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Which is the best Mobile Network in UAE?

There are unfortunately not many choices when it comes to mobile networks in the UAE. There are only two mobile networks which are offered in the UAE. They are listed below. 

  • Etisalat 
  • Du

Etisalat is one of the best networks in UAE in terms of quality and cell service reception. It is also one of the country’s most used ones due to being more affordable and accessible in the UAE. 

Should you go for Cell Phone Contracts or Pre-Paid Sims

There are two types of systems which you can implement to use these sims and stay connected with those around you.

You can either choose a contract sim for fixed amount of time (ususally two years), and take advantage of the offered benefits and features, and pay at the end of the term.

Or, you could choose a pre-paid sim or get some credit loaded on it to activate offers to make calls and send text messages. Both systems have pros and cons, and I will talk about some of them. 

Contracts Vs Prepaid

Contracts offer a broader range of options when it comes to buying different services from the provider.

You can get hidden gifts and free minutes and bundles, whereas, with prepaid sims, it is pretty not the case where you will be spending money to load credit on your sim without the added benefits.

Reliability is another essential factor to take into account whenever you are using a sim card.

With contracts, you do not have to worry about being run out of credit and being unable to make necessary calls or send texts. Contracts allow unlimited access whenever you want within that period, hence eliminating the constant stress of having credit. 

Apart from this, there are several cons to using contracts instead of prepaid cards.

Prepaid cards give you the freedom to do whatever you want. Instead, contracts are legally binding for a minimum of 2 years in the UAE.

Thus, if you are unhappy with your service reception or bundles, you are stuck for a long time before you can do something about it.

Contracts are sometimes more expensive in the end, with hidden fees and other charges you should be aware of.

If you happen to use more minutes or send more texts than you were allowed to do within your contract, then the tariff factor applied to those texts and minutes would be a lot more expensive than doing the same thing on a prepaid sim. 

Choose according to your usage

Prepaid Sims offer much more freedom and room for you to change your bundles and offers as your needs evolve, making you feel more in control of the situation.

The tariff charges on calls and texts are slightly cheaper than contract plans. In the end, you should assess your usage, needs and other factors to determine which plan is best for you. 

Features to look out for when choosing your next contract

Data Speed

Data speed is one of the most fundamental aspects of choosing your next contract with a network service provider. There are contracts with varying speeds offered by both Etisalat and Du.

You should make sure to choose a plan that allows you to carry out your daily tasks in an efficient manner. 

Hidden Charges 

Most of these contracts can have hidden charges and tariff multipliers in certain situations, so make sure that you read the terms and conditions carefully before you apply for a contract because once it starts, you will be legally bonded to it for an extended period. 

Minutes and Number of Texts

It is vital to check the number of talk minutes you get, both local and international, to adjust your usage accordingly.

Also, make sure to check the number of text messages you are allowed to do because, in the UAE, the charges for texting are relatively cheaper and are more affordable, so users tend to text more than using their minutes. 

Duration of contract 

The duration of the contract is another essential factor to consider when you are first choosing your contract since once you sign the contract and begin using it, there is no going back for the whole duration of the contract, which is usually a period of a couple of months. 

Best UAE Mobile Phone Contract Providers


Du offers around seven different mobile phone contract plans, which range from AED 125 all the way up to AED 1000. Du provides excellent services to its customers as it provides hassle-free sim card activation and other benefits to its customers.

Du offers better rates and better coverage than its rival does. In this guide below, we will briefly discuss some of the contracts provided by Du.

All of these plans which we will be talking about are annual contracts. 

Du’s starting plan is Power Plan 125, which derives its name from its fee of AED 125. This plan allows you to use 4GB National Data along with 200 National Minutes and offers free sim card activation as well.

The next plan is called Power Plan 200, which allows you to use 13 GB of National Data, 800 National minutes, and 26 GB of free data on UAE WIFI along with Amazon Prime memberships.

The following two plans are called Power Plan 260 and Power Plan 300 Data, which cost AED 260 AND AED 300, respectively.

Power Plan 260 guarantees you 20 GB of National Data, 1200 National Minutes, and 40 GB of data on UAE Wi-Fi along with Amazon Prime Membership.

Power Plan 300 will get you Unlimited International Data, with a maximum speed of 10 MBPS, 1600 National Minutes and amazon prime membership.

The final two packages are Power Plan 500 Data and Power Plan Unlimited National Data 1000.

These plans are some of the best ones offered by Du.

Let’s talk about the best of these plans: the Power Plan Unlimited National Data 1000. This plan will get you unlimited National data and Maximum speed with no limits, unlimited minutes and a host of other goodies. 

Name Amount of Data  (GBS)Number of MinutesAmount ( AED )
Power Plan 1254200125
Power Plan 20013800200
Power Plan 260201200260
Power Plan 300 DataNon-Stop 1600300
Power Plan 500 Data Non-Stop3000500
Power Plan 1000Unlimited Unlimited 1000


Etisalat is one of the best network providers in the UAE. This service offers top-quality connections, which are a bit pricier regarding its competitor and is worth every penny. There are many contracts to choose from, and we will briefly discuss some of them below. 

Etisalat offers a wide variety of plans, which range from AED 125 all the way up to AED 1200. These plans are for only twelve months and offer many goodies if you choose the premium ones.

Almost all the plans will come with an Amazon Prime membership, so that is a plus point. Moreover, most of the plans will also include some hours of UAE Free Wi-Fi, which is very handy and helpful.

Apart from that, most plans will let you choose your preferred number, which is also a lovely touch and is quite popular with the locals.

You get several other subscriptions and features with these contracts, so you should check them out in detail on Etisalat’s Website

Name Amount of Data  (GBS)Number of MinutesAmount ( AED )
Plan 1254100125
Plan 20013400200
Plan 260 20600260
Unlimited 1 Country 27700 325
Unlimited 600 50 Unlimited 600
Unlimited 1200125 Unlimited 1200

Is there 5G in the UAE

5G was introduced in the UAE in 2019, and the local network providers immediately gave 5G coverage to their users whose phones were compatible with it.

Du’s and Etisalat’s 5G services were tested, and it was determined that users were happier with Etisalat’s services. 5G is incredibly fast in the UAE. You can use it in Dubai with an Ookla Checked Speedtest score of 413 Mbps, which is fantastic! 


Whether you’re a chatterbox or a data devotee, the right mobile network is waiting for you in the UAE. While there isn’t much choice, both Etisalat and Du are ready for a showdown, offering competitive plans and stellar services.

The key is to find the one that syncs with your lifestyle and communication needs.

Because at the end of the day, your phone should be your lifeline, not a headache.

Hope this helps!