Learning a new language can be a very entertaining and interactive pastime. There are many resources where you can learn Arabic. If you are going to move to the UAE, then learning their language will earn you plus points, improve your quality of life and explore the UAE better.

Apps are the best resource to learn a specific language because we are so connected with technology currently that we need to have a resource available at all times.

This guide will talk about some of the best apps we’ve tested out that you can use to learn Arabic.

Why Is It A Good Idea To Learn From A Variety Of Apps

There are many different apps on the market, and learning Arabic from multiple sources is wise. Learning from different sources allows you to try using various methods and teaching techniques used by these apps. Most importantly, you will not get bored of an app either and give up on your journey of learning Arabic. Moreover, these apps vary a lot in their teaching methodology, so you will have a perfect time learning from multiple apps.

10 Best Apps to Learn Arabic From in 2022 1

Arabic Alphabet 

Arabic Alphabet is one of the best apps you can use to learn Arabic. The main selling point of this app is that it uses innovative methods which are more effective in helping someone learn a new language.

Some of the most challenging tasks of mastering a new language are the pronunciation.

Everyone can learn the spelling, but few can make it sound natural.

Arabic Alphabet excels in this case and allows the learners to master some of the most complex Arabic Alphabets and Numerals.

Pronunciation is an essential and highly stressed subject in Arabic because pronouncing the word wrong can make it sound like something else. Therefore, the Arabic Alphabet must be used if you want to work on your pronunciation skills.

However, there is a significant downside to using this app. Arabic Alphabet is not compatible with IOS and is only available on Google Playstore. 


Busuu is another excellent app for learning Arabic. Busuu is a paid app that also offers you to test things out for free. You can get a three-day trial where you will be allowed to access every feature on the app.

A quick app tour will make you realize that the seventy-dollar-a-year price tag is worth it. Moreover, this app’s main selling point is that it allows its users to learn Arabic in different ways, which are non-traditional. 

Their non-traditional exercises we tested were pretty fun and help you retain information. This app has won many awards as well, and hence we must say it is one of the best-rated apps on this list.

Many tools like grammar and vocabulary tools are built into this app, which again makes it perfect to learn a new language. Moreover, this app also provides its users with a certificate at the end of the course so that you can attach it along with your CV! 

Google Translate: The Most Basic 

Google translate is the best app to use for beginners who want to learn Arabic. This app is not heavy at all on your wallet and allows you to learn at your own pace.

Google translate is a very hands-on app since it has a feature where it uses your phone’s camera and can translate text into the picture.

This is especially helpful if you are in the UAE for the first time and finding your way around town. Moreover, this way, it becomes interactive, and you can learn signs and labels along the way. 

Another significant benefit of using this app is that it can detect the Language you are trying to speak and automatically convert it into Arabic; this is helpful when you are talking to a taxi driver in the UAE or a similar situation.

Activities like these make google translate a fantastic app for learning Arabic. 

Drops: Most Playful

Drops is another beautiful app you can use to learn Arabic, and it is a lot more playful than the others. This app distinguishes itself from the rest since it has games and playful activities, which will help you learn Arabic in a fun way.

This app allows you to unlock achievements and get a bonus with every new challenge completed so that the learning process does not feel too stressful. 

Drops features around 250 games, which one can use to learn Arabic Phrases and sentences. Moreover, it allows you to put illustrations to words so that you can relate better and remember the pronunciations as well.

The app has a voice-over well, which ensures that you can also work on the pronunciations of these words. However, things are not all good though. The free version of the app limits you to five minutes a day of usage.

Moreover, the basics of Arabic are not covered in this app, so this is more for like intermediate learners. The app offers three packages. Make sure you try the one which you like the most. 

Duolingo: Most Famous App 

Duolingo is unarguably one of the most famous apps one can use to learn a new language. This app offers a very traditional interface, which helps the users interact with it in a better way to learn Arabic.

Duolingo uses many traditional and non-traditional ways to help users learn Arabic or any other language. The fact that this app has won many awards should tell you that if you focus and concentrate, you can learn a lot from this app. 

People who excel in languages and have perfected the tone, pronunciation, and vocabulary of words in the Arabic Language create Duolingo.

There are interactive features like daily challenges in the shape of puzzles and word guesses, allowing users to learn and remember words in Arabic.

There is a paid version of this app as well, which means it comes with many more features and options. However, we think the free version is just fine for learning Arabic. 

HelloTalk: The Most Complete App

HelloTalk may be the complete app to learn Arabic on our list. This app has it all. It allows the user to learn different dialects of Arabic so that they can distinguish between different types of Arabic spoken in the UAE.

However, this app is not great if you are learning to speak Arabic as a beginner since it’s for intermediate users who wish to perfect Arabic down to each dialect and their pronunciation.

This is one of those apps you should use if you are willing to stay in the UAE for a more extended period and have to interact with the locals daily. 

There is a very informative forum and community on HelloTalk, where you can talk to people of other languages and learn their Native Tongue.

This knowledge exchange method makes this one of the most fun apps to learn a language. You get to make friends during your language learning journey!

Pronunciation and grammar are just some of the things this app will focus on when you begin your journey.

There is are both free and paid versions of the app. In our opinion, the free version is good enough for most users. However, you can upgrade if you want to use any of the premium features and make it even more fun. 

Rosetta stone: The Professional App

Rosetta stone is another app on this list for people who are easily distracted by games and want a more professional setting where they can concentrate and learn things.

There are no games or anything fun in this app. However, it can prove to be more helpful if you are easily distracted or cannot concentrate using those interactive methods. 

Rosetta stone is one of the oldest apps to teach Arabic and uses a unique immersion technique, allowing users to guess and understand words on their own without using any help.

This is truly a game changer; hence, this is one of the best apps to learn Arabic on this list.

Rosetta stone does what no other app does on this list, and that is it prepares you for real-life situations and teaches you what to say on different ocassions so you can better interact with others around you and learn the language side by side. 

English Arabic Dictionary: Best Keyboard Integration

English Arabic Dictionary is another excellent learning app for people whose first Language is English. This dictionary is quite faithful to its name, quite literally.

This dictionary has one of the most extensive ranges of Arabic vocabulary and tenses as well. Thus, do not worry. You will be learning from the best.

Moreover, this app is not just good while actively using as it integrates itself into your smartphone ingeniously. Meaning, if you want to know the translation of a word, you do not have to open the app.

All you have to do is, type the word, and the translation will appear on the top of your keyboard, which is very handy. 

These are just some of the features which make the English Arabic Dictionary an excellent and efficient resource for learning Arabic.

One of the best things about this app is that it’s completely free and won’t make you bleed financially like some other apps on the market, and it can even function without an interactive connection!


Mondly is a great app for learning Arabic since it focuses on the Language and all other aspects of Arabic. It is a lot more than just grammar and pronunciation.

The teaching techniques are just fantastic since Mondly was the pioneer of introducing podcast-style teaching guides for its users so that those who like to listen more and interact less can also benefit from the app and learn Arabic. 

The app is engineered very smartly, so the voice you hear on the pronunciations is from actual native speakers and is not engineered from a computer to give you the natural feel of the word.

Moreover, Mondly ensures that it can teach you words or phrases you can use in your everyday life.

Mondly will highlight the words and phrases one can use in life and emphasize their importance.

There is also a leaderboard for learners who are a little more competitive and want to see their name on top of the high scores. This will indirectly help you to learn the language faster and in a more fun way. 


Ling is another app to learn Arabic and is the most accurate one to use.

The main selling point of this app is that it is created by language specialists so that each pronunciation and phrase is grammatically correct and accurate to the origin of the language.

Ling makes sure that you learn the Language for everyday use and hence focuses a lot more on the greetings, road signs, and other phrases and words you are most likely to use in your everyday life.

Moreover, one of the best features of this app is that you can use it to learn about Arabian food as well. Make sure to check out Arabian food in the UAE! 

Ling has many self-learning methods and offers various difficulty levels so that you do not get lost in the process and can challenge yourself incrementally.

There are many exercises for both the writing and listening aspect of the Language, and hence the results from this app are very pleasing. 

Final Thoughts On The Best App To Learn Arabic

There are numerous apps to learn Arabic from on the market, and in this list, we have talked about some of the best ones to use.

This list will cover all the major types of apps you can use to learn Arabic; there are interactive, fun, and non-interactive apps in this list.

Hence, there is not one best app to learn Arabic. You will have to try out multiple apps to see which one of them aligns with your goals and works well with your learning style.

Happy learning!