This article shortlists all the best bathroom designers in Dubai

Want the quick answer? The best bathroom designer in Dubai is The Big Fitout

Otherwise, the article lists several other options for you to choose from. 

The Big Fitout

The Big Fitout offers a wide range of bathroom designs where they provide sustainable and functioning bathrooms. They are a renowned brand with quite a name for bathroom designs. Their sense of aesthetic is what is unique for them and creates a space that is well-liked by the clients. They make sure to discuss the designs with the client and give them a preview of what to expect before they start working so the client and the company are both satisfied with the result.The Big Fitout LLC - Project Photos & Reviews - Dubai, AE AE | Houzz


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                              +971 4 305 0741


Cherwell designers are some of the most famous bathroom designers in Dubai. Their service offers everything from renovation to plumbing which is a key point that makes them stand out from other companies. Taking control of every single detail, Cherwell makes sure that everything is according to the client’s preferences and adds an elegant touch to the designs. 

Substantial designs and high-quality materials are their forte which leaves everyone satisfied with the final project. Cherwell offers plumbing, refurbishment, planning, along with electrics, tiling, and sanitary ware. This ensures that clients get everything done from one place easily.

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Spazio is a company that features designs that are a mix of traditional with modern and catch everyone’s attention with their unique designs. The sustainable material used that creates an attractive interior for the bathrooms is highly appreciated and proves to be a very popular selling point. 

With an experience of 7 years, Spazio continues to provide excellent service which includes numerous things like concept creations, drawing, and planning, 3D visualizations along with proper documentation and selection of the material, furniture, equipment, lighting, of master bedroom in Dubai


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                              +971 4 399 00 11

Why Hire a Bathroom Designer?

Getting the perfect look for your ideal bathroom requires a lot of effort and a professional bathroom designer is someone who might come in handy when you want to renovate your bathroom. It is essential to hire a certified designer as they can help you in getting the perfect design for in the required amount of time and can also help you stay within the budget. They can also add to your idea and make it practical and realistic and help you invest your money efficiently. 

However, there are a few things for you to keep in mind before hiring a bathroom designer.

Guide To Hiring A Bathroom Designer

Have A Proper Plan

First and foremost, it is important to know what you are looking for. Set a clear plan for the contractor to go through so it is an efficient process. This makes working with the designer easy and helps save time.

Do Your Research

Before hiring a designer, make sure that it is a trustworthy and reputable person. When interviewing the designer ask for their past preferences and check with them. Ask if they were satisfied with the respective designer and if the result was up to expectations. Check for proper certifications as well.

Set A Proper Budget

Discuss finances and set a proper budget for the project with the help of a designer. They can help you give an estimate of how these projects are usually charged. This helps you arrange cash beforehand and does not disrupt the work progress later. 

Set A Timeline

While hiring a designer it would be beneficial to discuss when you expect the project to end. Set a realistic goal with the help of the designer and give the designer an idea of which date would be a feasible time for the project to finish. It is also important that you remain patient and trust the process.

Get Estimates In Writing

It is important to get all the expected costs in writing with proper description about the product. You should make sure all the material quantities and measurements add up and check for details like the total project schedule, a detailed price overview, site plan, etc. It is easy to forget numbers and having a written copy would be beneficial for both, the contractor and the client

Be Open Minded

It is important to keep in mind that the idea and design you have in mind might not be sensible. Taking note of what the specialist has to say and considering their ideas would help since they have an idea of how these schemes usually take place. It’s essential that you listen to them and go for a realistic approach.

Usual Costs of a Bathroom Designer

To pay a bathroom designer you should expect to pay the following sums.

  • For the initial meeting, where you would discuss the layout plan and structuring and discuss your ideas with the designer, you should be ready to pay $250
  • For a proper renovation and redesigning of your bathroom, the anticipated price would be around $1000 to $4000. 
  • If you require a reputable designer then the appropriate sum would be $2300

Factors Affecting the Bathroom Renovation Cost

It is important to keep in mind that the renovation cost could be subject to other factors as well. These could include:

The Layout of the Bathroom

If you’re creating more space by breaking walls or adding more partitions, it might cost more.


Plumbing can also be an expense that should be taken into consideration as relocation might be required for sinks and showers.

Countertops, Cabinets and Flooring

New cabinets and countertops along with tiling would be required for a new bathroom and that would of course add to the costs of renovation

Type of Material Used

Costs will also depend on the type of material that is used. Of course, high-end products will cost additionally as compared to low-quality materials.

We hope this guide helped you create the next best bathroom.  Happy designing!