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This article shortlists the top picks for the best architects in Dubai. They have been selected on strong evidence of happy reviews from customers, reputation and consistency.

The #1 Architect In Dubai:

Dewan Architects + Engineers

Dewan Architects originally started from Abu Dhabi and gradually expanded to Dubai, South Africa, and Southeast Asia. Its CEO Ammar Al Assam led the company to gradual growth where it profited a lot by doing big projects. Dewan Architects has worked on various projects ranging from commercial to mixed to residential projects and is one of the top architectural companies in the UAE. With its high-tech architectural designs that are reliable and durable, it has quickly become one of the most compatible firms in Dubai.

Significant projects include: 

  1. Birmingham University in Dubai
  1. Mamsha Al Saadiyat
  1. Battuta Mall

Website: https://www.dewan-architects.com/

Contact Details: dubai@dewan-architects.com

                             +971 (4) 240 2010

Other Architects Worth Hiring In Dubai:


X-Architects work to achieve a sense of Arab-Islamic culture through their works. They create contemporary designs by adding culture to their work and making sustainable and lasting solutions. X-Architects have international recognition and have acquired growth over the years with the help of their original ideas of merging heritage and architecture and creating a diverse set of designs.

Significant projects include:

  1. Louisiana Museum Exhibition
  1. Kalba Bird of Prey Centre
  1. De Squisito House Boat

Website: https://x-architects.com/

Contact Details: info@x-architects.com



RMJM has worth 6 and a half decades of experience and has had the honor of being recognized by the Dubai government. Their work includes commercial and residential and they have a praise-worthy portfolio which leads to them being several award winners. They usually do major projects on a big scale however they can accommodate smaller projects as well.

Significant projects include:

  1. Marina Heights Tower
  1. 5 Star Hilton Hotel
  1. The Jewels Dubai

Website: https://rmjm.com/

Contact Details: info@rmjmd3.com

                              +9714 563 8888

Wanders Wagner Architects

Wanders Wagner is a comparatively new firm who are very promising. They offer designs that have hints of European aesthetics and specialize in modern architecture. Their work is truly excellent especially if you are looking for a Renaissance type of design for your property. Their minimalistic yet clear-cut and modern design is very pleasing and favorable.

Significant projects include: 

  1. Dubai Science Park
Dubai Science Park Headquarters | ProTenders
  1. Dubai Abu Dhabi Showroom

Website: https://www.wanderswagner.com/

Contact Details: info@wanderswagner.com

                             +971 4 4214720

Guide To Hiring An Architect In Dubai: 

It is very important to make informed choices while choosing the architect you want to go with. They should be skilled and should not trick you into paying money that is not worth their task. Hence, it is important to educate yourself before making a proper deal with them.

It is important that the architect you have hired sees eye to eye with you on certain things and that you have a good understanding of what is going to happen. It is necessary that both of you brief each other with your wants and needs beforehand so there are no hurdles between the building process.

Here are some steps you can follow before hiring your first architect: 

  • First, define the criteria of the project. This would include things like design, appearance, size, and other requirements of your project. Other than that this also includes discussing the beginning and end dates of the project along with the total budget which includes fees, construction costs, contingencies, permits, etc. Services you expect them to give are also necessary and it would be beneficial that you discuss them.
  • Learning to work with professionals would also prove to be highly advantageous. These are professionals who are familiar with the codes and conventions of architectural design and you should be willing to listen to them.
  • Ask them questions and interview them. Asking them about their experience and previous projects helps you understand where they stand and whether they would be a good choice for your project. Questions about costs and budgeting will also help you along with asking about their services. This will help you set your budget accordingly, beforehand. Discuss your schedules beforehand as well so that there are no clashes
  • It would be preferable to check with the references they provide you so it helps you in knowing if they provide a satisfactory job and if they are compatible or not.
  • As a client, you should have some basic knowledge about the project yourself, especially the project requirements such as the size, design, and uses. Property-related information like legal descriptions, boundaries, soil testing, and reports would also come in handy.
  • As someone who is hiring architects, it is your responsibility as a customer to relay project-related information and/or any changes to the architect on time to save them from wasting time and not have any disturbances once the project has started.
  • Keeping records of the expenses and any communication with the architect is also recommended in case any dispute arises.  A piece of solid evidence would help defend your point easily and would clarify any sort of misunderstanding. 
  • Once again, cooperation with your architects is also very important. They are licensed professionals and have experience in their work. It would be best to give them their space when needed and not intervene. 

Price Structure And Charges Of An Architect:

One of the most important factors a rational consumer takes note of is the price that an average architect charges. Before hiring a professional it would be advisable to have an idea of their charges to plan out your budget accordingly. Of course, pricing depends on multiple factors like the firm you are hiring from, the size of the project, the materials used in the project, etc. 

Hourly Charges:

One of the most common ways an architect will charge you is through hourly charges. Here an architect will charge you for the number of hours worked on the project. These prices usually start from $100 to $200. This depends on the size and location of the project.

Fixed Fee Method:

Another method of charging is the Fixed Fee method through which you set a certain amount in the beginning through a contract. This usually keeps the clients happy. If you only require the architect for drawing plans then the common amount they can charge you is $2000 to $20,000. But if you need them for full services then prices can range from $15,000 to $80,000+.

Percentage Of Construction Cost:

Next is the Percentage of Construction Cost method. Here the firm will charge you a calculated percentage of the construction cost. Here the contractors will provide the bid after they are done with their designs and the customer selects one from the several bids the firm offers. For concept designs, it’s usually 5% to 8%. For a custom house it is usually 8% to 15% and for a remodel it is usually 10% to 20%.

Per Square Foot:

Some architects also charge per square foot. They charge $2 to $15 depending on the amount of work put in and the services they offer. On average they charge $4000 to $30,000.

Why Hire An Architect? 

Architecture is a big part of any country’s infrastructure and contributes to representing its cultures and way of working. Dubai is one of the countries which has one of the best infrastructures the world had ever experienced. It has a unique range of architectural achievements making it rich in culture and heritage with a lot of growth. Dubai’s buildings are some of the most marvelous pieces of architecture one has ever seen.

This leads us to believe that Dubai, then, also has skillful architects that are always out to achieve the best. Dubai’s expert architectures have some of the best designs and are famous for a reason.

This article shortlists the top picks for the best architects in Dubai. They have been selected on strong evidence of happy reviews from customers, reputation and consistency

Now that you have an idea of what to do before and after hiring an architectural firm we hope you will make fine choices for your project. Happy designing!