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In this article, we’ve shortlisted our picks for the best cabinet makers to hire in Dubai. We’ve selected them for their reputation, their consistency, and strong evidence of happy customers.

The #1 Cabinet Maker In Dubai

CBM Union

CBM Union specializes in making personalized cabinets. From kitchen cabinets to closets, and office spaces CBM has it all. They are a one-stop solution to all your cabinet needs. Their unique designs and high-quality material attract more customers and enjoy high attention with their incredible service. 

With builders, contractors, and personal users from over all the world like Europe, America, the Middle East, etc. CBM has made quite a name for itself and continues to provide quality service to every customer. Their professional and high-end designs are hard to compete with.


Website: https://www.cbm-union.com/

Contact Details: harry@cbm-union.com

Phone:                 +8618676167704                 

Other cabinet makers in Dubai include

Carpenter Dubai

Carpenter Dubai offers professional carpentry services that include dining tables, counters, cabinets, etc. Their skills make your apartment ooze with an aesthetic appeal and would be greatly attractive to anyone who visits and to you who uses that furniture. At Carpentry Dubai they use high-end materials to make their projects stand out and their attention to detail is what will make you stick with them.

While being experienced in their line of work they also provide the best services to their customers and make sure that they get any type of attention that they require. 

Using the finest wood and other high-quality materials, Carpenter Dubai makes sure that you have the best furniture possible and that includes cabinets as well.

custom made kitchen cabinate

Website: https://carpenterdubai.ae/

Contact Details: info@carpenterdubai.ae

  Phone:                0566009626

QAF Closets

QAF closets are one of the most famous brands in Dubai. They make sure that their products are appealing and aesthetic while being affordable and durable. In a short delivery time, QAF makes sure that you get the best possible product. They also offer free consultation and services that are helpful for customers who are new to cabinet making. Their customer service is what sets them apart along with their beautiful designs. 

They have a diverse range of materials and provide a beautifully designed cabinet according to their customers’ tastes while being economical and practical with the production and designing. 


Website: https://qaf.ae/

Contact Details: info@qaf.ae

Phone                  800 723 723

Why Hire a Cabinet Maker?

It is no secret that hiring a professional is better than doing things on your own in any matter. With that being said, if you want your home to look the best it has then hiring a professional cabinet maker for your house would be the best choice. 

  • First of all, a professional cabinet maker is very skilled and knows the best about designing as it is what they are specialized in. They can suggest the best designs that are practical and help you save a lot of time and effort. 
  • Secondly, having furniture designed by a professional would immediately boost your house’s value. If you ever plan on selling the house in the future, this information would help increase your house’s value.
  • Furthermore, a professional has a lot of connections and materials. They can help you get the materials that you cannot find at your local renovation stores. Since they have an access to these materials, they can help pick the best possible solution for your cabinets and give you a good final product.
  • Since they know what they are doing, their designs would be of the highest quality. They are going to make sure that they create a product that lasts for a long time and has as less as it can. Since it is a matter of their reputation, they will make sure to use the best materials and products for the project while providing you with the best service.

Guide to Hiring a Professional Cabinet Maker

Before hiring a professional cabinet maker, it is important that you go through these steps.

Asking for references:

Before your hire a cabinet maker it is important that ask for their past references and checks with the people they have worked with to make sure their experience with the said cabinet maker was successful or not. Ask them about the time taken for their project to complete and the type of project they hired the professional for.

Making sure you are comfortable with the cabinet maker:

Before you begin, make sure that the cabinet maker you are hiring caters to your needs well and makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Make sure that your tastes match and that they understand what you require. Be ready to accept new suggestions and have patience throughout this project as it requires a lot of time.

Get estimates in writing

It is important that you get all the estimates in writing before starting your project instead of discussing them verbally. In the future, if you need to cross-check you can use those pieces of writings to check if the cabinet maker is truthful or if you simply just need to be reminded of the costs, again.

Visit their showroom

A lot of cabinet makers have a showroom with samples of their designs. It is important that you visit them before deciding as it helps you see whether their style matches your tastes or not. It also shows how much they care about their projects with how well they have taken care of the products in their showroom and helps you decide whether you should hire them.

Ask about contracts and warranties

Make sure that you get warranties and discuss the terms of your contracts beforehand so that it does not cause hindrances in the process of cabinet making. Most designers are focused on their customer’s needs and would offer a lot of warranties. Make sure to discuss them beforehand.

These are some tips to help you make your house look beautiful and stand out in terms of cabinet making. Happy designing!