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Dubai is known for its glitz, ultramodern architecture, and enormous skyscrapers. This article highlights the lighting companies which are making Dubai brighter.

The #1 lighting company in Dubai:

Huda Lighting:

Huda lighting is striving towards the horizon of the top leading companies in Dubai, who are supplying and proving lighting solutions in the region for over twenty-two years. Huda lighting has grown over time and provides exceptional lighting expert solutions, high-tech supplies in the region, and contributing to the growth and development of the country. 

They are serving in different sectors like retail, commercial, residential, hospitality, and industrial. The most sorted out products have been provided to each project accordingly. Huda lighting is proving its vision of being the best choice in the region by professional and experienced employees. The company deals in solutions for lighting, automation system, wiring devices, and other related products that also have evolved.


Other Lighting Companies worth hiring in Dubai

Larsa Lighting

Larsa lighting started in 2003 in Dubai, deals in all lighting solutions, and provides exceptional services. The company build its reputation as an ISO 9001-2008 certified firm. Larsa has a team of well-trained system integrators, field service technicians, and consultants that make it possible to deliver the best services to their clients. They opted for transformation and new technologies in their work and products and bring innovation to lighting.

They deal with projects, skilled and high-tech teams, and expert staff by visiting sites, drawing plans, and according to the need of the place. Light distribution was made accordingly to illuminate the place.


Projects and Supplies:

Projects and Supplies are considered the pioneer of lighting solutions in the region, having more than thirty years of experience. The clients they deal with are from hotels, residential projects, hospitality, and commercial areas. 

Professional help is provided by the company keeping the need of the client in view accordingly. No matter what size of the work is there they work skillfully from planning to completion of the project. Communicating through their clients, architects, and designers they deliver the best lighting solution to each project.


Guide to Hiring a Lighting Company in Dubai

When you build a house or set up some business the foremost task is to decorate and design the space. When it comes to brightening the place you must have some knowledge about the lighting treatment of the project. A professional is the best choice for when you want your building to stand out as lighting is a very important aspect of a highly valued business.

  • First thing first, look for a competent, trustworthy, and efficient lighting solutions providing company. Search on the internet, talk in your circle and collect reviews about the company from the market. 
  • Watch closely the response they give when you approach them. It will show the capability and potential of their work. A quick and smart response can make things visibly easy. Their priority must be the satisfaction of their clients.
  • Must look into the past projects of the contractor you are going to hire, it will help you to closely observe their capacity and range of work. Their ingeniousness will give away through their work.
  • Government registered companies will have no issue with the work permit and the smoothness in legalities will save time.
  • Must give your time frame for completion of the project and ask their possibilities about delivering time of the project.
  • Sort out the prices beforehand. Communicate your quotations for the project and consider the quotes by the company. Open negotiations should be encouraged.
  • Some sectors need creativity, functionality, and effectiveness brought through the lighting of the place that not only creates an ambiance but also attracts people. The commercial sector must need these kinds of captivating ideas that bring their clients in-house.
  • Lights can bring brightness to the place but it also beautifies the area. Decorative lights can change the game of any project. The functionality and beautification of any place through lighting can serve the purpose at once.
  • Indoor lightings have many options like chandeliers, wall scones, pendant lights and floor lamps, and so on. Work out and combine different styles to bring uniqueness to the place.
  • For outdoor lighting, many options are available from wall hangings, post lamps, decorative style lights that can create a dreamy look to your place. Make the look of your exterior dramatic and interesting by incorporating such ideas.
  • All the concerns about your project must be communicated to the contractor and keep in touch with them visiting sites make things transparent and hassle-free.

Price Structure

The cost and price quotations depend upon the size of any project. Depending upon the sector these prices changes accordingly. Basic information regarding the cost is given sector-wise below to develop an idea;

A residential project can cost up to 560AED TO 1000AED. For basic light installation. It will vary according to the area, design, style, and product.

A small size commercial project approximately costs around 37000AED to 73000AED, whereas large businesses may cost up to 1,800,000AED and more depending on different factors involved.

Why Hire a Professional Lighting Company

Hiring a professional lighting company for completing the job of lighting solutions will save your time, any mishap being inexperienced, help to get required products easily and choices will be made conveniently. Appointing a professional electric company can safeguard technical issues that can later cause discomfort.

Professional help can bring peace and satisfaction to the client because the experience, efficiency, and effectiveness of the skilled person will stand out.

Now that you have an idea of what to do before and after hiring a lighting company we wish you can make good choices. Hopefully these tips came in handy and will help you start a new adventure. We sincerely wish you the very best and hope that your designing venture is successful. We hope that you find this article helpful. Enjoy decorating your house and keep shining. Happy designing!