Life in the UAE is a mosaic of experiences, and insurance is the safety net that catches you when you stumble.

From safeguarding your health to protecting your precious assets, insurance is a silent ally that steps up when you need it the most.

In this article, we’ll explore the UAE’s insurance landscape, guiding you towards the coverage that suits your lifestyle best.

Let’s dive in!

Personal Liability And Life Insurance

Personal Liability insurance is mainly a feature that comes along with buying other major insurances like home insurance and life insurance policies. 

Personal Liability insurance will cover you in your day-to-day mishaps.

There could be a number of incidents as you go on about in your daily life. Hence it is vital to protect yourself.

Liability insurance protects individuals against claims of physical altercation, bodily harm, or property damage and vandalism.

This liability insurance is best for people who interact with a large number of people every day, and most often, due to these interactions, differences of opinions, and human psyche, you might want to have such insurance on standby! 

On the other hand, life insurances are standalone products mostly and need to be purchased separately from insurance companies.

Life insurance can be transferred as well if you are an expat who already had insurance in your home country.

This type of insurance policy is often included in your job benefits package, but it depends on your employer.

Life insurance will cover the costs of living for your partner and your children, who are dependent on you in the event of your death.

This policy is very important for expats coming to the UAE to work in labor.

There are many features that you can change in this policy.

For example, do you want your family to receive money packages from time to time or a set payment? You can also tailor it to provide for you after you retire

Some of the best insurance companies, which cover personal liability and life insurance, are AXA insurance company and Emirates Insurance Company

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Health And Dental Insurance

Health insurance is one of the essential things to buy as an expat.

Whenever you visit a country for an extended period, you can get sick for many reasons, not adjusting to their food, climate, or otherwise. 

Expats usually don’t have anyone to take care of them, so things could worsen for them.

Healthcare in the UAE is not cheap without insurance, and as an expat, running to your nearest general physician can cause you to spend a lot of money

For this reason, we would advise you to get a comprehensive healthcare insurance plan which will cover your primary GP runs and hospital bills.

However, most common healthcare insurance does not cover surgeries, dental procedures, or eye care.

If you want all of these included in your plan, then make sure to buy comprehensive health insurance from Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company or AXA Insurance.

Moreover, as an expat, you could argue with your employer to include primary health insurance as part of the health plan, which is the norm in the UAE.

The most common health care insurances are about AED 10,000 per year. 

Most insurance companies do not cover dental insurance in your simple health insurance.

Therefore, you might have to purchase comprehensive plans to cover things like a root canal, gum treatment, and emergency services

Car Insurance And Bicycle Insurance

Car Insurance in the UAE covers damage to your vehicle and theft of your vehicle in case of accidents.

However, some insurance companies offer premium car insurances, which also covers accidents where you are at fault.

Car insurance is very important if you want to drive in the UAE, the law states that you cannot drive until your car is insured

Your insurance will depend on many things, such as your past driving history, the model and make of the car, and the type of coverage you plan on getting.

The auto insurance package provided by AXA Insurance is some of the best car insurance on the market right now. Some of the things they cover in that insurance package are as follows:

  • Theft Cover 
  • Road Side Assistance
  • Damage to the car 
  • Bodily damage to others 
  • Personal belongings in the car 
  • Natural Disasters like storms or floods 
  • 24 Hour accident and breakdown recovery 

There are levels to the auto insurance offered by AXA. Three of their packages are called Motor Prestige, Motor Perfect, and Motor Third party.

The average price of car insurance in the UAE ranges from AED 2,000 to AED 3,000

You can get your bicycle insured against theft or damage in the UAE. 

Make sure to check out our articles all about car and dog insurance in the UAE!

Dog Insurance 

Dog insurance in the UAE is very prevalent and should be taken out if you have a furry friend.

Some of the things a dog insurance policy covers are:

  • Covers for your vet treatment bills for up to AED 30,000
  • Death Benefits
  • Vaccines and other preventive care 
  • The harm caused by your dog to someone 
  • If your dog is stolen, the cost of advertisement and rewards is covered 
  • Coverage for therapy in case your dog dies

Some of the best dog insurance providers in the UAE are Salama & Tokio Marine Nichido.

There are many things that are not covered by these dog insurances which as a dog owner you should know so that you can either upgrade your insurance or can make other informed decisions.

Some of the things which are not covered in these insurances are:

  • Routine checkups
  • Cost of orthodontics or prosthetics if your dog needs one 
  • If your dog dies due to pregnancy or complications from it, death benefits won’t be given 
  • If your dog is under eight weeks old or more than ten years old, it won’t be covered under the insurance
  • Complications from pre-existing illnesses 
  • Parents that are not microchipped

To file a claim with your insurance company for your dog, you have to fill up the insurance form and provide the vet’s prescription and relevant medicine invoices.

These are the general guidelines, and they might vary from insurance company to insurance company. 

Travel Insurance 

Travel insurance is vital for those of us who like to travel frequently. Some of the things, which your travel insurance company might cover, are:

  • Damage from missed flights
  • Lost Baggage 
  • Medical Expenses during the flight 
  • Cost of accommodation in case of emergency overseas 
  • Third-Party Insurance 

However, many things covered in this insurance are subject to the package you choose.

Most entry-level travel insurance will cover minor emergencies on the flight and not provide comprehensive health care plans abroad.

The type of coverage you choose, the nature of your flights, carriers, and other activities will contribute to your travel insurance costs.

However, generally, travel insurances range from 4% to 10% of the cost of your trip. 

Home Content Insurance 

Home content insurance is insurance that is taken out for the contents of your home, which may include your personal belongings, valuable items, and other things. 

This type of insurance generally covers your electronics, furniture, and appliances. However, if the home is not occupied for some time, then this insurance will not apply.

Moreover, accidents caused by a series of problems or reasons will not be covered. This insurance will not cover a wall collapse due to leakage and seepage of water over time.

Items depreciated over time will not be covered as well. 

All you need to get a quote from an insurance company are your contact details, details regarding your living space (whether you are a sole resident or not), what you want to insure, and the type of contents that occupy your living space. 

Some of the best home content insurance offered in UAE are by AXA insurance and Abu Dhabi International Insurance Company.

The insurance package offered by Abu Dhabi Insurance Company covers four levels and ensures items starting from AED 50,000 to AED 400,000, depending on the package you choose. 


Living as an expat in the UAE brings a thrilling mix of opportunities and challenges.

Insurance is your shield against unexpected setbacks, ensuring your journey remains smooth, even on bumpy roads.

Platforms like Yalla Compare and Insurance Market allow you to evaluate insurance options tailored to your needs. We hope this article has shed light on the importance of insurance, helping you make informed decisions.

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