In the fast-paced, digitally-driven UAE, a reliable internet connection is not just a luxury, but a necessity.

Almost everything in our is somehow overlapping with internet usage. From watching the news, playing games, and talking to someone on FaceTime, we need a solid internet connection for our daily functioning. 

Our exhaustive guide dives deep into the sea of UAE’s internet service providers, helping you navigate through the options to find the one that suits your needs best. From speed to coverage, from pricing to customer service, we leave no stone unturned in your quest for the perfect internet connection.

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DSL or Cable Connection Services in the UAE

DSL means digital subscriber line, which means that the Internet is provided through the existing phone lines, whereas cable connection offers Internet through specific cables.

Generally speaking, cable lines are a faster method of connecting to the Internet since they offer better bandwidth and hence are faster.

However, the speed will be reduced if more active users are on the line, unlike DSL systems. 

Cable connections are somewhat cheaper than DSL connections which are a bit pricier to set up. However, their packages are cheaper than DSL ones, so the cable systems are better on a cost-benefit ratio.

You can set up a DSL connection yourself without much hassle, as you only need a phone jack. However, you will probably need an experienced technician to help you set up your connection.

Moreover, there are some equipment costs as well, such as a cable box and remote. 

Wi-Fi Speeds in UAE 

You should know how much you plan to use your internet services to pick an optimal package for that.

You would not want to pick a package that gives you blazing fast speeds of up to 250 Megabytes per second while you are someone who will use their Internet at most to surf for news or buy clothes. 

Hence, understanding your needs and the internet speed required to do that task is very important to help you save money and be more efficient with your network provider.

For example, if you want to watch Netflix, but your data provider tries to get you to upgrade to that newer package with 250 megabytes per second since there is a promotion going on, you should know better!

The higher speed and terms like promotions are pretty attractive, but in the longer run, these services cost a lot, and your usage is minimal, which means the cost-to-benefit ratio is not great.

According to Netflix, you only need a solid 5 megabytes of a solid connection to stream media on the platform!

Moreover, suppose you are living in a shared space or at home, and you want to have a connection where you can make business calls without being interrupted, watch YouTube or surf the Internet.

In that case, you will need an internet connection of about 25 megabytes per second. 

Similarly, suppose you are looking to stream video games online and play with your friends, and there is a chance that you might transfer large files of several gigabytes.

In this case, you should look at a connection of around 50 gigabytes to 100 gigabytes.

Beyond this range, the speeds become phenomenal. You only need to go higher if you are a professional streamer, YouTuber, or are in a profession that depends on sharing large volumes of data in short periods.

For these things, consider a network that offers speeds of around 200 megabytes per second. 

Which is the best Internet Provider in the UAE?

1. Etisalat 

Etisalat is one of the top-rated internet providers in UAE, the other being DU. Etisalat offers blazing fast Internet in your desired space and takes care of all the hassles, including access points, Routers, etc.

In addition, Etisalat will not charge the installation fee of AED 199 if you choose their premium packages which offer unlimited speeds, as we shall discuss later.  

Etisalat’s master technicians will take care of all the messy wirings, cables, and where to place the routers for maximum coverage after a thorough assessment of your home or wherever you want to set up Etisalat’s internet connections.

These people will ensure you get interrupted and smooth internet supply 24 hours a day, seven days a week for 365 days. Etisalat will use its routers, cables, and certified things, ensuring that all the system components are appropriately integrated for the best experience.

Moreover, you can customize the setup according to your needs and set up three Wi-Fi zones in your home, which our technicians will deal with as a priority and ensure that the Internet is the strongest. 

This way, you can control these services’ flow inside your residence.

We will talk about the premium internet plans Etisalat offers its customers.

The plans begin from AED 430 per month.

Etisalat Ultra Starter

This plan is called the Ultra Starter, which will guarantee you 500 megabytes of speed all around the house.

With this premium connection, you will be entitled to an elite membership of amazon prime and access to over 187 HD TV Channels as well.

Due to a limited promotion going on right now, the speed of this Package has been bumped up to 750 megabytes per second. 

Etisalat Ultra Entertainment

The second Package on our list is called Ultra Entertainment, which is priced at AED 639 and is aimed at providing users with an ample amount of entertainment channels along with blazing speeds of up to 750 megabytes per second which have also been bumped up due to an ongoing promotion to 1 gigabyte per second.

Moreover, you will get access to the same Amazon Prime membership along with more than 236 HD TV Channels.

Etisalat Ultra Sports

However, if you are a sports enthusiast and are not keen on any other type of entertainment channels, then make sure to upgrade to the Ultra Sports Package which starts from AED 699.

This Package will guarantee you the best of the best sports channels from all over the world with 1 gigabyte of speed due to a promotion, which is a notch up from the 750 megabytes per second offered.

With this, you get an amazon prime membership and access to over 262 channels, many of which are sports dedicated!

Etisalat Ultra Fusion

However, if you want even more speeds and more access, then make sure to check out the premium and flagship package called the Ultra Fusion, which promises a solid silky smooth one terabyte per second internet connection and access to Amazon Prime and 300 other HD TV channels from around the world in various categories! This package is priced at AED 999. 

Etisalat Plan Pricing

NameSpeedChannels Price
Ultra Starter500 MBs187 HD TV ChannelsAED 429
Ultra Entertainment750 MBs236 HD TV ChannelsAED 639
Ultra Sports750 MBs262 HD TV ChannelsAED 699
Ultra Fusion1 GBs 300 HD TV channelsAED 999

2. DU

Du is the only competitor of Etisalat, and they also offer blazing fast Internet to compete with Etisalat. Their packages are also viable and feasible since they are not as highly-priced as Etisalat has and offer more variety.

Du’s internet speeds have been slightly less than Etisalat’s, but the cost-benefit ratio is where Du Wins. Du offers a discount on installation when you order a package from them online. 

Du will knock down the starting fee and services charges of AED 400, which are a lot if you choose a package and start online.

The assistance team of Du will visit you and provide hassle-free services while setting up the internet connection in your home.

You can choose between Du internet only or Du Internet plus TV.

There are always plenty of promotions going on as well, which means that Du will provide you with 10 % off for the first 12 months of getting your connection.

No other rival offers a promotion like this, which is why we can conclude that Du is budget-friendly.  

Du Home Starter

DU’s Internet and TV plans start from AED 350 per month, which has been knocked down from AED 389 due to another promotion going on. This Package is called du Home Starter.

This package will offer a speed of 500 megabytes per second, which is a considerable bump from the standard 250 megabytes per second offered before the promotion. Moreover, you will receive an HDTV Receiver with this package. 

Du Home Basic Promo

The next package on this list is called Du Home Basic Promo, which costs AED 350 per month after a 30 % discount for three months, after which it will cost AED 529 per month.

This package will provide you with an internet speed of 750 megabytes per second, which is an upgrade from the standard 500 megabytes per second provided before promotions.

You will also get a pack of 19 channels with this, a premium TV pack, and one recordable HDTV Receiver. 

Du Home Basic

After this, the next package is called Du Home Basic, which provides you with blazing fast 750 megabyte per second internet speed at the cost of AED 476, which is due to a price discount of 10 percent off for 12 months, after which it will cost you AED 529 per month.

With this, you will get a Recordable HD TV Receiver and beginner TV packs.

Du Home Advanced Promo

The following package is called Du Home Advanced Promo, which promises an internet speed of 1 gigabyte per second over the standard 600 megabyte per second speed at a bargain cost of AED 345, which is due to a 50 % discount for three months, after which it will set you back AED 689 monthly.

You get many goodies with this connection, which include 12 months of amazon prime membership. You will also get several TV Channel packs, Ultimate beIN Membership, and a Recordable HD TV Receiver. 

Du Home Advanced

The Second last package is titled Du Home Advanced.

It guarantees a 1 gigabyte per second connection on a promotion for AED 620 a month, which is because of a 10 percent discount going on for the next twelve months after the start of the membership. You will do almost the same things as the previous Home Advanced Promo plan.

Du Home Ultimate

Last but not least, the best plan Du offers are called Du Home Ultimate. This plan is the pinnacle of all home plans and will set you back AED 1070 per month after a 10 % discount for 12 months, after which it will cost you AED 1189 per month.

This plan brings you many features, goodies, and blazing-fast internet speeds. You will get a massive internet connection of 1 gigabyte per second, which would be enough for all of your domestic or business needs.

This pack offers you 12 months of premium Amazon Prime subscriptions and several TV Packs. You will get a premium pack with 19 channels, an entertainment pack with the same number of channels, and an ultimate pack of 19 channels. Apart from this, you also get beIN Ultimate, an essential pack of channels and two recordable HDTV Receivers. 

Name Speed Price 
Du Home Starter250 MBSAED 389
Du Home Basic Promo750 MBSAED 529
Du Home Basic750 MBSAED 529
Du Home Advanced Promo1  GBSAED 689
Du Home Advanced 1 GBSAED 689
Du Home Ultimate1 GBSAED 1189

Important things to know about internet contracts in the UAE

When signing up for an internet contract in the UAE, one should remember several things.

Most of the contracts are made for a period of two years (twenty-four months), before which you can not cancel your membership.

Hence, make sure to judge your usage wisely and choose a package that suits your daily needs so you do not end up paying a lot more than needed for two years.

Several promotions are always ongoing with these packages from internet providers like Du and Etisalat. So don’t forget to look for packages or discounts you can use which will help you to save money and get better deals.

Also, make sure to order these packages online to get discounts on installation charges, including labor charges. These can be a lot, so try to avoid them however you can. 

How much does the internet cost in UAE?

The Internet does not cost much in the UAE if you go for mediocre packages that will get the job done for an average user.

However, if you plan on getting a package with fast download and upload speeds, you will spend a lot on packages and maintenance charges. Therefore, it’s wise to keep your internet usage low and choose a package that suits your needs best.  


The UAE is one of the few countries in the world with the fastest download speeds.

Abu Dhabi has an internet connection, which it boasts is the fastest in the world. With claims like these, who wouldn’t want to give internet providers in the UAE a try?

In this guide, we have talked about the top internet providers in the UAE and the various packages they offer. 

Hope this helped you and if you have any suggestions to make this article better or something that we missed, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Happy internet surfing!