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Here you’ll find the top 3 coffee table that are available in the United Arab Emirates market:     

If you just want fastest answer, The Best Gaming chair in the UAE is the Brooklyn Coffee Table, Grey & Gold

Otherwise, read our in-depth reviews, research and guide below.

Brooklyn Coffee Table, Grey & Gold


This coffee table is available in Home r us Luxury Collection which retails from 2,695.00 AED. This table is made up of geometrical styled square metal legs with a gold finish which gives an elegant look to the overall ambience of the coffee place.

 It also has a veneer engineered wooden top with a grey finish that gives the place a more sophisticated yet minimalist look. Veneer engineered table top woods has an advantage over the traditional solid woods since the engineered veneers maximize a single piece of wood which makes this table top less prone from wrapping and splitting as compared to the traditional solid wood. 

Engineered wood is also environmentally friendly and affordable since it only needs a thin slide of wood to be used. Veneer table tops are also much lighter as compared to the solid wood table tops since it is easier to move. 

The Brooklyn Coffee table, Grey and Gold has a primary material of veneer and secondary material engineer wood that weighs approximately 24 kg, with the length of 120 cm and a height of 45 cm. The maintenance of the Brooklyn Coffee table is just wiping the table with a soft dry cloth and avoiding the use of harsh chemicals that can damage the table top finish. 

Charlton Glass Top Coffee Table


Available in Home Centre, which retails from 2,299 to 1,609 AED, The Charlton Glass Top Coffee Table is designed to impress that state and create a regal look featuring a square glass top with an additional shelf storage for utility. It has a metal casing that gives a royal touch ambience to the place with its gold finish. 

The top material is made off tempered glass which gives an advantage of easy to clean, creating an illusion of space which makes the room much larger than the room really is, gives an ambiance of light wherein the transparent tempered glass creates a shimmer and spared when exposed to the light and it has a utility shelf that gives space for books, magazines, photo albums and other items that the guest might be interested in looking in. 

The Charlton Glass Top Coffee Table weighs approximately 36 kg with the height of 42 cm, width of 100 cm and depth of 100 cm with a metal with gold finish leg. 

The maintenance of the Charlton Glass Top Coffee Table is to wipe the table with soft cloth. 

Westbrook 52” Coffee Table


Available in PotteryBarn, which retails from 4,9950 to 3,712 AED, The Westbrook 52” coffee table gives a Parsons style design in a solid wood with an open shelf and wide legs that gives an overall rustic yet modern rectangular coffee table vibe.

 The table top finish is handmade cement top stained with faux lava stone with a smoked nutmeg frame finish. The medium density fibre wood is an engineered wood that is kiln dried and expertly handcrafted with a solid rubberwood and a cement top that adds an exceptional strength to the wood that ensures its long-time durability.

 The Westbrook 52” Coffee Table weighs approximately 233 kg with a width of 52-inch, height of 18 inch and depth of 28 inch with a 1-inch table top. 

The care maintenance of the Westbrook 52” Coffee Table is the dust is cleaned with soft, dry and lint free cloth. When a liquid is spilled in the coffee table, immediately wipe the spill with a clean damp cloth. The use of abrasive, chemical and furniture polish is not recommended since it can fade the faux stain of the top and the nutmeg wood. 

Our Coffee Table Buyer’s Guide

Coffee Table Size

Selecting a coffee table that fits the setup of your living room is not one size fits all kind of shopping. It requires certain specificity in selecting the coffee table that jives into your living room’s ambiance. 

One thing to keep in mind when buying a coffee table is that only choose a coffee table that is close to the height of the sofa or cushions available in the living room, choose the length of the coffee table matching two-thirds of the sofa’s length. 

In selecting a coffee table keep in mind your preferences right after you have measured everything. If you want a coffee table wherein you prefer to stand up while drinking or spending time around your coffee table, then select a few inches tall coffee table where you can comfortably take it. 

If you prefer a coffee or living room setting that is more of a traditional and downy yet modern feel, then jive onto a lower coffee table which allows you to sit comfortably on the ground. 

    Coffee Table Shape

Coffee table’s trademark is usually rectangular or square with respect to its side’s familiar proportion. Aesthetically pleasing coffee table shapes can vary between rectangle and circle shaped table tops.  

Keep in mind that if you frequently have guests coming around the house, then it is much better to opt with a circle or oval table tops since it allows you to easily maneuver or move around the table couch and coffee table since there are no sharp edges around the tight spot. 

Opt for rectangular or square shaped coffee tables if you prefer to have a unified seating to create an illusion of a much wider room. Also select a coffee table that is half the length of the couch. 

Coffee Table Material


Wood coffee table is the most common type of coffee table material; it fits in most styles and finishes that creates more diversity into the living room’s interior design. Wood coffee tables with light finishes are heading towards a more Scandinavian, modern and airy vibe while dark finish wood coffee tables are heading towards a more rustic and classic design.  

Depending upon the type of wood that the coffee table is to be made, mahogany, ash, walnut and teak, fits best since they are a piece of statement wherein, they create a rustic, midcentury modern vibe towards the living room’s ambiance. Here is an example of Coffee Table Material made of Wood: 


Glass Coffee table is perfect if you prefer a glamorous yet minimal and contemporary to regal aesthetic coffee table design. Glass table tops are often paired with metal leg frames that are usually neutral to gold color. 

Having a glass coffee creates a rich ambiance with a classical regal aesthetic that creates an illusion of wider space. Here is an example of Coffee table with Glass material


Coffee table top materials most commonly used is a marble stone. It suits most interior design which creates a glam, minimal yet modern living room aesthetics. 

It is usually paired with gold or black metal leg frames that creates a subtle minimalist look.  However, Stone table tops are hard to maintain since overtime, the stains fade when it comes in contact with acidic liquids. 


Metal coffee table is more of a modern industrial and rustic look. Usually paired with metal or wood leg frames it creates a piece of statement that is rarely seen on coffee tables. 

Metal Table gives an advantage among wood and stone material tables since metal tables are easy to clean and are durable that can last within a long period of time.

 If you prefer a coffee table that gives a piece of statement towards your visitors, opt for a metal table which is affordable but is resilient to everyday wear and tear.

Function of the Coffee Table

Coffee table is not just used for aesthetics and placing a cup of coffee to be drink, it is also used as a storage for snacks, photo albums and your favorite magazines. So, if you are looking for a coffee table that can cater your shelf needs, then opt for a table that has a shelf or an extra storage wherein you can put your stuffs to. 

If versatility is what you are after, then opt for coffee tables that are smaller and have a simpler design that can be used as a side table, and instead of buying a coffee table set, opt for a matching coffee table and a couch with a matching side table to create a more coordinated living room look. 

Our Most Common Asked Questions

How Big Should the Coffee Table be?

The coffee table should be on the same height of your sofa seat cushion, this allows you to easily reach or have access to your drink or to the things that are located in your table.

 It is also essential to feel comfortable and not feel cramped when you are in the living room, so bear in mind to at least have 12 inches of space between the coffee table and the sofa with the coffee table not bigger than two thirds of your total sofa length. 

Which Finish Would Suit the Room?

The finish that would work best to suit the room is to match it with the ambience that you are looking for. If you are looking for a more subtle look, then a matt finish would work best on a minimalist neutral and airy vibe. 

If you prefer or aim for a much shabby, sleek, royal and regal look, then a gloss finish would work best on your coffee table. The finish would be paired best with the color of the furniture that is already present in the room, but if you are looking for a finish that would suit any piece of furniture, then go for a neutral-colored coffee table. 

Would you use it as a center piece?

Coffee table is often termed as the center piece since it lies on the center of the room paired with a sofa couch, rug and a lantern. If you were to use it as a main piece to bring the room to life, choose a statement piece coffee table paired with two or more furniture to truly stand out. 

Which type of material is durable?

The type of material that is durable is mostly coffee tables that is made up of glass with metal leg frames, they are highly durable to wear and tear and is easily maintained only with the use of dry cloth to clean the stains. 

If you are much into wood finish, then it is preferable to use wood with resin finish since, it is sustainable, and is durable from breaking since it is engineered to be less prone is splitting, wearing and wrapping. 

 United Arab Emirates Coffee Table Market

Coffee’s is the most popular beverage that anyone from different countries is addicted to, it tastes ranges from strong aromatic coffee to a sweet blended caramel coffee. The people’s need for coffee increases as days go by, in relation to this increase, the Arab coffee market also increases as people try to look for options or alternatives to a much healthier coffee granules to drink to each day. 

This increase in demand creates business opportunities in the United Arab Emirates market. Traditional coffee emerged to a much modern and diverse coffee trend. 

In 2019, the coffee industry in the United Arab Emirates represents 10% of all coffee consumed in all of the Middle East which reaches about 200 million dollars in sell value according to Coffeebi. 

Local and traditional coffee shops that are located in Dubai have been transforming their modern coffee outlets into a much more modern approach, giving specific to ambience with soft jazz music and customized coffee serving services. In line with this, renovations that are made to transform traditional coffee establishments to a much more modern architecture, there is also a need for high quality coffee tables. Here are some best coffee tables in the United Arab Emirates market.