Ah, Permanent Residence in the UAE—a phrase as enticing as the glitzy skyline of Dubai.

It’s like the VIP lounge of expat life, where you swap temporary digs for a long-term pad.

Ready to trade your nomadic expat title for a more permanent label? Stick around, we’ve got the lowdown.

Standard Resident Visa in the UAE 

How to Achieve Permanent Residence in the UAE 1

There are two ways of getting a residency in the UAE. The standard resident visa is awarded based on specific criteria. We will be talking about some of those visas below.

These visas are awarded for a period of two years and can be renewed many times.

If you get one of these visas, you will have to visit the UAE at least once in six months. Otherwise, your Visa might be revoked. 

Real Estate Visa 

How to Achieve Permanent Residence in the UAE 2

This is one of the most preferred visa types for investors overseas.

Suppose you buy property in the UAE, which amounts to a minimum of a million dirhams, then you stand eligible to apply for the standard real estate visa.

However, you should have a monthly equivalent of AED 10,000 as a monthly income and insurance.

The property you bought should be an apartment or villa, which should be enough for yourself or your immediate family. The Land Department of the UAE should issue the title deed.

Moreover, if the house is mortgaged, 50% of the mortgage should have been paid.

Employment Visa 

Suppose an Emirati Company hires you. Then you can apply for a work visa by showing proof. The proof would be your offer letter from the company.

Your initial work permit would take about two weeks, after which it will be extended to a two or three-year work visa.

Your employer will withstand the worst of the authorities in completing all legal formalities for your work visa.

Starting Your Own Company Visa 

This is another popular way to get a residency visa with foreign shareholders and investors in the UAE.

You can set up a formal company with a structure of your liking. However, it should comply with the economic and business regulations of the relevant authorities.

This process is also the fastest, and the costs are low as well as compared to other methods. 

Studying In The UAE

You can also get a study visa, which is given to you for the duration of your study period. 

Family Member Pathway

If you have a family member willing to sponsor you here in the UAE, then you can get a residency visa this way as well. 

Permanent Residence In The UAE: Golden Visas

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In 2019, the UAE introduced Golden Visas, which were long-term visas which would not need you to depend on a local sponsor or Emirati to fund your company.

These visas were very successful and had different categories to them. They were offered for five or ten years. 

Rules For A Decade Of Permanent Residency


If you fancy yourself as an investor, you must have invested roughly 10 million dirhams and hold that investment for three years to apply for a permanent investor visa. 

People With Talents

Let us elaborate; people with talents may include people who are inventors that have patents which might be helpful to the UAE for economic or business purposes.

If you have value because of your inventions and are approved by the ministry of the economy, then you will be eligible for this award.

However, you don’t need be an inventor, you can be a creative person in any field, and you must bring value to the UAE’s economy to be given a permanent Visa.

These people should also have a contract within a relevant sector, which has priority in the national agenda. 

Rules For Half A Decade Of Permanent Residency 

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The five-year option is the other type of permanent residency option, which is famous among expats. Below are some people who can enjoy this way of obtaining a residency.

Property Owners

If you invest or buy a property worth at least 5 million AED, you will be awarded a five-year residency visa. This will be revoked if you cannot hold the property for three years or if you have taken a loan to purchase the property. 

Exceptional Students 

Bright minds are always welcome anywhere in the world, and the UAE is no exception.

If you are a secondary, private or state school student, and you have an average of 95 scores, you will be eligible to run for the five-year visa residency.

However, if you are in a university, you should graduate with at least a GPA of 3.75 to be considered for a 5-year graduation visa by the UAE. 

Business Idea

If you have a business idea, which an Emirati Incubator supports, or if you have capital worth half a million dirhams, you can also apply for a five-year visa. 

Benefits Of Having A Residency Visa In The UAE

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There are multiple benefits of having a permanent residency visa.

  • Your rights are more extended and protected by the law
  • Certain tax exemptions
  • You can open an account in a local Emirati bank.
  • You can access other financial facilities and apply for a driving license.
  • You can apply for government health insurance schemes as well
  • You can apply for jobs and invest as well for a better tomorrow.
  • You can get your children enrolled in state schools as well, which are cheaper and offer a standard of education.

Cost Of Getting A Residency Visa In The UAE 

If you are applying for a residency visa out of Dubai, it will cost you AED 2,400 for a 3-year visa.

However, applying for a visa from Dubai will cost you AED 3,700 without insurance.

If you add insurance to it, the same Visa would cost you AED 5,472.

The per year fee for a family visa when you are in Dubai will cost you AED 1,000


So there it is, the key to unlocking the coveted UAE permanent residence. It’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon with a golden ticket at the finish line.

Whether you’re here for the dunes or the business opportunities, knowing how to set down roots is your ultimate game-changer.

Be Settled!

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