Steering through UAE’s roads without a registered vehicle? That’s a shortcut to hefty fines!

Buckle up as we navigate the twists and turns of car registration in the UAE.

Whether you’re sporting a shiny new ride or a trusty old companion, we’ve got your roadmap to legal, worry-free driving.

Remember, the fast lane in the UAE has no cap on the number of cars you can register.

So, let’s put the pedal to the metal!

In this article, we will talk about the simple steps to registration processes for new cars, used cars, and how to renew your car registration.

New Car Registration In UAE 

If you happen to buy a car straight out of the showroom, then the dealer should do the honors and register your car for you.

However, if you have to do it yourself, then there are some essential pieces of paperwork that you should have. They include:

  • Residence Visa
  • Rental Contract 
  • Proof of employment
  • Traffic File 
  • Emirates ID – Must be original 
  • Passport Copy 
  • UAE Customs certificate
  • A document highlighting the sales agreement between the buyer and the dealer/showroom
  • Vehicle Insurance is mandatory 
  • If the car is financed, there should be a supporting document from the bank

Once you acquire all of these documents, the next few steps are pretty straightforward.

You have to gather these documents, go to RTA centers located all over the UAE, and pay the relevant fees.

After the payment of the fees and submission of the documents, your car will be registered. You will get the vehicle registration card, stickers and number plates to put on your new vehicle. 

This registration is valid for only a year, after which it must be, renewed again, steps for which we shall talk about below.

The cost of registering your new car is AED 660. Out of which AED 420 are the registration fee, and AED 220 is the cost of opening a traffic file against your new car. 

How To Register Your Car In UAE 1

Used Car Registration In UAE

Not all of us can afford a new car in the UAE, given the inflation and soaring market values. So a lot of us instead go for a used car which is an equal source of happiness and should be celebrated! 

There is one additional procedure for registering used cars in the UAE. There is a transfer of ownership procedure which precedes all other processes.

If you buy from a reputed dealer, it should assist you with your registration process.

Nevertheless, we have got you covered! 

The documents which are needed for the registration process of a used car may include the following:

  • Traffic File 
  • Vehicle Inspection Certificate 
  • Vehicle Insurance 
  • Emirates ID of both the parties involved 
  • Residence Visa of the buyer 
  • Passport of the buyer 
  • Driver’s license of the seller 

The vehicle will undergo strict inspection in a Tasjeel or Shamil centre, after which all the documents will be submitted to the RTA, and the registration processes will begin. Upon successful registration, the new owner will get the stickers, number plates and license card for their car. 

The registration cost remains more or less the same, with an AED 420 fee and a traffic file cost of AED 220.

Additional costs include a Vehicle Inspection cost of AED 170 and a vehicle transfer cost of AED 350. There are other minor charges of AED 100 for plate charges, etc.

This brings the total registration of a used car to AED 1260

Car Registration Renewal In UAE

Car registration renewal is not that difficult in the UAE. The registration validity in the UAE is typically for a year, after which you are given 30 days to renew it before the RTA levies fines on you.

The documents needed for renewal are:

  • Emirates ID 
  • Driving License 
  • Vehicle Insurance 
  • Old Registration card 
  • Vehicle Technical Inspection certificate

To renew the registration, you need to make sure that there are no fines against you, which must be paid first to the RTA.

After that, you need to take your car for a technical inspection. If there are no fines to be paid and the vehicle has passed the inspection, you can submit the supporting documents to the RTA office, call centers or their online centers. 

The renewal charges include a renewal fee of AED 370 and an inspection fee of AED 180. Additionally, you have to pay a courier fee of AED 25.

Should you be late for renewal, a fine of AED 25 will be levied on you monthly

Transfer Of Ownership Of Your Car In UAE 

Vehicle transfer also has a similar method, where you must inspect your car from dedicated Tasjeel or Shamil centers. Make sure you gather some of the following documents:

  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Technical inspection certificate 
  • Emirates ID for both the parties 
  • Residence Visa and Passport are required for the buyer 
  • Old Vehicle Registration from the seller 

The fee for the transfer of ownership is AED 350 and must be done through RTA or associated channels. 

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Keeping up with UAE’s strict laws may seem like a marathon, but we hope this guide helps you cross the finish line with ease.

Remember, the Road and Transport Authority won’t entertain any backseat drivers; timely submission of documents is key.

Ensure your car is properly insured and has passed the technical exam, and you’ll be cruising through the UAE without a worry in sight.

Happy driving, everyone!