Registering a car after you have bought it should be one of the best things on your mind for safety reasons. There is some red tape, which we will discuss when you try to pay your taxes, get the car registered to your name, and enjoy in the UAE. 

In this list, we will walk you through how you can register your car in the UAE. We all know how excellent and well-kept the highways are in the UAE. Moreover, some highways have no speed regulations, so you can check the limits of your car. However, to do all this, you must first register your car before failing to do so will cause some hefty fines here in the UAE. UAE transport authority is not at all joking about these taxes and registrations, something you will understand when you look at the regular fines.

Steps To Register Your Car In UAE

Gather Your Documents 

Registering your car in the UAE is not difficult at all. All you need to do is submit your documents to the road and traffic authority in the UAE, and your car will be registered. Let us discuss some documents you might need to submit if you have a new car. 

  • Passport Copy
  • A traffic file 
  • Emirates ID 
  • UAE Customs Card 
  • Receipt or sales agreement between the dealer and yourself 
  • Insurance 
  • If the car is financed, provide a letter saying so. 

A valid visa and evidence of employment are some of the most important things to consider when you are registering a new car in the UAE. In this guide, we have taken Dubai for guidance purposes; hence, the rules or fees might differ slightly depending on the city you are registering your car in. 

If you are registering your used car with the road and traffic authority, you might need some additional documents. These might include a Copy of the residence Visa for both the buyer and seller and a copy of the buyer’s passport. Moreover, a technical inspection certificate and the seller’s license copy should be attached. 

Submit Them To The Road And Traffic Authority

There are many RTA (Road and Traffic Authority) offices all over UAE, so you can take your documents to your nearest branch and pay your dues so you can get your insured on time. 

How to register a car in the UAE in 2022 1

How Much Does It Cost

The cost of registering a new car in the UAE is minimal. All you need to pay is AED 420 and another fee of AED 220 for the opening of a new traffic file. However, things get a bit more complicated regarding used cars. There will be the usual AED 420 cost of registration for a used car; however, there will be some additional costs too. The transfer of ownership will cost you AED 350. Moreover, you will have to pay for the car inspection, which costs AED 170. After that, if the car does not already have a traffic file opened, you will do that at the cost of AED 220. 


Registering your car in the UAE is not difficult if you have all the documents on hand. We tried out best to guide you in detail on how to make your car road legal in the UAE, so you can enjoy it on the enormous expressways and highways and enjoy your new or used car!