Design: The Santino corner sofa is a modern design with a contemporary style. Cushion and armrests for your comfort. Cushions are made from a very durable foam. Fabric being fibre.

Colour: Grey fabric family

Dimensions: Chair without arm 64x85x90 cm/chair with arm 84x85x90cm/corner seat 100x100x90cm/extended chair 151x85x90 cm

Price: AED4476.75 to AED5969.00

Care of product: Clean regularly with soft lightly damp cloth, vacuum lightly. Try avoid sitting on the armrest or backrest as this will lead to structure and stability defects. In case of a spill use a professional stain remover,cleaner or service. Do not pull or drag the sofa as the legs may weaken and break.


Corner sofa 3

Illand corner sofa set

Structure: The Illand corner sofa set structure is made from very strong wood with soft quilted fabric upholstery and track arms.  

Design:The Illand corner sofa set has pull out foot rest, storage facilities and  The filling of the sofa is made from foam for comfort and durability. It is tailor made for space-conscious persons. Easily converts from a sofa to a bed serving as an extra feature. Well designed quilted stitching making the sofa very comfortable and appealing to the eye.

Colour: Available in Black and Brown.

Wight: 118

Cubic metre: 1.52

Why to buy: The Illand corner sofa set measurements are 265 cm L x 160 cm W x 10m H  

Price: AED3195 to AED5150

Care for product: Clean with a duster or vacuum lightly. 

What determines a comfortable sofa

Check the frame, construction is more important than the sofa design. Look for solid steady frames made from durable materials i.e. Solid wood and metal with strong strapping.

Consider the cushions stuffing be it foam or feather and evaluate their unique comfort level. Low density foam is not a good option as it fails to support and they sag whereas high density foam is stiff and unconformable but can withstand the test of time. Feathers, however, can be shifted causing cushions to loose shape and eventually become very uncomfortable.  The best choice is to seek a combination of both. 

When looking at the fabric covering it should feel soft and non prickly. 

Back support is of the utmost importance when choosing your sofa, look out for structure that supports you back whilst you are sitting up.

The importance of the design is such that it should be a mix of angle, pitch and depth to create a comfortable seating position. Give yourself some time to become fully acquainted with the sofa of your choice.

Ref:  5 Things You Need to Know About What Makes A Comfortable Couch (mobelli.co.za)

12 Useful tips and guides

  1. Calculate your space so not to overcrowd with corner sofa.
  2. Measure the lengths of walls taking into account any side tables, rugs or coffee tables.
  3. Make sure you know your sizes before shopping.
  4. Have a style in mind that will fit comfortably in your space.
  5. A chaise style would work well in a compact corner.
  6. Look for sofa with storage space which will always come in handy.
  7. An angled-corner sofa would work well in irregular shaped rooms.
  8. Recliner sofas work well for TV or Gaming addicts.
  9. Modular sofa works well when self designing.
  10. A new shape sofa works well to fill the largest of rooms
  11. The corner Chesterfield sofa would work well for people who love to lounge on their sofa
  12. Have fun choosing fabrics bearing in mind durability which will impact the look and feel of your room.

Judging a Sofas quality

Remember what lies inside the corner sofa determines the quality of your corner sofa.

The frame, filling and seating support defines a well, comfortable sofa with an ability to retain shape and stability.

The frame should be made of Kiln-dried hardwood as the drying process enables it to retain its shape and stability.

Joints should be glued dowelled and screwed in tightly with reinforcing blocks for strength.

Seating support works together with frame and filling. A strong frame is the foundation of a good sofa.

The webbing laying across the seating and back provide the necessary support for cushioning and the webbing should be used together with a tensioner that secures the webbing to the frame.

Springs are preferred over webbing.

The choice of the filling in the filling of the cushions will determine how long the cushion will retain its shape and so provide the support needed.

The feet should be strong made of iron, wood or hard plastic.

A general rule is the deeper the seat depth the lower the seat height needs to be and the shorter the seat depth the higher the seat height needs to be. A seat height on sofas can vary with a typical range between 15 to 20 inches from the floor to the top of the seating cushion. The depth should be sufficient so the user can sit with his or her back upright against the back cushion without having to tilt backwards.

A comfortable armrest is an advantage for resting your arms when relaxing.

Tips on Dressing up your corner sofa

  1. Placing your cushions from inside out is suggested but you may place them as you wish.
  2. Try make a story with your corner sofa eg arrange cushions of different colors within a scheme.
  3. Add a feature pattern such as a splash of bright colors or an attractive pattern.
  4. Use a matching overthrow to compliment the corner sofa by placing them over the back or armrests.
  5. Don’t over cushion, the recommended amount of cushions is usually 1 to 2 cushions per seat, with a maximum of 10 cushions.
  6. Durable and attractive rugs in front of the corner sofa will make it warm and inviting.
  7. Indoor plants are always welcomed especially in an apartment. 
  8. Mirrors are a must to enhance and make the room appear bigger.
  9. Place your TV in view of all seated at the corner sofa.
  10. Tall lampshades will make your corner look inviting and homely. Place the lamp behind the sofa in order to make the room look brighter.

5 Living room ideas with a corner sofa

  1.  By raising your corner sofa from the ground will allow light to flow underneath which will make the room appear lighter.
  2. A bookcase above the corner sofa will work very well for those who love to read.
  3. A reading light next to one side will be ideal.
  4. A coffee table would be great placed in centre.
  5. An Ottoman or 2 would also work.

A large restaurant where there is a seating area whilst you wait for your table.

Lounging bars to sit and relax with your favourite beverage or shisha.

Hotel lobbies to sit and read the newspaper and have a coffee.

Outdoor undercover entertainment areas.

Any waiting room such as Reception areas, Hospital or doctors rooms.

Our most common questions

Q: Is a corner sofa a good idea?

A: Yes for casual and space savers.

Q: How do you decide if you need a left or right corner sofa?

A: Facing the longest edge the right hand corner sofa will have the short side on the right whereas the left hand corner sofa will have the short side on your left.

Q: How many people can be seated on a corner sofa? 

A: Depending on the size you buy, you can fit up to 10 people or the equivalent space that 2 or 3 seaters would provide plus the corner.

Q; Does a corner sofa have to go in a corner?

A: In short no, it may be positioned to suit your needs.

Q: Do corner sofas come as 1 unit?

A: No they usually can be bought in sections or modules as per your personal design.

Q: What is the main attribute of a corner sofa?

A: Corner sofa makes social interactions easier.

Where to buy corner sofas

One can purchase both online or by visiting as per links above.

Furniture websites such as Pan Emirates, Danube, The Home.ae Amazon and D G Sharaf to name a few. You may browse the internet for best corner sofas available accordingly to your budget and taste. The alternative is to go into a furniture store and browse, test and examine their offerings before you decide and purchase your new corner sofa. 

In store purchases can be made through Pottery Barn, The One, Chattels and More, Ikea, Danube, Indigo living and Tribe to name a few.

UAE and Global product market speculation on corner sofa

In the luxury furniture market from 2021 is expected to grow and a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.5% globally.

Manufacturing expansion is expected to drive the market growth, and socioeconomic progress will positively influence the expansion.

Wooden furniture supplies superior comfort and millennial primarily demand natural looks to match modern today furniture design also fueling the market expansion. 

Covid19 has impacted construction activities resulting in a drop in revenue in luxury furniture.  Further delivery of furniture items was disrupted which has hammered luxury brands.

Sofas will account for 20% of furniture market sure 2027.

A luxury sofa is an essential in modern interiors and are designed for comfort, aesthetics and status.

Online furniture sales is expected to grow 5.5% annually by 2027.

In view of the above we can safely expect corner sofa sales to including all seating furniture will increase.

Ref: Luxury Furniture Market Size & Share | Global Industry Report 2027 (gminsights.com)