A dog is more than a pet—it’s a cherished member of the family, deserving of the best care and protection.

For residents in the UAE, navigating the world of dog health and liability insurance can be a challenge, especially with veterinary expenses hitting record highs.

But don’t worry, fellow dog lovers!

This article unravels the intricacies of pet insurance in the UAE, highlighting the best providers and the ins and outs of what’s typically covered.

Whether you’re a seasoned expat or have recently moved here with your four-legged companion, this guide will make the task of insuring your furry friend a walk in the park!

What Type Of Pet Insurance Is Available, And What Are The Best Ones In UAE 

Pet insurances in the UAE are popular for many types of pets. However, you will find most places will offer insurance for cats and dogs.

These insurances will protect you financially against any unforeseen medical bills and expenses if your dog decides to get ill all of a sudden. These insurances will ensure you do not bleed financially in giving your dog the best medical care

Some of the highlights of these insurances are that they will cover your vet costs up to AED 30,000.

It also includes the cost of advertising and rewards in case your dog goes missing or is stolen. There is also coverage for complementary therapy

Some of the best pet insurers in the UAE are: 

  • Salama 
  • Fidelity United 
  • Tokio Marine Nichido 
  • Dubai National Insurance

What’s Covered In Pet Insurance And What’s Not

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The most important thing covered in Pet insurance is the medical costs of checkups and surgeries for your pets. Moreover, there are some limits, which will be defined in the policy contract you define. 

You will also receive a death benefit in case of some tragedy with your dog. Euthanasia costs are apart from medical costs in most cases.

The second most crucial aspect covered in your pet policy can be the advertisement costs, which will be included.

These costs will include the reward costs to be paid in case your pet is found and the advertisement costs on both print and electronic media, posters, etc.

An excellent comprehensive pet insurance policy will also cover third-party liability, whereas if your pet causes property damage to others, the insurance will cover the damages. 

Most insurance covers not only emergency medical bills but routine checkups like vaccination.

However, many things are not covered by insurance plans, even a comprehensive ones.

If your dog is suffering from any injury or illness before getting the insurance, the insurance will most likely not cover the costs related to that.

Most of the time, these insurance policies do not cover prosthetics, orthotics, and cages

This was expected. However, we will state it anyways for our expat readers.

If you get any medical equipment, medicine, or multivitamin over the counter without a doctor’s prescription, it will not be compensated or covered by the health insurance policy.

Deadlines are crucial. Thus, claims need to be submitted within the due dates for them to be processed. 

Suppose your dog died from complications for breeding, pregnancy, or giving birth in general, then the owner will not receive death benefits.

Age limits are also fundamental.

You can not generally get your pets insured if they are under eight weeks old or over ten years old.

Your pet should also be microchipped if you want them to get insured. 

How To Claim Your Pet Insurance 

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Claiming your pet insurance is a straightforward thing to do if your insurer is friendly and professional.

There are some steps, which are involved in claiming pet insurance. They include: 

  1. Fill in the claim form with the details 
  2. Attach the diagnosis form from the office of a registered veterinary doctor. 
  3. List of all the prescriptions and their dosage 
  4. All of the invoices are related to medical tests and prescriptions.  

What Is The Cost Of Pet Insurance In The UAE 

The cost of pet insurance can vary greatly depending on the package or deal you go for and the insurance you get.

However, the rate for insurance varies from AED 1,000 to AED 5,000. It can also depend on the size of the breed and the breed itself


We’ve traversed the landscape of pet insurance in the UAE, shedding light on the best options to keep your beloved canine companion protected and healthy.

It’s clear that the bond between you and your pet is priceless, and ensuring their well-being should never be a gamble.

With this comprehensive guide, you’re now equipped to make informed decisions and confidently secure insurance for your pet in the UAE.

Remember, investing in good pet insurance isn’t just about managing risks—it’s about giving your furry family member the quality of life they deserve.