Going shopping for a Bunk bed in the UAE can be a trying experience, so our interior designers scoured the available bunk beds you could order, and have chosen the top 3 to make life that little bit more helpful for you.


Why would you buy a Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are amazing space savers and very safe for the kiddies. In these modern manufacture times there are so many different styles, shapes, colors and designs.

They are very versatile, fun and a smart choice. Many bunk beds can be made into 2 single standing beds. They are made very solid mostly from wood or MDF (Medium density fibreboard).

They are durable and kiddie resistant. Lasting many years if kept clean and in good order. They are fun for the kiddies as they enjoy the bonding time with their sibling. Bunk beds can fit into small spaces. Bunk beds are made with safety and security for children using strong materials.


Bunk Bed 1

Simlif kids bunk

Structure: The Simlif Kids Bunk beds are made from MDF (Medium density fibreboard). MDF is a composite material of high quality. MDF is a combination of resin and recycled wood fibers. It is pressed in order to make dense sheets that are very durable under all weather conditions. There are panels in place to assemble bunk bed.

Design: It is designed to be both a playhouse in which the kiddies can enjoy playing house and have  lots of fun,and a 2 beds for sleepy time. It comes with a ladder so that the kiddies have easy and safe access so that they can climb to top bunk bed. It has been designed to look like a miniature house with window cut-outs  and a roof within the MDF structured panels. The loser bed ideal for younger child and the top bed ideal for an older child.

Design dimension: Kids Bunk Bed/Mattress size is 100×200

Kids bunk bed structure size is 215 cm L X 205 cm W x220 cm H

Colour: White

Weight: 119kg

CBM: Cubic metre is 0.94

Price Range:2,695AED to 4,295WED

Care for Product: Wipe clean with a soft cloth.


Bunk bed 2

Kera KIds Bunk Bed

Structure: The Kera Kids Bunk Bed is made from solid wood.

Design: Hifg floor clearance

Design dimension: Kera Kids Bunk Bed /mattress size is 90 cm x 200 cm

Kera Kids Bunk Bed structure size is 213 cm L x 89 cm W x 157 cm H

Colour: The Kera Kids bunk bed comes in White.

Weight; 58 kg

CBM: Cubic meter 0.25

Price: Ranging from between 995AED to 1,555AED

Care for product: Clean with a slightly damp clean cloth and dry.


Bunk Bed 3

Lily 2-Story Bunk Bed

Structure: Engineered wood, painted pine as well as MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)

Design: The Lily 2-Story Bunk Beds compacted having a stairway to the top bunk making it extremely safe for kiddie to climb up and down stairs. Plenty of storage under the bed and stairway.

Colour: The Lily 2-Story bunk bed comes in White.  

Dimensions of structure:  The Lily 2-Story bunk bed is 254.7 cm L x 135.7 cm W x 160.4 cm H

The mattress for the top bunk is 90 cm X 90 cm, the bottom bunk standard size of 120 cm x 90 cm

Please note mattress not included in this price

Weight: The weight of the Lily 2-Story bunk bed is 152 kg

Price: 3,521 AED

Benefits of a bunk bed

Saves space especially if there are 2 children sharing a room. Leaving space for other furniture such as a dresser, desk, toy box and toys. More space to play and have fun.

Encourages bonding between siblings. The early ages of children especially siblings is very important bonding time. It helps them sleep better knowing the other sibling is close by. Encourage sharing and tolerance.

Offers endless potential and fun for the children. Stimulates imagination. The children can have matching or independent bedding. The children can make tents or clubhouse or forts placing sheets or blankets over the entire structure. For girls it would be a quiet private place to play, read and have imaginary tea parties.

Allows for independent Spaces. A shared room is not private but one can install a curtain on each bunk to give them their own space.

Comes in many styles ( see above)Many styles some include a desk for study. Some even have storage space underneath the bed.

Each child can personalize their own space eg a light attached to the bed frame if the child likes to read.  Shelving can also be erected in their space for their personal things and interests.

Safety features to look out for in a bunk bed

  1. Guardrails are a definite on both sides of the top bunk
  2. The gap between first and second guardrail should be no more than 3.5 inches (9 cm)
  3. The guardrail should end at least 5 inches (12.5 cm) above the mattress to prevent rolling off.
  4. The mattress should fit in securely and the slats beneath should no less than 3 inches (7.5 cm).
  5. The ladder or steps leading to the top bunk must be firmly fixed to the bed structure. It is advised that the gaps between the steps and ladder be 8 inches (20 cm). 
  6. Preferably made from solid word or MDF (medium density fibreboard).

14 Useful Tips and Guides

  1. Choose the right spot preferably against 2 perpendicular walls for good support.
  2. Make sure the bunk beds are built sturdy as per the manufactures instruction if they came as a DIY (do it yourself).
  3. Always install the guardrail on both sides even if one side is against the wall so that any gap between the wall and the bunk bed is secured.
  4. Watch out for low ceilings you do not want your child to sit up and bang their head.
  5. Do not place the bunk beds under hanging lights or ceiling fans.
  6. Place a fun sign no jumping on the bed mattresses especially on the top bunk bed.
  7. No climbing on the frame of the bunk bed.
  8. Only 1 child can sleep on the top bunk at a time.
  9. Children who are restless sleepers should not be sleeping on the top bunk.
  10. No scarfs, jump ropes or belts to be placed over or near the structure of the bunk beds.
  11. Always place rugs under the bunk beds to reduce any injuries in the unlikely event of a fall if not carpeted.
  12. Do not hang clothing over the structure or tie anything onto the frame as the child can get tangled up.
  13. Give the bottom bunk mate a better view by covering the top bunk under mattress with some fabric panels or a flat sheet, before placing the mattress.
  14. A headboard can be installed for pillow support for when you want to sit up in bed.

Places where bunk beds may be used

Besides being used in residential homes bunk beds can also be used in boarding schools, school dorms, summer camp resorts, day care and creche facilities. They can also be used in holiday resorts, vacation homes, beach houses or cabins, Hangout spots as well as accommodation for workers in the UAE. 

Utilizing Bunk beds after their initial use

Bunk beds can be turned into a daybed once the children have outgrown their use.

They can also be made into a loft bed, by removing the mattress and ladder, remove the bunking pins and bolts, add a diagonal brace, and replace the mattress on the top bunk.

Bunk beds can be turned into shelving or converted and used for storage. Ornaments or seasonal clothing and sporting gear can also be stored safely.

Bunk beds can even be turned into cats or dogs bed or a playhouse keeping mattresses in place. By removing the lower bed one can turn the resulting space into a home office. Brace the walls and create a custom made desk. 

By thinking out of the box and taking the bunk bed apart, the use and life of your bunk bed can be radically extended.

Where to buy Bunk Beds:

Bunk beds be can purchase both online or by visiting as per links above.

Furniture websites such as Pan Emirates, Danube, The Home.ae Amazon and to name a few. 

You may browse the internet for best corner sofas available accordingly to your budget and taste. 

The alternative is to go into a furniture store and browse, test and examine their offerings before you decide and purchase your new corner sofa. 

In store purchases can be made through Pottery Barn, The One, Home centre, Ikea, Danube, Indigo living and Tribe to name a few.

Accessorizing Bunk Beds

Bed side caddies hang over the safety rails secured with velcro for storage space for small essentials including your cellphone. Glasses,remotes etc

Lap top trays as a bedside attachable shelf, designed with clamps to fix onto bed frame.

Shelving on walls for books.

A trundle bed can be stored under the bottom bed for friend sleepovers.

A bunk bed slide can be attached as a fun addition or for sliding out of bed.

Give the bottom bunk mate a better view by covering the top bunk under mattress with some fabric panels or a flat sheet, before placing the mattress.

A fireman’s pole can be attached for fun and exercise and fun way to get out of bed instead of using ladder or steps.

Some pictures of accessorize for bunk beds for your perusal.

Our Most Common Questions

Q: How old must the child be sleep on top bed of bunk?

A: It is advised that any child under 6 years of age should not sleep on the top bunk.

Q: What are the chances of a bunk bed collapsing?

A: Bunk beds are very safe. They are built so that the upper frames and mattress are slightly larger than the bottom bunk bed. If by any chance the upper bunk bed fails it will slide and get stuck.

Q: Can a teenager have a bunk bed?

A: Up to age 13 or 14 children seem to be fine with them.

Q: What is the weight limit for the top bed bunk?

A: A wooden bunk can hold up as a general 80 kg and a metal bunk bed can hold as a general 90 kg.

Q: Can bunk beds hold adults?

A: In short yes up to 80kg on a wooden bunk bed and 90kg on a metal bunk bed.

Q: What should I do if the bunk bed shakes?

A: Reinforce more bolts and consider adding wider legs or feet.

Q: Should I reinforce slats that hold the mattress?

A: Yes that is a wise idea as slats offers more strength and support, consider using MDF (medium density fibreboard) as it is very smooth and does not flake off like particle board. These should be secured to the bed with screws for maximum support.

Q: What types of bedding should I buy for bunk beds?

A: A fitted sheet and a duvet or comforter will make life simpler and help to make bed in a jiffy.

UAE and Global product market speculation on bunk beds

According to the latest study of 2022, the trend for bunk beds will significantly change over sales figures in 2021. Over the next 5 years bunk bed market will have a spike in compound annual growth rate. In terms of revenue. In 2022 the bunk bed market is growing steadily and with the strategic input by key players the market is expected to rise significantly. Due to increasing use of bunk beds  in Residential, Boarding schools and summer camps the market is being driven to new heights across the globe.

As per Mordor intelligence, with an expanding global population City and Urban property prices have dropped which has led to a reduction in house sizes. As a consequence rooms are getting smaller and so consumers are looking for multipurpose furniture like buck beds with storage etc

The Middle East and African regions are expected to grow the fastest up to 2030 and this is because of an expanding construction sector in line with smart city projects and this is expected to open new opportunities. 

References: https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/bunk-beds-market-size-in-2022-top-countries-data-what-are-the-strategies-adopted-by-the-top-market-players-to-penetrate-across-emerging-regions-new-report-with-160-pages-2022-02-15