Rev up your pedals and gear up for the ride – because today, we’re diving deep into the world of bicycle insurance in the UAE.

Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast or a casual rider, securing your two-wheelers should be a top priority.

But don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through the ins and outs of finding the best coverage for your needs.

What Is Bicycle Insurance?

Like any other sort of insurance, bike insurance is a fundamental contract between the owner of a bike and the insurance company.

The insurance protects the bike against unpredictable financial losses that have occurred as a result of an accident, theft, natural disasters, etc.

A fixed amount is paid by the owner of the bike as an insurance company.

Every bike in the UAE should have active insurance, which is mandatory.

It also provides coverage for any third-party liabilities resulting from accidents involving one or more people.

It is important to renew your bike insurance on time based on the insurance coverage, as the financial damages related to any accident can be on the higher side and difficult to manage.

What Is Usually Covered By Your Cycle Insurance?

Your bicycle insurance usually covers you for the following events and limits.

The coverage may vary slightly depending on the selected insurer or product, so always check with us if you are in doubt about the benefits provided by the policy.

  • Fire, burglary, or accidental damage to the pedal cycle
  • Injury or property damage to third parties up to AED 50,000
  • Personal Accidents, Death or Disability up to AED 100,000
  • Coverage extended to amateur competitive events
  • Accessories such as cycle computers, power meters, pedals
  • Damage during ground transportation in the UAE when mounted on a bike rack

What Bike Insurance Does Not Cover?

Insurance is designed to cover “relevant risks”, and pedaling insurance is no exception.

While pedaling insurance tries to go ahead and protect you as much as it can, some scenarios may result in the insurance company ending up refusing to pay your claim.

Typical examples include:

  • Any loss caused by failure to comply with RTA regulations relating to the use of bicycles
  • Theft of parts or accessories, unless the entire bicycle is stolen
  • Mysterious disappearance or theft of unlocked and unattended bikes
  • Wear and tear
  • Injuries while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or other intoxicating substances

Types Of Bike Insurance In Dubai, United Arab Emirates

There are basically three types of bicycle insurance.

Bicycle Liability Insurance

In accordance with UAE law, third-party liability insurance offers the minimum coverage required to ride two-wheelers on public roads.

These policies only cover the cost of damage or loss caused by a third party during the policyholder’s tenure.

However, this does not apply to any protection for damage caused to the insured vehicle.

Comprehensive bicycle insurance can be obtained for extensive coverage.

Fleet Bike Insurance

Fleet Bike Insurance, which is also considered multi-bike insurance, is widely used by businesses that include delivery and courier services.

Multiple bikes can be added under one policy without additional hassle or money.

The main advantage of this insurance is the possibility to add or remove two-wheelers during the insurance rental, according to your convenience.

Complete Bicycle Insurance

Bicycle owners have comprehensive insurance available.

Damage or injury as a result of an accident, liability in the event of an accident, theft, natural disaster, explosion, etc., is covered by comprehensive insurance.

This is the highest insurance policy among bike owners.

Benefits Of Bicycle Insurance

Taking out bike insurance is necessary not because it is a legal obligation but to protect your bike from any damage. Some of the benefits of bike insurance are:

  • Reduced Financial Burden – Owning a two-wheeler and ensuring that it is protected against all risks is very important. Losing or damaging your bike can be emotionally stressful as well as a financial loss. Two-wheeler insurance covers the financial liability associated with the insurer paying for damages to the vehicle.
  • Extended coverage – It is the applicant’s final decision on which policy they want to insure their bike with. Liability insurance, comprehensive insurance, and fleet insurance are the three main motorcycle insurance available in the UAE.
  • Instant Policy – ​​With faster technology and financial convenience, digitally signed policy is easily available and issued to policyholders.
  • Additional Covers – For an additional fee, your insurance company can provide you with additional benefits and covers that will benefit your bike in the long run.
  • No claims bonus transfer – If you buy a new vehicle, the bicycle insurance company will allow the facility to transfer your no claims bonus. It is important to note here that no claim bonus is always offered to the vehicle owner and not to the vehicle. Insurers in the UAE offer this transfer as reimbursement for covered driving.
  • Ease of purchase and online renewal – Online purchase and renewal of the policy is available to policyholders through the insurance company’s website.

How To Choose The Best Two-Wheeler Insurance

It is best to compare contracts with different insurance providers.

With the increased rivalry in the market, every bicycle insurance company now provides insurance with many reasonable rates.

Our tips below can help you get the best deal on bike insurance in the UAE:

  • Understanding needs and expectations – The applicant must be very clear about their requirement. This will make it easier to analyze the coverage and get a policy with good insurance rates.
  • Reputation and reliability of the insurance provider – No one would rather invest in an insurance company that has a good reputation in the market. The market value of the company would help the proper settlement of claims and premiums with less hassle.
  • Comparing Plans – We often compare everything we do. It is a good idea to compare your policies with different insurance companies before purchasing policies. This will help you know the offers and discounts available and help you choose at a better price.
  • Evaluating Insurance Coverage – To avoid any financial loss, it is crucial to analyze your insurance coverage and whether the policy is based on your requirement.

Additional Covers With Bicycle Insurance

Insurance companies offer many additional coverages in addition to the basic insurance plan. Some of the other covers offered are:

  • Repair Cover Agency – Insurance companies have links with several workshops. If your policy has agency repair cover, you can have your bike repaired at authorized insurance workshops for damage caused by accidents. The general time frame for using this insurance is two years from the registration of the new vehicle.
  • Fire and Theft Cover – Damage or loss due to accidental fire or theft may be covered under this additional cover.
  • 24-hour breakdown and breakdown cover – Additional cover may also include 24-hour breakdown cover, towing services, flat tire replacement, dead battery vehicle assistance, and emergency fuel delivery.
  • Loss of personal belongings covers – Any loss of personal belongings such as a helmet or protective gear is an additional cover added to the policy.
  • Geographical Extension Insurance – General two-wheeler insurance is only valid in the UAE. However, additional coverage extends beyond these geographic boundaries to include additional regions.
  • Civil Disorder and Natural Perils Insurance Cover – This additional cover covers all damages caused by natural perils, such as earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, hurricanes, etc.

What Is The Best Bicycle Insurance In The UAE?

Dubai Online Insurance

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Insurance Hub

With Insurance Hub’s bike insurance comparison, you can find bike insurance easily and in no time.

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At Insurance hub, they understand that choosing the right type of bike insurance can be a daunting task.

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Is Cycling Popular In The UAE?

Dubai is not often thought of as a cycling destination, but cycling in Dubai and the UAE is really popular. People are often surprised at how popular it is!

Every weekend, thousands of people take to the dedicated cycling routes, which are some of the best you’ll find anywhere in the world.

There are also incredible facilities such as the Dubai Autodrome and the Yas Marina Circuit – motor tracks that are regularly made available for cycling. Crown Prince of Dubai H.H.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is said to be a big fan of cycling and supports the development of the UAE’s cycling infrastructure.

If desert bike trails aren’t your thing, there are mountains within a 1.5-hour drive of Dubai to explore, either with a road or mountain bike.

So, despite first appearances, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are not all about flat desert cycling tracks.

There is a variety of terrain to explore with a group or solo all year round.

It’s a particularly good bet if you’re looking for somewhere to cycle between October and May (i.e., an autumn/winter cycling training destination for those in the Northern Hemisphere).

Insurance Coverage Of Bicycle Insurance In The United Arab Emirates

Comprehensive insurance coverage

In the case of quite a fully comprehensive tariff, repair costs are also covered. The following are provided for this damage:

Accident insurance

Example: If you seem to fall, the frame of your bike will break.

Improper handling and service errors in insurance

Example: You will insert the e-bike battery incorrectly. Therefore, it seems to fall out of the holder while driving and gets damaged.

Insurance against vandalism

Example: someone bends fenders or cuts a saddle.

Material, manufacturing, and construction defects insurance

Example: Three years after buying a cycle, you will see that it rusts in several places due to defective welds.

Electronics damage insurance

Example: When riding in the rain, moisture penetrates the battery of your e-bike. This will break it.

Insurance for the wear and tear of certain bicycle parts

Example: A bicycle chain worn from everyday use breaks.

Battery wear insurance

Example: After a little while, the battery of your e-bike tends to get so weak that you barely have enough for commuting.

Protection letter insurance

Some bicycle insurance companies include breakdown cover services.

Bicycle protection covers the cost of the following:

  • On-site breakdown assistance
  • Breakdown service
  • Continue by taxi or train
  • Bicycle rental or rental shop
  • Night in case of emergency

How Can I Get Cheap Insurance?

There is no magic formula for getting value-for-money bike insurance, but there are a few steps you can also follow and things that you can get the best value deal for your dirhams!

Make sure to buy insurance at the very last minute. Give yourself plenty of time to fully consider the coverage you need versus what’s available on the market.

If time is running out, so can the budget if you blow it by taking the first quote that’s on offer, and what’s worse, you could end up paying a lot more money for a lot less coverage!

Don’t be tempted to “go it alone” when looking for the best policy at the best price.

Let the experts help you! No additional costs + no wasted time = no thinking!

Don’t be too dependent on price alone.

There’s nothing wrong with being mindful of money, but being bound by a budget can prove to be a ‘false economy’ if you don’t have the right cover and lose out on a claim.

Frequently Asked Questions Bicycle Insurance In The UAE

How Does Bicycle Insurance Differ From The Bicycle Theft Protection That Is Included In Home Insurance?

Home insurance can only be insurance against bike theft.

Anti-theft security is already insured against break-ins from an apartment, garage, or (wheel) cellar.

Anyone who takes out a tariff with a bicycle add-on clause also has insurance in case the bicycle is really stolen at another location – for example, at a train station.

Bicycle insurance, on the other side, covers theft and a range of other damages depending on the tariff – such as damage from a fall, theft of parts, vandalism, damage to electronics, wear and tear, and breakdowns.

What Bikes Can I Insure?

With bicycle insurance, you can, in principle, insure the following types of two-wheelers:

  • Bicycle: Without motor, moves only by muscle power.
  • Electric bicycle: Bicycle with a motor and electronic pedal support up to a maximum of 25 km/h.

Some insurance companies also offer tariffs for used bicycles, but others for original owners only.

In the same way, some companies limit how long after the purchase of the insurance can be taken out.

What Should I Look Out For When Securing A Bike?

If possible, it is advisable to connect the bike to an immovable object – for example, a street lamp – and use a high-quality bike lock.

Depending on the insurer, other requirements – such as certain locks – may be specified so that insurance coverage is available.


Securing your bicycle with the right insurance is just like finding the perfect cycling route – it’s all about aligning with your needs and priorities.

Whether you choose third-party or comprehensive bike insurance, remember that the best policy isn’t always the priciest, nor the cheapest.

It’s the one that gives you peace of mind as you hit the road and enjoy the cycling journey in the UAE.