This article will help you in making a better decision in taking a personal loan in UAE, but most importantly this will help you in avoiding a bad call.

Want to jump straight to the answer? The best personal loan option in the UAE is ADCB personal loan.

List Of The Elite Personal Loans IN United Arab Emirates

BankMinimum SalaryInterest Rate(onwards)Salary TransferProcessing Fee
ADIB Personal LoanAED 80003.72%Yes0%
ADCB Personal LoanAED 50002.61%Yes1.05%
Dubai Islamic Bank Personal LoanAED 30006%NoAED 1050
RAK Bank Personal LoanAED 30002.75%Yes1%
Emirates NBD Personal LoanAED 50002.61%Yes1%
Emirates Islamic Bank Personal LoanAED 50002.99%Yes1%
CBI (Commercial Bank International) Personal LoanAED 80001.65%Yes1%
HSBC Personal LoanAED 75006.49%Yes1%
Mashreq Personal LoanAED 70003.57%Yes1%

What Is A Personal Loan?

You can request a fixed amount of money from a lender such as a credit union or a bank when applying for a personal loan. The money from a mortgage should be used to pay off a mortgage. You can finance your car purchase with a car loan.

Considering personal loans, they can be used for a variety of purposes. A personal loan can be used to pay medical bills, educational fees, the purchase of an expensive but necessary household item such as a new appliance or furniture, or the consolidation of debts.

Making payments on your personal loan differs from making payments on your credit card debt. Personal finance allows you to pay fixed-amount installments over a set period of time until the debt is entirely paid off.

Things You Need To Know While Applying For A Personal Loan

Here are some things that will help you in getting a better deal.

Credit History

There will be a track of your credit history with the bank if you have lent in the past. This is a very effective method of determining whether your loan will be approved for the amount you expect. If you’ve missed a few deadlines in the past, your credit score will likely suffer, and banks may likely charge a higher rate of interest or restrict the amount you can borrow.

Your credit score will be decided by your salary, age, and background if you’re a first-time borrower. If you haven’t borrowed before, contact a bank to find out about your credit.

Market Research

Lending institutions offer various loan amounts at various interest rates. Conduct extensive market research on various banks and their offerings. Conventional banks typically charge higher interest rates than traditional Islamic banks, such as Emirates Islamic bank private loan, but the latter may provide more payback flexibility. Before making a decision, make sure you examine interest rates from several institutions. This will assist you in removing the weight from your shoulders as quickly as possible.

Various Options

A bank may not be your only choice for obtaining a loan in many circumstances. If you have a good credit score, you may be qualified for credit cards in the UAE that allows you to get your work done while paying 0% interest for up to a year. Alternatively, if you’re a member of a trading guild, you might be able to borrow money from them at a lower interest rate than banks.

When Should You Apply For A Personal Loan?

You want to fund a project at the lowest feasible cost, and you don’t mind switching banks or waiting a little longer for a loan.

The work will be rewarded with a secure, low-interest loan that is specifically customized to your requirements. All of the banks we’ve chosen have fantastic deals and a simple application process. Not to add excellent customer service in a variety of languages.

These loans are also the most accommodating for foreigners, as long as you can present proof of income or financial assets that are recognized in Spain.

Fill Your Cup, Don’t Overflow

Banks will sometimes offer you extra money as loan amounts based on your credit score so that you can finish your task and still have money left over. Avoid falling into these pitfalls since you will not only increase your debt load but will also wind up paying more interest for a tiny need.

When on loan, stay away from top-up offers and other ‘enticing’ agreements. In most cases, you will end yourself paying the bank more money than you expected.

What Is The Eligibility Criteria For Getting A Personal Loan In UAE?

Age Restriction

Candidates for an urgent cash loan in Dubai must be at least 21 years old. The age limit for several banks varies between 21 and 65 years old. In Dubai, the age qualifying condition differs by the bank.

Amount of the loan

The amount of a cash loan is determined by the bank where you apply for it. Typically, banks in Dubai give cash loans of up to AED 5 million, based on the borrower’s eligibility and financial needs.


When asking for an urgent cash loan in Dubai, the applicant must work in a reputable organization, according to the criteria of various banks. Some banks, on the other hand, provide unemployed persons with urgent cash loans.

Minimum Wage

Varying banks in Dubai have different minimum income requirements for cash loans. The applicant’s monthly income must be at least AED 25,000 in most banks. Other organizations, on the other hand, will allow the loan request if the applicant has a minimum salary of AED 5000.

Account of Wages

Most banks in Dubai requires borrowers to deposit their monthly salary into a bank account.

It becomes an easy road for you to get a personal loan in UAE once you put it right on the above checklist.

Documents You Need To Get A Personal Loan In UAE

Now that you know you’re qualifying for a cash loan, let’s see if you have all of the required documentation.

  • Original and copy of Emirates ID (for UAE nationals)
  • A valid passport is required (for ex-pats) – Original and a duplicate
  • A valid visa for permanent residence (for ex-pats) – Original and a duplicate
  • For salaried applicants, a salary certificate/appointment letter is required for employment verification.
  • Self-employed applicants must provide bank statements (from the previous three months) to verify their income.
  • Salary Transfer Letters/Salary Slips (from the previous three months) for salaried applicants’ income verification


How To Calculate The Interest Rate Of A Personal Loan?

Lenders can use an interest calculator to figure out how much interest they’ll have to pay. Let’s have a brief outlook on how to compute interest rates so you can differentiate personal loans:

Use the following formula to calculate interest: (interest rate/number of payments) * principal amount = interest.

Step 1: Multiply the annual interest rate by the number of installments required.

Step 2: Multiply it by the loan total, which will be the principal amount of the loan for the first installment.

Step 3: Determine the new balance. Minus the interest estimated from the amount repaid to do this. Deduct this amount from the principal to get the new personal debt load.

A Crucial Thing About A Personal Loan In UAE

Personal loans are available to UAE residents in a variety of forms. These can range from a cash advance on the back of a credit card to a more traditional bank transfer obtained through a branch visit. Don’t hunt for a job that pays more than 20 times your monthly wage — it’s against the law. The maximum repayment duration is four years or 48 months.

What Is Personal Loan Settlement?

Personal loan fare evader settlement, also known as personal loan settlement, is an arrangement between a service provider and a client in which the loan is settled by repaying only a portion of the loan. A portion of the debt may be forgiven by the lender in order to assist the borrower in repaying the loan at least partially.

What If You Fail In Paying Back The Personal Loan?

All unpaid debts and late repayments are reported as such, lowering a person’s credit score. Even missing one repayment can result in a credit score drop. As a result, an unpaid personal loan in UAE 2021 can destroy a person’s credit rating, formulating new loans extremely difficult.

So, be cautious about the strict laws and pay back on time, always!

Can I Flew Away From UAE Without Paying Back The Loan?

The bank may file a lawsuit against you for default, use the security check you supplied when you applied for the loans, and impose a travel ban that will result in you being stopped at the airport and preventing you from leaving the UAE.

Is It Legal To Give Someone A Private Loan On A Reasonable Interest Rate In UAE?

Giving a loan on interest by an individual to another individual or a corporation is banned in the UAE? This is in conformity with Section 409 of Federal Law No.3 from 1987. All relevant evidence can be used to substantiate a principal debt and implied interest.


In some cases, banks will offer you extra money based on your credit score. Avoid falling into these traps because you will not only increase the amount of debt you have, but you will also end up paying more interest on a small amount of money.

Obtaining a loan entails more than just completing the paperwork and receiving the funds. Many banks charge processing fees, registration fees, and so on as a percentage of the amount of money you want to withdraw. Find out which banks offer the greatest deal, do some math, and figure out how much you’ll have to pay the bank, including all fees, expenses, premiums, and so on.

The trick is to be well informed about the loan market and figure out the best option for yourself, so repaying the loan won’t be hectic.