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Love from the Dunes: Unveiling the Top Dating Sites in UAE

If you are looking for a dating app that make sure that you find people of similar preferences and intents as you, these are some of the best apps to help you do that.

These apps know their business and hence are some of the best ones to use in the UAE.

Love Habibi

Best Dating Sites in The UAE 1

Love Habibi is one of the best dating apps to use when you are in the UAE since most of the population here is Muslim. This dating app caters to Muslims predominately as it has a substantial Muslim user database.

However, many people from other religions are also flexible in dating people with cultural and religious differences

Love Habibi is a product of love and care run by individuals, and is not run by a corporation or business; hence the owners are very much invested in the Love Habibi Space.

The security measures are stringent to avoid unpleasant incidents, and the profiles are also thoroughly vetted. Love Habibi can also be accessed from anywhere in the world, and its comprehensive user database allows you to find potential lovers from different corners of the world.

Love Habibi is one of those dating apps focused on the fact that religion and culture can be huge driving factors when dating someone.

Instead of complications during random dating, these people allow you to interact with people whose religious affiliations are apparent and straightforward. Moreover, the numbers of this dating site are great as well. 

Over nine thousand people joined this dating app in the past ten days, which is a testament to the fact that this app is serious and their matching algorithms are working well.

Apart from this number, the number of active users on the database runs in hundreds of thousands. These numbers are enough to gain your attention and trust in this fantastic dating app if you are in the UAE. 

Hence, if you are in the UAE, especially in Dubai, check this website out as it is not only for relationships, but you can also make friends here! This is one of the best apps to use in Dubai as it is also the largest dating site in Dubai

Love Habibi Pricing plans:

Membership PlansPremium VIP Premium 

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Dubai Dating

Best Dating Sites in The UAE 2

This is one of those no-fuss dating apps to use if you are in the UAE. This dating app allows you to dive head first into the dating scene in the UAE.

This app is excellent if you are not looking to fill out those painfully long questionnaires, which can sometimes be a huge time waste.

This dating app has a signup portion on the main web page; hence you do not have to worry about navigating through different pages and tabs to get started.

Dubai Dating asks for little information before you can start dating, which has its pros and cons. This dating app is perfect for those who live in Dubai and want to start looking up like-minded individuals.

This dating app is known for its simplicity and design language, so you can use it no matter how old you are.

The design language also makes you feel comfortable since dating online can be a little tricky, and most people hesitate to proceed online due to the stigma of meeting strangers online, but do not worry!

This app has got your back. 

Most of the apps on this list as one unique feature of the other distinguishes them from the rest. The feature which we are talking about is called Confessions. This feature makes dating so much more fun on this website. This feature allows you to feel what it is like to be young and carefree in dating.

Most of these sites allow you to interact in a strict environment with rules; however, this confessions feature allows you to write your confession on a digital wall, making it a lot more fun!

You can do a lot more than write confessions on this wall. You can talk about yourself or ask questions and make dating a lot more fun and interactive.

There are a lot of other features of this website that make it one of the best ones to use in Dubai.

This dating app is straightforward to navigate and sign up on. The design language is elementary as well.

However, Dubai dating allows you to make a profile without uploading a profile picture which could make things tricky if you are looking for matches based on physical characteristics. 

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UAE Friends Date 

Best Dating Sites in The UAE 3

This is another great dating app to use if you are from Dubai and in the UAE. UAE Friends Date is one of those free dating apps offering fantastic services.

This app allows you to date and flirts with singles around you, especially if you are in the UAE.

In a world full of dating apps with subscriptions and paid features meant to rip you off, this dating app provides all of its services free of cost, and the services are very nice as well.

This dating app is for those looking to meet mature individuals online and who do not like taking their chances with people at a party or somewhere else. The profiles are vetted for added security as well.

Moreover, there are a lot of dating rules and regulations in the UAE, and this app can help you date without breaking any of the traditional rules.

Moreover, this app lets you sign up in seconds and allows you to text people for free!

You can get in touch with like-minded individuals around you for no cost at all, and it sounds like a win-win situation to us! 

UAE Friends Date is a dating app that was made to use an app on the phone; hence you will find that the app is very user-friendly, and the design is also straightforward.

Most apps like these are not compatible with phones. However, this is not the case here since this app was designed to be used on the phone; hence, the functionality is great and is trendy. 

The chatting features on this app are great, and they allow you to talk to multiple at once, which makes this app one of the best ones to use around Dubai, which is known for its strict dating rules.

Apart from that, the features are amiable, and you will love them if you are serious about finding people to date in the UAE.

The unique selling point of this app is that it is free and hence not heavy on your pocket. Moreover, it is compatible with mobile devices as well.

However, there is just one downside to using this dating app: the rules are a bit strict on this app since there are several laws in the UAE, and this app has to comply with them.

Moreover, the people on this app are looking for friendships and not necessarily, relationships; hence it is possible that you might like someone and get a friend zoned by them! 


Best Dating Sites in The UAE 4

Tinder is one of the best dating apps to use anywhere you are in the world. Tinder allows you to connect with millions of potential dates!

Tinder is one of those apps that has popularized how people interact with people online for dates. A lot of people will agree that Tinder is a pioneer when it comes to online dating.

Tinder allows you to sort out people using intelligent algorithms and based on your personal preferences as well. Your profile is one of the most important parts of dating on Tinder, and how you present yourself in this space determines your success on Tinder. 

One of the critical features of this app is that it makes dating fun and casual. You will be presented a bunch of profiles on your feed, to which you can either swipe right or left. If you swipe right, that means you like them, and if you swipe left, you reject them.

If the person you swiped right to has also swiped right to your profile, you will be matched and can interact with each other through text messages. Moreover, Tinder favors women. Hence it’s a secure dating app to use. 

Apart from this, Tinder has the best dating app algorithms you would want to see in a dating app. Those algorithms are efficient and intelligent and can you pair you up with a potential match within no time.

Tinder is very popular in the UAE, especially in Dubai. Hence you will find a vast user database in this area. There are several different types of memberships that allow you to access different privileges this app offers. 

Tinder is one of those apps where you can be sure to find your match. In short, this app provides you with loads of features and search options to find someone precisely according to your preferences.

You can search people based on their physical or emotional traits and other filters, which again increases your chances of finding someone with whom you can successfully have a relationship. 

There are membership plans called Tinder and Tinder Pro, which you can use and enjoy the perks of this dating platform.

Tinder plus is excellent if you will be traveling a lot in the UAE and helps you to find matches based on a location.

Moreover, Tinder Gold has exclusive features like helping you to find out who liked your profile or showed interest in it without notifying the other party. 

Membership Plan Tinder Gold Tinder Plus
Pricing $29.99$19.99

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The Best Dating App for Muslims in the UAE


Muslima is the best dating app if you live in the UAE. Muslima is an offshoot of the Cupid dating organization; hence it is one of the most reputable and safe dating apps on this list.

Muslima dating app allows you to connect with Muslims from all over the world. Hence, it is even better if you are already in the UAE since the population here is predominately Muslim. 

This dating is quite famous and has been the top priority of Muslims worldwide because it focuses on the Islamic Traditions of courtship; hence the religious element is honored here.

This is not one of those money-minting dating apps; hence you can do a lot of things for free on this app, such as creating a profile and looking for people which would give you a taste of how this app works and if it is something that interests you, you can always invest in it and start texting people.

You can, however, talk to platinum members without paying anything!

There are over 7.5 million users on the database in Muslima; hence it’s safe to say that countless individuals trust this app! Muslima also offers a lot of success stories on its website in case you want to see the experience other people had with this app.

The customer service is very efficient and great here as well. The people over at Muslima know that you are anxious and afraid since this is a critical phase of your life, so they are pretty accommodating should any problem arise! 

The process is also straightforward; as soon as you open their website, you are guided on how to make your profile and start dating!

There are three simple steps. All you need to do is to create your profile – which takes very little time, browse pictures, and send messages!

The plans are also very affordable, so you can enjoy the app and not burn a hole in your wallet. 

Membership PlansStandardGold MonthlyPlatinum Monthly 
Pricing $0$34.99$39.99

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The best dating app for the LGBTQ+ Community in the UAE

Unfortunately, there is no dating app for the LGBTQ+ community due to the strict dating laws in the UAE, which has put a ban on dating apps for the queer community.

However, there are several dating apps like Grindr you can use in the UAE through different proxies and other sources if you are from this community and want to find a date online! 


And that’s a wrap! With this list of stellar dating sites, we hope to infuse your UAE social life with vibrant colors of companionship and romance.

Keep the love alive, and remember, is your cupid in the bustling UAE dating scene.

We believe that whomever you love and date is your personal choice and preference; hence it is a private affair. These apps protect your interests and allow you a shot at finding a like-minded individual online!

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