Picture this: a dazzling smile, a confident conversation, a hearty laugh – all backed by a set of healthy pearly whites.

Now, how does one maintain such a radiant showcase in the UAE, you ask?

The answer is dental insurance.

In this article we deepdive into the top dental insurance providers in the UAE and our top tips, equipping you with the knowledge to keep that smile dazzling, without breaking the bank.

Does UAE Health insurance cover Dental Care as well?

Typically, health insurance in the UAE does not extensively cover your dental care.

However, you might get emergency dental care in your insurance plans.

As of now, on its own, dental insurance in the UAE has not been introduced yet.

Thus, if you plan on getting Dental Care, you should look for premium health insurance covering some parts of your dental care like tooth extraction, scaling and other minor procedures. 

Many premium health care insurances allow you to get a specific number of visits to dentists along with some effective procedures like retainers and root canals.

You should always make sure to get health care insurance, which will cover your dental care and better manage the costs of dental care.

Dental care without insurance will cost you a lot of money even if you are an expat, resident or foreigner

Why do you need Dental Insurance in UAE

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Dental insurance is critical for getting overall health insurance in the UAE. Dental insurance is one of those things you might think you do not need until you do.

Getting in a domestic accident or just casually losing a few teeth will hurt you emotionally and make you bleed financially if you are not protected to some degree by comprehensive dental insurance. 

The UAE is notorious for dental insurance and the cost of dental procedures.

Since all of the equipment is imported, and there is a scarcity of dentists in the UAE, you should know that getting retainers or any other procedure can set you back considerably in the UAE.

This is why it is vital to get yourself Dental Insurance if you don’t want to land yourself in financial trouble. 

For example, a general consultation with a dentist in the UAE could set you back AED 200.

Composite filling fees could be from AED 400 to AED 600.

Root canals could cost anywhere from AED 1,800 to AED 2,500.

On average, a dental implant with a crown will set you back a whopping AED 5,500.

These ginormous figures will put a dent in your savings should you need to get urgent dental care in the UAE without any plans.

The dental insurances, which are a part of the more significant health insurances you can buy, will help you by taking 30% to 60% of the financial damage so you will still land in the safe zone

What is the best dental Insurance in UAE?

Since Dental Insurance is not a stand-alone product in the UAE, we will be talking about some of the best insurance providers in the UAE, whose premium plans will help you access the best dentists in the Country without much thought.

These insurance providers have had thousands of positive reviews and offer various plans.

You should go for their premium plans, which allow you to protect yourself against the high costs of dental procedures. 

AXA Gulf Insurance 

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AXA gulf insurance is one of the best insurance companies in the UAE, and you should consider them when getting a premium plan for your health insurance.

AXA Insurance has been at the top of the industry for a long time.

It has excellent terms and partnerships which some of the leading hospitals in the UAE and elsewhere. Therefore you should know that you will get some of the best medical care when you buy a product from AXA. 

They also offer many different international and regional plans, which cover routine dental care so you can get those costly procedures done at a lesser price.

Additionally, AXA insurance allows you to claim your insurance anytime you want, and they pride themselves on their lack of delay in carrying out the claim.

Dental cover is thoroughly covered in AXA’s premium plans, so make sure to try them.

Apart from this, you can get access to medical assistance from anywhere in the world due to AXA’s extensive reach worldwide to protect your interests during emergencies. 

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Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company

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This insurance company is one of the best in business right now because they offer direct billing, which is a huge relief for their customers.

As well as this, the insurance policy they offer has a name called Shifa Health Insurance.

Shifa Health Insurance, like its rivals, covers many different aspects of your health, including an extensive optical and dental program, which is the highlight of its operations. 

On top of this, its annual limit is absurd, as it stands tall at AED 5 million!

Hence, this is one of the safest insurances in the UAE in case of any mishap.

Direct billing is the highlight of their plans, which can be used in over 197 countries!

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Emirates Insurance Company

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Emirates insurance company is another top-class insurance company that guarantees you comprehensive and affordable plans and has partnered with some of the most renowned medical facilities and doctors from around the world as well as the UAE.

These insurance covers offer many different plans, which range from basic, standard, and enhanced to VIP plans.

These plans offer different levels of access to medical facilities, and the top-tier packages have extensive dental coverage and international coverage as well.

Emirates Insurance Company complies with the health and insurance law of Abu Dhabi, which is quite strict and also participates in the Health Program in Dubai. Thus they are well recognized and well connected.

The health coverage covers many injuries like work-related or accidental injuries, making it one of the best insurance companies for expats and foreigners.

Their dental coverage covers many of your daily checkups from some of the finest dentists in the UAE. 

Make sure to drop them an email or call them on their designated number. Their customer service is known to be accommodating and will help you to find the best insurance plans for your needs.

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Also, the guys over at Abu Dhabi National Insurance are really supportive and helpful; thus, you can get an accurate idea of their plans by calling them. 

So, we have journeyed through the landscape of dental insurance in the UAE, a land where costs can skyrocket as high as the Burj Khalifa.

But don’t worry, with the right insurance provider, these towering expenses can be tamed.

The companies listed here offer comprehensive coverage options that are widely accepted and well-regarded.

We hope that this guide will help you navigate the dental insurance terrain, keeping that smile of yours not just beautiful, but financially smart as well.

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