Welcome to the world of financial flexibility in the UAE!

Free credit cards are not just a luxury here; they’re a smart financial move.

Get ready for zero annual fees, fantastic rewards, perks, and unparalleled convenience.

Scroll down as we navigate the sea of opportunities with our hand-picked list of the best and most popular free credit cards in the UAE.

Benefits Of Having Credit Cards In UAE


Credit cards are far safer than cash these days.

Cash cannot be traced easily and, if stolen or lost, is mostly never found again.

Also, fun fact, carrying a lot of money in your wallet is not good for your pelvic health as it also alters your sitting position.

Keeping all of these things in mind, we would like to say that credit cards are a better alternative to cash.

You can quickly cancel credit cards in case of theft or if you lost them.

All you have to do is contact the bank, verify yourself and cancel your card. This makes sure that all of your money is safe.

After cancellation, your credit card is nothing more than a piece of plastic.

Besides that, most credit cards these days have chips, which are easily traced whenever they are swiped anywhere. Because of this, stolen credits have brighter chances of being returned or found than cash. 

Cash Back Benefits 

Many premium credit cards on this list will offer cashback benefits as well.

This means that you will get a specific percentage of the money back whenever you make a purchase at any grocery store or at the movies.

This is very helpful in the long run and during expensive purchases. Make sure that you know the brands your credit card provider has partnered up with so you can take advantage of these benefits and make shopping more economical and increase your buying power. 


You can reap many rewards from these credit cards. Credit card companies tend to give you points based on your transactions and the money you spend.

These points can add up over time and can be redeemed for other goods as well. This is a prevalent and valuable feature of these credit cards. 

Also, credit card companies are partnered with many lifestyles, clothing, and food brands. Which means you can get amazing discounts, deals, and other things on your favorite brands.

This will upgrade your quality of life and allows you to access things you would normally not be able to access generally due to financial constraints.

Travel Benefits

Many credit cards come with travel benefits, which means you can access VIP airport lounges before or after your flight.

This can make your journey a lot better and more fun.

Travel benefits can also be extended to the insurance of your baggage, flight cancellations, theft or even any health emergencies you experience while travelling, depending on the type of credit card you are using. 

Track Spending

Tracking spending is one of the critical features of these credit cards.

With cash, you will likely have an illusion that you can spend more, as some experts say.

This is not the case with credit cards. Cash is spent easily, and tracking or keeping a record of your spending in any digital manner is hardly accessible. 

This is not the case with credit cards.

After using your credit card, you will receive a detailed summary of your purchases, which you can analyze and help control your budget.

These detailed reviews of your purchases will make you more accountable and help you judge and find a pattern in your spending habits, so you can better manage the flow of your money. 

Moreover, there are apps these days that can keep track of your subscriptions, and you can set a limit on your card to control your spending.

These apps pair excellent with your card cards, and the integration is flawless. 

Types Of Credit Cards In UAE

There are many different types of credit cards in the UAE, but they all charge annual fees to be used and remain active.

Some of the significant types of credit in the UAE are:

  • Air Miles Credit Cards
  • Cashback Credit Cards
  • Airport Lounge Access Credit Card
  • Balance Transfer Credit Cards
  • Travel Credit Cards
  • Cinema Credit Cards
  • Golf Credit Cards
  • Free for Life Credit Cards

However, almost all these cards charge a varying annual fee. In this guide, however, we will only be talking about three of these cards that can be used without paying any fees to the bank! 

Cashback Credit Cards

Cashback Credit cards are some of the most famous and popular credit cards in the UAE.

Therefore you will see most individuals going for these credit cards.

A cashback credit card will help you lower your purchase’s financial burden. Once you purchase on the card, the bank will pay you back a set amount of money from your purchase.

Thus, it becomes incredibly handy and helpful if you buy things in bulk or make large purchases from your cash bank credit card.

However, the amount of money you will be refunded depends mainly on the type of credit card, the bank, and the brand from where you shopped. 

There are many cashback credit cards available in the UAE.

However, the most famous free ones are:

  • Mashreq Cashback Credit Card
  • Deem World Cash Up
  • ADCB SimplyLife Cashback Card

However, your salary should be more than AED 10,000, AED 6,000, and AED 5,000, respectively to be eligible for these cards. 

Balance Transfer Credit Cards 

Balance transfer credit cards are getting popular in the UAE, where rising interest rates can wreak havoc on your financial health.

Balance transfer credit cards allow you to transfer your high-interest debt to another credit card with a lower interest rate.

Internet rates are the key factors to look at and are very important when purchasing.

Doing this will help the cardholder save a lot of money, as they will pay the debt at a lower interest rate.

This is usually helpful if you have a significant amount, and every small percentage of rate change will significantly affect how much you have to pay. 

Like cashback credit cards, balance transfer credit cards come in various forms in the UAE.

There are three balance transfer credit cards we would like to tell you about, which have no annual fee to maintain them.

These cards are:

  • Emirates NBD Lulu MasterCard Titanium
  • FAB Elite Infinite
  • HCBS Zero Credit Card

These cards have no yearly fee. However, there are specific salary criteria you have to meet to afford them.

If you want to be eligible for the cards mentioned above, your salary should be AED 5,000, AED 40,000, and AED 10,000, respectively. 

Free for Life Credit Cards

Free-for-life credit cards are exactly what their name suggests. These credit cards offer many privileges, benefits, and discounts without cardholders charging fees.

There are no hidden charges or costs of these credit cards and hence are some of the most popular types of credit cards in the UAE. 

These cards are excellent for beginners looking to get credit cards that will provide the same level of parks as credit cards with annual fees.

These cards offer the same level of luxury and access as well.

Some of these cards include:

  • ADCB SimplyLife Cashback Card
  • ADIB Value Card
  • Mashreq Bank Cashback Card
  • Emirates Islamic Emirati Card
  • Deem MasterCard Platinum Miles Up

However, these cards do have another requirement, and that is a set minimum salary before you can apply for them.

The minimum salary to apply for these cards is AED 5,000, AED 5,000, AED 10,000, AED 5,000, and AED 10,000, respectively. 

What Is The Best Credit Card To Use In UAE

Visa & MasterCard is the best credit card to have in UAE.

They are widely accepted almost everywhere, and you will not have trouble accessing anything.

If you go for another credit card company, chances are it might be rejected by any restaurant, causing significant inconvenience, especially if you have a company.

Discover and American Express are not that popular in the UAE, so we advise you to go for Visa and MasterCard’s services. 

However, you should still have some cash on you to pay for the valet or your taxi. These people do not have credit card billing machines on hand, so cash will always be helpful! 

What Are The Best Credit Cards In UAE

Deem Platinum Cash Up 

Deem Platinum card has an impressive 10% cash back on groceries and other items. This is becomes super helpful if you make large purchases like household items.

But, there are certain conditions to fulfill before applying for this credit card.

One of them is that you must have a monthly salary of at least AED 10,000.

If you hit this minimum, then it will be so worth it as this card comes with many perks and rewards.

With Deem Platinum Cash up, you will have access to more than twenty-five airport lounges, giving you a much nicer travelling experience with all their free food and drink services.

The issuers of this credit card have teamed up with Cleartrip, allowing you to get up to 30% cashback for airfare or hotel rent if you do it through Cleartrip and pay using this card.

Careem is widely popular in the UAE, and this card will get you 20% off on three rides!

More than a hundred thousand merchants in the UAE accept this card and offer rewards on it. You will also get 15% off on Alvis car rentals. 

Best Free Credit cards in UAE 1

Citibank Simplicity Credit Card 

This credit card is known for being accessible for life as all the cards on this list and the low-interest rate of 3.5% it charges.

The requirements for this credit card are not so high either.

All you need to have is a salary of AED 5,000.

The benefits of this card include unrestricted access to some of the finest airport lounges in the middle east as well as granting travel insurance.

Citibank has collaborated with many brands, so you will get amazing discounts, and buy-one-get-one offers from retailers throughout the Middle East and Africa. 

Mashreq Noon VIP Visa Card 

Mashreq Noon Credit Card is one of the most well-known cards in the UAE.

With endless benefits and no annual fees, this card can do wonders for your financial health. Mashreq noon card offers a competitive interest rate of 3.45%.

If you want this card, you must have a salary of AED 10,000.

Mashreq Noon card offers 3.5% cashback if you purchase things at Noon spends as well as a 1 % cashback and free delivery on Noon express. 

Mashreq Cashback Credit Card 

Mashreq bank is one of the best credit cards offered by Mashreq Bank.

This credit card has no fees and is free for life.

This is one of the best credit cards for shopping since you can get cash back from numerous merchants in the UAE, allowing you to shop a lot without causing you a lot of financial burdens.

Moreover, this credit card offers you a 3.45% interest rate like most Mashreq Bank cards.

You need to have a minimum salary of AED 7,000 to be eligible for this credit card. 

Some of the perks and features of owning a Mashreq Cashback Credit Card Include 20% cashback on Netflix, Careem, and noon which is one of the highlights of this card.

On top of this, there is also a 5% on selected restaurants in the UAE and a 2% cashback on international expenditures. Unlike most credit cards, Mashreq Cashback Credit Card has no maximum limit or cap.

And, you will be entitled to instant cashback through this card.

If you are a fan of dining out, this card is for you since it provides up to 30% discounts throughout the Middle East on some of the best restaurants.

There is also complimentary travel insurance included with this card. 

CBD Visa Infinite Card 

CBD Visa Card is known for its balance transfer qualities. Like most of the cards on this list, this card has no fees and is free for life.

However, you must have a massive salary of AED 30,000.

This card can act as a low-balance transfer card which is one of the highlights of the CBD Visa Card. Skyward and the issuers of this credit card have collaborated and brought you sky miles. These will be accumulated while you use this card to shop around the UAE. 

In addition, this card holder will be allowed to access some of the best VIP airport lounges around the world and allow you to enjoy yourself.

You get free valet services at various places like malls and hotels across the UAE.

Apart from that, there are many places where you can get discounts, which include dining, shopping, and travel places.

This card is especially for you if you are a fan of cinemas. If you pay for your VOX cinema movie ticket using this card, you will get fifty percent off! 

Emirates NBD U by Emaar

This Emirates NBD credit card also allows users to gather points for their purchases as well.

It offers a 3.25% interest, and you need to have a salary of AED 5,000 to get this card.

With this card, you will get 25% off various grocery marts, hotels, and dining areas. As well as this, you will also have cashback with many merchants using this card in the UAE. 

ADIB Value Plus Card 

ADIB Credit Card gives you many discounts and offers on many brands which are popular in the UAE. You can get points for spending money with this card, which you can quickly redeem later.

Moreover, this card offers an interest rate of 3.09%, which is not the best but is very competitive. You need to have a salary of AED 5,000 to apply for this card.

With this card, you will be allowed access to VIP lounges and get up to 25% off some dining areas in the UAE.

Also, you can redeem the points you get by spending money on air tickets. Getting roadside assistance is also a plus point of this card. 

Emirates NBD Lulu 24/7 

Emirates NBD LULU is the last card on our list, which you should check out due to its benefits and features and for being completely free with no hidden costs.

Boasting an interest rate of 3.25%, you need a minimum salary of AED 5,000 to apply for this card.

This card will get you access to numerous luxurious airport lounges all over the Middle East, and not only this, Emirates NBD Lulu Credit Card will get you much cashback on your purchases through trusted merchants and gets you amazing discounts in some of the most well-known dining areas in the UAE also!

Shopping benefits, insurance, cashback – this card has it all! 


And there you have it – the freedom of financial convenience, all without an annual fee. Remember, a credit card is more than just a plastic card; it’s a tool that, when used wisely, can offer a multitude of benefits.

So, take your time, explore these options, and make the call to your chosen bank. A world of benefits is just one phone call away.